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Technical Program Overview

ATCE 2012 features over 350 technical paper presentations, ePosters, and panel sessions covering all phases of the E&P industry. The conference addresses conventional and unconventional oil and gas from around the world.

This year, ATCE has an expanded technical program and special events focused on projects, facilities, and construction. Technical demands for this discipline are changing, and SPE is bringing the latest technologies, discoveries, and solutions to you.

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Tuesday Sessions

0830-1155 | 1400-1700

Wednesday Sessions

0830-1155 | 1400-1700

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Drilling Operations | Monday, 1400–1700

MWD/LWD | Tuesday, 0830–1155

Bits and Drilling Tools | Tuesday, 1400–1700

Fluids and Tubulars | Wednesday, 0830–1155

Wellbore Stability | Wednesday, 1400–1630

Well Completions

Perforating Technology | Monday, 1400–1700

Completion Optimization in Unconventional Reservoirs | Tuesday, 0830–1155

Completion Systems and Techniques | Tuesday, 1400–1700

Sand Control Technology | Wednesday, 0830–1155

Production Enhancement Using Inflow Control Devices | Wednesday, 1400–1630

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Health, Safety, and Environment

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Projects, Facilities and Construction

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Production Monitoring and Control

Field Optimization and Artificial Lift | Monday, 1400–1700

Downhole Inflow Monitoring | Tuesday, 1400–1700

Flow Assurance and Multiphase Flow | Wednesday, 1400–1630

Well Operations

Coiled Tubing and Downhole Tools | Monday, 1400–1700

Artificial Lift and Liquid Unloading | Wednesday, 0830–1155

Remedial Operations and Shale Reservoirs | Wednesday, 1400–1630

Well Stimulation

Fracture Diagnostics Measurements and Models to Evaluate Completion Effectiveness | Monday, 1400–1700

Shale Case Study | Tuesday, 0830–1155

Well Performance | Tuesday, 1400–1700

Fluids Optimization | Wednesday, 0830–1155

Fracture Modeling | Wednesday, 1400–1630

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Reservoir Monitoring

Single Well Solutions | Tuesday, 0830–1155

Field-Wide/Multiple Wells Solutions | Tuesday, 1400–1700

Formation Evaluation

Recovery Mechanisms and Flow in Porous Media

Reservoir Geology and Geophysics

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Technical Disciplines:

DC Icon Drilling & Completions

HSE Icon Health, Safety, & Envrionment

PFC Icon Projects, Facilities, & Construction

MI Icon Management & Information

PO Icon Production & Operations

RDD Icon Reservoir Description & Dynamics