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Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE)

27–29 October 2014 RAI Centre Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ATCE Perspectives

Insights from SPE members and news about the annual conference.


ATCE 2014 General Chair, Matthias Bichsel, Talks Annual Meeting!

ATCE Technical Session Highlight

Fluids, Proppants and Fracture Connectivity

Led by session chairpersons Ali Ali Daneshy and Frank Edwards Syfan, this session presents new developments in fracturing fluids and proppants and their impacts on conductivity and well performance. Papers discuss laboratory testing and field results of novel fluid and proppant systems, with a focus on the behaviors in shale reservoirs. An emphasis of this session is the interaction between shale rocks and the proppants and fracturing fluids. 
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Reduce, Re-use, Recycle! 

We’re committed to ensuring that the environmental impact of ATCE is kept to a minimum. We aim to make progress in the field of sustainability through reducing energy usage, promoting eco-friendly mobility, reducing water consumption, and limiting waste. Learn More on Page 17 of the Conference Programme about SPE’s Sustainability efforts and about Akzo Nobel—the ATCE 2014 Sustainability Partner. 


Technical Director Q&A

Roland Moreau
Roland Moreau is the SPE Technical Director for Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility


What is one of your favorite parts about the conference?

My favorite part of the conference is networking and the knowledge sharing. From an HSSE-SR perspective, these areas are key to helping our members to better understand the cross-functional nature of this discipline, as well as the importance of effective HSSE-SR management within their respective businesses. This year, I’m most looking forward to the panel on sustainable development. 

What kind of information will attendees be able to take away from ATCE 2014? 

Hopefully, they will have a better appreciation for how HSSE-SR impacts their business, which will hopefully lead them to SPE to seek assistance. I also hope that members will become more familiar with what SPE’s HSE Now online publication has to offer. 

What will be your role at ATCE 2014? 

This year, my objective is to monitor the various presentations/panels to identify areas where SPE needs to increase its focus. More specific to the 2014 ATCE, HSSE-SR will also be conducting a panel discussion on sustainable development, which is a relatively new topic for SPE. I also like to use this opportunity to meet face-to-face with the HSSE-SR Advisory Committee, which supports the Technical Director on key issues and initiatives. 

Why will Amsterdam be a great host city for ATCE?

Rotating the location of the annual meeting allows some members to attend and benefit from the conference who might otherwise not be able to participate if it were held solely in North America. Watching the excitement and engagement of our industry professionals on a wide breadth of items is important to our industry.

ATCE Memories

Past SPE Presidents
share their favorite ATCE memories

Arlen L. Edgar

Photo courtesy of AIMEhq.org

Arlen L. Edgar was SPE President in 1981. 


What’s one of your favorite ATCE memories?

"I always remember the eclectic mix of attendees—particularly after SPE became a truly significant international organization that attracted members from many countries. One of my favorite memories involves a young member and it occurred several years after serving as SPE President. The young member introduced himself and said what a privilege it was to shake hands with a real Past President of the Society."