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Tuesday, 6 October morning

0830–1200 | 217/218


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Offers presentations on the application of novel equipment including the qualification process and assessment of project risk in using new technology, the application of novel approaches to asset integrity management, and the selection of facilities concepts.

Session Chairpersons: Jeff Sawchuk, BP
John Walsh, Shell
0830 124823 New Mixer Optimizes Crude Desalting Plant
H. Linga, Propure; F.A. Al-Qahtani, S.D. Al-Qahtani, Saudi Aramco
0855 124869 Low-Pressure System for Gas Wells: Do We Need It?  How Low Should We Go?  A Compression Strategy for Tight Gas Wells in South Texas
Q. Bui, L.K. Harms, E.A. Munoz, J.L. Becnel, ConocoPhillips
0920 124539 Application of Risk-Based Inspection to Offshore Facilities
T. Poulassichidis, Hess
0945 125048 Deepwater Developments: Successful Application of New Technology
H. Brandt, S.L. Isaksen, Det Norske Veritas; S.H. Friedemann, Research Council of Norway
1040 122726 Vibration Monitoring System Using Wireless Technology: A Feasible Alternative Solution for Noncritical Machines
M.A. Alhetairshi, Saudi Aramco
1105 124083 Produced-Water Separation at Unmanned Offshore Wellhead Platform: A Concept Report
A.K. Gupta, R. Rai, A. Kumar, N. Asija, D. Soni, Oil & Natural Gas
1130 123987 Gas Storage Facility Design Under Uncertainty
A. Ettehadtavakkol, C.J. Jablonowski, L.W. Lake, University of Texas at Austin

0830–1155 | 206/207


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Presents new developments in the area of collecting, processing, and analyzing data. Features platforms and standards to collect and use data to support decisions and knowledge management issues, where information technology is an enabler to facilitate corporate learning’s such as the required change management to adopt such systems and consequent new work processes in the organization.

Session Chairpersons: Surya Rajan, Marathon Oil
Gerhard Thonhauser, TDE Thonhauser Data Engineering
0830 124203 Simulations of Field Development Planning Help Improve Economics of Heavy-Oil Project
D.D. Teotico, L. Schauerte, J.E. Griffith, Shell; G.D. Schottle, R.E. Mehl, Halliburton
0855 124247 Real-Time Decision Support in Drilling Operations Using Bayesian Decision Networks
M. Rajaieyamchee, R.B. Bratvold, University of Stavanger
0920 124306 Established Knowledge Management (KM) Communities of Practice: Moving Across the KM Product Life Cycle
C. Burress, K. Paylow, Halliburton
0945 124347 WITSML “Comes of Age” for the Global Drilling and Completions Industry
J.G. Pickering, BP; J. Kreijger, Shell; L. Grovik, StatoilHydro; D. Franssens, Halliburton; N. Deeks, Schlumberger; A. Doniger, J. Schey, Energistics
1040 124404 Digital Oilfield Projects: A Perspective Using Examples From Reservoir and Reserves Management
V. Lasrado, Infosys Technologies
1105 124514 An Intelligent Platform To Manage Offshore Assets
C.M. Piovesan, APO Offshore; J.B. Kozman, Carbon Lifecycle Technology Consulting
1130 125166 A Systems Engineering Approach to Change Management That Overcomes the Barriers to User Acceptance
M.G. Campbell, Managing Change and Acceptance International
ePoster 124856 Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom: Shaping E&P World
E. Lyadina-Saville, Saville Solver


0830–1155 | 225/226/227


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Features the latest in model-based techniques used to monitor and assess reservoir performance. Topics include HP/HT geomechanical modeling, Joule-Thomson effects in high-rate wells, improvements in PTA, advances in real-time reservoir modeling using the ensemble Kalman filter, and benefit of a standardized reservoir monitoring approach with an illustration about a North Sea field.

Session Chairpersons: James Clark, Mariner Energy
Marise Mikulis, Baker Hughes
0830 124713 Depletion-Induced Stress Changes in an HP/HT Reservoir: Calibration and Verification of a Full Field Geomechanical Model
M.H. Hettema, B. Bostrom, E.S. Pedersen, StatoilHydro
0855 124338 Field Cases: Nonisothermal Behavior Due to Joule-Thomson and Transient Fluid Expansion/Compression Effects
J.F. App, Chevron
0920 125099 Significant Improvement in the Accuracy of Pressure Transient Analysis Using Total Least Squares
A. Dastan, R.N. Horne, Stanford University
0945 124788 Production Optimization Benefits Through Applications of Standardized Operating Procedures for Reservoir Monitoring
V. Bhushan, R. Lee, Shell; P. Mukerji, Schlumberger
1040 124690 Numerical Simulation of Seismicity Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
X. Zhao, R. Young, University of Toronto
1105 124826 A Hybrid Ensemble Kalman Filter With Coarse Scale Constraint for Nonlinear Dynamics
S. Watanabe, A. Datta-Gupta, Y. Efendiev, Texas A&M University; D. Devegowda, University of Oklahoma
1130 124055 Integration of Well Test Pressure Data Into Heterogeneous Geological Reservoir Models
G. Li, M. Han, University of Tulsa; R. Banerjee, Schlumberger; A.C. Reynolds, University of Tulsa
ePoster 125042 Localization of Ensemble-Based Control Setting Updates for Production Optimization
Y. Chen, Chevron; D.S. Oliver, University of Oklahoma

0830–1155 | 228/229/230


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Includes case histories from several deepwater operators on their frac pack and intelligent wells completions and a root cause analysis of intelligent well performance. Includes an overview of a deepwater scale squeeze operation, the advent of 15 Cr materials, and expandables for frac pack installation.

Session Chairpersons: Paul Butler, Halliburton
Karen Olson, BP
0830 124937 Expandable Tubulars Enable Multizone Frac-Packing in Open Hole
P.L. York, R.V. Gandikota, Weatherford
0855 124155 Scale Prevention Application of a Chemical Technology That Has Been Effectively and Economically Applied to a 420oF, 13,500-Ft-Deep, Gulf of Mexico (GOM) Well To Prevent Lead and Zinc Sulfide Deposition
G. Darby,D. Uhlig, J. Steckler, BJ Services; J. Martin, Appache
0920 123943 New Family of Setting Tools for Ultradeep and High-Temperature Well Condition
C.W. Kessler, J. Hill, E. Shook, R. Housden, Halliburton; E. Collum, Water Oil and Gas
0945 124705 Hydraulic Intelligent Well Systems in Subsea Applications: Options for Dealing With Limited Control-Line Penetrations
R.A. Tirado, Baker Hughes
1040 124336 The Systematic Application of Root-Cause Analysis to Failures of Intelligent-Well Completions
E.K. Beyer, M.F. Barrilleaux, BP; J.A. Hother, T.F. Keates, Proneta
1105 124887 Corrosion Inhibition of New 15-Chromium Tubulars in Acid Stimulation Fluids at High Temperatures
J.L. Boles, BJ Services; M. Ke, Consultant; C. Parker, BJ Services

0830–1155 | R08/R09


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Focuses on curing, mitigating, or preventing costly problems associated with drilling or completion fluids. Wellbore stabilization, internal phase salinity of oil-based fluids, low-rheology reservoir drilling fluids for ERD wells, and fluids-related problems with underbalanced drilling are addressed.

Session Chairpersons: James E. Friedheim, M-I Swaco
Catalin Ivan, Chevron
0830 124137 Predicting Dynamic Barite Sag in Newtonian Oil-Based Drilling Fluids
T. Nguyen, S.Z. Miska, M. Yu, N.E. Takach, University of Tulsa
0855 124409 Formation and Removal of Hydrates Inside Wellhead Connectors
T.J. Akers, ExxonMobil
0920 124238 Low-Rheology RDF Successfully Drills Troublesome Qannik ERD Wells in the Alpine Field, North Slope Alaska
G.L. Alvord, B.D. Noel, E. Galiunas, ConocoPhillips; J.W. Murphy, J.A. Cucullu, C. Ornt, M-I SWACO
0945 124429 Minimizing Water Invasion in Shales Using Nanoparticles
T. Sensoy, M.E. Chenevert, M.M. Sharma, University of Texas at Austin
1040 124044 Corrosion Inhibition of Low-Alloy Steels in Brine with Highly Oxygenated Nitrogen Membrane Gas for Underbalanced Drilling Applications
B. McNealy, Blade Energy; R. Hausler, Corro Consultants; M. Tabinor, BP
1105 124333 Causes of Severe Magnetite Formation on Drillstring During Underbalanced Drilling and Practical Mitigation Strategies
A.M. Ezzat, R.G. Ezell, Halliburton; J.K. Turner, R. Mcnealy, L. Mason, Blade Energy

0830–1155 | R04/R05


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The advent of sophisticated fracture treatment diagnostics has lead to more effective improvement of stimulation designs resulting in improved reservoir recovery. Focuses on refinement of microseismic mapping events, integration of various diagnostic tools, and field case studies to improve stimulation performance.

Session Chairpersons: James Heinze, Devon Energy
Mauro Tambini, Eni
0830 124361 Fluid Selection for Energized Hydraulic Fractures
K.E. Friehauf, M.M. Sharma, University of Texas at Austin
0855 125121 Assessing the Impact of Microseismic Location Uncertainties on Interpreted Hydraulic Fracture Geometries
S.C. Maxwell, Schlumberger
0920 124208 Anisotropy Effects in Microseismic Monitoring
N.R. Warpinski, C.K. Waltman, J. Du, Q, Ma, Pinnacle Technologies
0945 124673 Fracture Mapping in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico
E. Estrada, N.R. Roberts, ConocoPhillips; L. Weijers, T.G. Riebel, S.D. Logan, Pinnacle Technologies
1040 124877 Increased Production Through Microseismic Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing Over a Multiwell Program
W. Barker, Microseismic
1105 124327 Coupled 3D Numerical Investigation of Hydraulic Fracture Cleanup for Both Slickwater and Gelled Fluids
H.A. Wills, J.L. Miskimins, H. Kazemi, Colorado School of Mines

0830–1155 | 220/221


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Focuses on integrated approaches to geophysical and geological modeling.

Session Chairpersons: Calvin Kessler, Halliburton
Madhav M. Kulkarni, Marathon Oil
0830 KEYNOTE SPEAKER The Importance of Integration: Then and Now
James Gilman,
0855 124426 Close-Loop Modeling of a Gulf of Mexico Reservoir Using Petrophysical Seismic Inversion
Y. Liu, M. Pelissier, M. Barnes, J.R. Tribe, R. Uden, Marathon Oil; J.J. Teer, University of Oklahoma
0920 123988 Successful Carbonate Well Log Facies Prediction Using an Artificial Neural Network Method: Wafra Maastrichtian Reservoir, Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ), Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
H. Tang, N. Tooney, W. Meddaugh, Chevron
0945 120942 Continuous Improvement Initiative To Optimize Reservoir Management in Carbonate Fractured Reservoir: Integrated GGRP in East Java Throughout Bali Area
G. Agusetiawan, G. Sutadiwiria, D. Rukmana, BP
1040 125229 Evaluating the Movement of Injected Gas and Identifying Bypassed Condensate in the OSO Field, Offshore Nigeria
L. Sumpter, M. Gunther, I. Kerscher, S. Leininger, B. Wudlri, ExxonMobil
1105 124296 Stochastic Modeling of Objects Extracted From High-Quality Seismic Data
A. Syversveen, R. Hauge, Norwegian Computing Center; J. Tollefsrud, University Laegreid; A. MacDonald, Roxar

0830–1155 | R06/R07


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Focuses on cost-effective workflows, strategies, and methods to determine static and dynamic reservoir properties that can add significant value to the industry. Presentations will be of interest to geophysicists, reservoir engineers, and geologists.

Session Chairpersons: Jeffry Hamman, Marathon Oil
Badarinadh Vissapragada, Schlumberger
0830 123913 The Equations Archie Forgot: Anisotropy of the Rocks
C.F. Haro, Occidental Oil and Gas
0855 124049 Determination of Petrophysical Parameters and Mud-Filtrate Invasion Profile Using Joint Inversion of Induction Logging and Pressure Transient Measurements
L. Liang, A. Abubakar, T. Habashy, Schlumberger
0920 124206 Cost-Effective Reservoir Characterization Utilizing Dielectric Logging Measurements, San Joaquin Basin, California
D. Pilman, Plains Exploration and Production; T. Skinner, Crimson Resource Management; R. Denton, M. Hansen, D.O. Torres, Halliburton
0945 124625 A Robust Measure of Heterogeneity for Ranking Earth Models: The F-PHI Curve and Dynamic Lorenz Coefficient
G.M. Shook, K. Mitchell, Chevron
1040 124624 Joint Radial Inversion of Resistivity and Sonic Logs To Estimate In-Situ Petrophysical and Elastic Properties of Formations
R. Mallan, J. Ma, C. Torres-Verdin, G. Wang, University of Texas at Austin
1105 124969 Balancing Lithology and Low-Pressure Hydrocarbon Effects: Evaluation of Low-Pressure Reservoirs Utilizing Magnetic Resonance in the Alaska Cook Inlet
E. Toumelin, B. Voorhees, D. Shafer, S. Jebuta, Chevron; M. Manning, D. Coope, Baker Hughes
1130 125169 Strategies for Acquiring and Integrating Petrophysical Data for Reservoir Evaluation
M.O. Amabeoku, D.G. Kersey, R.H. BinNasser, H.H. Mohammadi, Saudi Aramco
ePoster 124762 The Variability of Gamma Ray Tool Response and Calibration as a Function of Tool Design
R. Pederson, B. Haecker, Crescent Directional Drilling; D.C. Minette, Minette Consulting

0830–1155 | 211/212/213


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Offers exciting new fundamental research on two-phase flow in porous media; a unified theory for the imbibitions and drainage processes; new measurement techniques of relative permeability using imaging and permeation experiments; effects of external magnetic field on multiphase flow dynamics and on flow of surface-coated nanoparticles in rock; and simulation of flow in porous media using pore-network and Lattice-Boltzmann approaches.

Session Chairpersons: I. Akkutlu, University of Oklahoma
Cengiz Satik, Chevron
0830 124418 Enhanced Migration of Surface-Treated Nanoparticles in Sedimentary Rocks
E. Rodriguez, M. Roberts, H. Yu,C. Huh, S.L. Bryant, University of Texas at Austin
0855 124805 A Macroscopic Method of Measuring Microscopic Scale Phenomena in Porous Media: The Transition Between a Sharp and Diffuse Imbibition Front
B. Aminzadeh, D.A. DiCarlo, University of Texas at Austin
0920 123676 Analysis of Transient Data During Relative Permeability Measurements Using Steady-State Technique
M.R. Fassihi, BP; G. Potter, Core Laboratories
0945 124974 Predicting Relative-Permeability Curves Directly From Rock Images
D.B. Silin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; T.W. Patzek, University of Texas at Austin
1040 124771 Unified Model of Drainage and Imbibition in 3D Fractionally Wet Porous Media

S. Motealleh, M. Ashouripashaki, D.A. DiCarlo, S.L. Bryant, University of Texas at Austin

1105 124440 Improving Fidelity of Network Models for Drainage and Imbibition
Y. Peng, M. Prodanovic, S.L. Bryant, Univeristy of Texas at Austin
1130 124617 Simulation of Two-Phase Flow in Reservoir Rocks Using a Lattice-Boltzmann Method
T. Ramstad, P.E. Oren, S. Bakke, Numerical Rocks
ePoster 124819 A New Upscaling Method of Relative Permeability Curves for Reservoir Simulation
K. Wang, J.E. Killough, Halliburton; K. Sepehrnoori, University of Texas at Austin

0830–1155 | R02/R03


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Covers two critical topics in today's oil and gas industry: unconventional resources and CO2 sequestration. They are undeniably of great strategic and economic importance in today's environment if we want to meet tomorrow's needs.

Session Chairpersons: Raymond Ambrose, Devon Energy
Joel Le Calvez, Schlumberger
0830 124253 Pore Networks and Fluid Flow in Gas Shales
F.P. Wang, R.M. Reed, University of Texas at Austin
0855 124153 Transference of Reservoir Uncertainty in Multi-SAGD Well Pairs
J.P. Vanegas, C.V. Deutsch, L.B. Cunha, University of Alberta
0920 124002 CO2-ECBM/Storage Activities at the San Juan Basin’s Pump Canyon Test Site
G. Koperna, A. Oudinot, Advanced Resources International;G. McColpin, Pinnacle Technologies; N. Lieu, J. Heath, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; A. Wells, US Department of Energy; G. Young, Colorado Geological Survey
0945 125029 Residual Trapping of CO2 in Aquifers During Countercurrent Flow
D. Nattwongasem, K. Jessen, University of Southern California
1040 125167 Geomechanical Risk Mitigation for CO2 Sequestration in Saline Aquifers
D. Tran, V.K. Shrivastava, L.X. Nghiem, B.F. Kohse, Computer Modelling Group
1105 124628 The Influence of CO2 Solubility in Brine on CO2 Flooding Simulation
W. Yan, E.H. Stenby, University of Denmark
1130 124630 Extraction of Dissolved Methane in Brines by CO2 Injection: Implication for CO2 Sequestration
I.J. Taggart, RISC