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Exhibit Regulations

We encourage you to review, in its entirety, the ATCE 2009 SPE Exhibit Regulations.

For quick reference, below is a listing of those regulations most often misinterpreted. If you have any
questions regarding these regulations prior to the show, please contact SPE. When you arrive onsite,
should a regulation be unclear, be sure to consult your floor manager or come to the Exhibitor
Services Desk in the back of Lobby A.

  1. Floor covering is required in all display booths.
  2. All aisles and common aisles must be kept as clear as possible and unobstructed during
    move-in and move-out.
  3. Exhibitors shall not obstruct an exit, aisle or easement at any time. In all cases, exits and
    fire connections must be clearly visible.
  4. Exhibitors may only exhibit products, which it manufacturers, represents or distributes,
    which comprise of materials, equipment, apparatus, systems, services and other
    component products applicable to the overall intent of the event.
  5. No one under 15 years of age will be admitted during move-in or move-out.
  6. No one under 18 years of age will be admitted during official show hours.
  7. All exhibits must be manned by at least one company representative during official show
    hours, including the Sunday Evening Welcome Reception.
  8. Distribution of samples, souvenirs or promotional materials may be distributed by an
    exhibitor only within the confines of the exhibit space. No distribution is permitted in the
    aisles, registration area or anywhere in the Convention Center.
  9. Equipment must be arranged so that attendees do not stand in the aisle while examining
    equipment or watching demonstrations.
  10. Balloons, stickers and handouts with gummed backing are prohibited in all areas of the
    Convention Center.
  11. Exhibitors must keep their exhibit area clean and properly dispose of all refuse.
  12. Exhibitors must comply with all published installation and dismantling schedules and
  13. All exhibit displays are subject to inspection by SPE Show Management and may require
    modification to meet safety and/or published standards and specifications.

Tear Down Guidelines

  1. Exhibitors are NOT permitted to begin tear down before the official close of the show.
  2. Exhibitors who get an early start on tear down are subject to penalties which will affect
    future participation.
  3. Theft is more prevalent during move-out. Remain in your booth at all times.
  4. Remove and/or secure your valuables.
  5. Confirm and/or arrange for outbound shipping and that your materials remain within the
    confines of your exhibit space.