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College and University Alumni Receptions

1730–1900, Monday, 8 October

Many universities have scheduled alumni receptions to coincide with ATCE 2012. These events provide excellent opportunities for attendees to visit and get reacquainted with old friends, and to build new relationships with other professionals.

Receptions are held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel unless listed otherwise. See below for details.

University/College Name

Event Location

Cairo University

Travis D, Level 3

Calgary Section

Texas Salon C, Level 4

Colorado School of Mines 

Lone Star Salon C, Level 2

Imperial College London

Travis C, Level 3

Indian School of Mines

Off-Site Function, India Oven Restaurant

Louisiana State University

Lone Star Salon F, Level 2

Marietta College

Presidio B, Level 3

Mississippi State University 

Bowie C, Level 2

Missouri University of Science & Technology 

Bonham B, Level 3

Montana Tech

Off-Site Function
Rio Rio Restaurant

New Mexico Tech (1800–2100 hours)

Off-Site Function
SoHo Wine and Martini Bar

Pennsylvania State University

Lone Star Salon A, Level 2

Stanford University

Bonham D, Level 3

Texas A&M University 

Texas Salons A/B, Level 4

Texas Tech University 

Bonham C, Level 3

University of Kansas

Off-Site Function

Casa Rio Restaurant

University of Oklahoma 

Lone Star Salon E, Level 2

University of Southern California 

Bonham E, Level 3

University of Texas at Austin

Texas Salon D, Level 4

University of Tulsa

Lone Star Salon D, Level 2

West Virginia University

Lone Star Salon B, Level 2