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Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE)

27–29 October 2014 RAI Centre Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Technical Programme

Monday, 27 October



01 Integrated Workflows: Geophysics and Fracture Characterization

Session Chairpersons:

Frederic J. Santarelli, Geomec AS; Bingjian Li, Schlumberger

Advanced reservoir description requires the use of complex workflows integrating multiple data sources and this session focuses on two aspects. The first one is the use of geophysics data of various natures (seismic, EM, etc.). The second is the quantified characterisation of natural fractures from the wellbore to the full reservoir scale.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170757 icon:RDD A Model Segmentation from Spectral Clustering: New Zonation algorithm and Application to Reservoir History Matching
S. Kang, Texas A&M University
1425-1450 170710 icon:RDD North Sea Case Study of an Integrated Sim2Seis Workflow
M. Tabatabaei, J. Milovac, R. Bastidas, R. Lau, E.W. Jameson, Marathon Oil Company
1450-1515 170808 icon:RDD Time Lapse (4D) Seismic for Reservoir Management: Case Studies from Offshore Niger Delta, Nigeria.
S.O. Amoyedo, E. Ekut, R. Salami, Total E&P Nigeria Ltd.; L. Goncalves-Ferreira, Total E&P Nigeria Ltd; P. Desegaulx, Total E&P Nigeria Ltd.
1545-1610 170699 icon:RDD Fracture Characterization of a Carbonate Reservoir by DFN Modeling: A Case Study
M.O. Turkmen, M.E. Gozel, Turkish Petroleum Corporation
1610-1635 170845 icon:RDD Borehole Casing Sources for Electromagnetic Imaging of Deep Formations
A.F. Marsala, Saudi Aramco; A.D. Hibbs, GroundMetrics Inc; H. Morrison, Berkeley Geophysics
1635-1700 170848 icon:RDD Fracture Aperture Calculations From Wireline and Logging While Drilling Imaging Tools
C.J. Maeso, Schlumberger; M. Ponziani, Delft University of Technology; I. Le Nir, J. Kherroubi, D. Quesada, I. Dubourg, Schlumberger; S.M. Luthi, E.C. Slob, Delft University of Technology; K. Fisher, L. Honeyman, R. Brown, Endeavor Energy Resources; O. Zenned, Schlumberger
Alternate 170856 icon:RDD Evaluation of Fault Sealing Ability and Prediction of Fault Critical Reactivation Pressure in Water Flooding Reservoir
Y. Hou, C. Zhao, Y. Su, T. Wu, X. Luo, Q. Yang, K. Huang, Tianjin Branch of CNOOC Ltd.
Monday, 27 October



02 Advance Technologies for Downhole Flow Monitoring

Session Chairpersons:

Philippe Legrand, Omega Well Monitoring; Mohammad Tabatabaei, Marathon Oil Co

New technologies are being introduced to the O&G. Distributed sensing technologies such as Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) are making headways in the field of In-Flow Monitoring. This session covers advances in such acquisition, data retrieval and interpretation techniques for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of flow characteristics in reservoirs.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170788 icon:PO Laboratory Investigation of Acoustic Behavior for Flow from Fracture to a Wellbore
R. Martinez, K. Chen, R. Santos, Texas A&M Univeristy; A.D. Hill, D. Zhu, Texas A&M University
1425-1450 170679 icon:PO Using Distributed Acoustic Sensors to Optimize Production in Intelligent Wells
A. Bukhamsin, Saudi Aramco/Stanford University; R.N. Horne, Stanford University
1450-1515 170844 icon:PO Borehole Flow Monitoring Using a Non-intrusive Passive Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)
D.C. Finfer, V. Mahue, S. Shatalin, T. Parker, M. Farhadiroushan, Silixa Ltd
1545-1610 170917 icon:PO Flow Monitoring and Production Profiling using DAS
P. In 't Panhuis, Royal Dutch/Shell Group; H. den Boer, Shell Global Solutions; J. Van Der Horst, Shell Global Solutions International BV; R. Paleja, D. Randell, Shell Global Solutions UK; D. Joinson, P.B. McIvor, Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn Bhd; K. Green, R. Bartlett, OptaSense Ltd
1610-1635 170619 icon:PO Wireless Inflow Monitoring in a Subsea Field Development: A Case Study from the Hyme Field, Offshore Mid-Norway
S. Mjaaland, E. Gudding, Statoil ASA; C.A. Andresen, ResMan AS
1635-1700 170874 icon:PO Diagnosis of Multi-Stage Fracture Stimulation in Horizontal Wells by Downhole Temperature Measurements
J. Cui, D. Zhu, Texas A&M University; M. Jin, Shell Exploration & Production Company
Alternate 170838 icon:PO Production Data Integration for Virtual Flow Metering
G.A. Moreno, A. Garriz, YPF Tecnología; M. Fernandez Badessich, G. Bottesi, YPF
Alternate 170631 icon:MI A Semi-analytical Solution To Transient Temperature Behavior Along The Wellbore And Its Applications In Production Management
B. Xu, X. Wu, University of Oklahoma; Y. Gao, China University of Petroleum; K. Ling, University of North Dakota
Monday, 27 October



03 Well Operations Case Studies: Monitoring, Intervention and Artificial Lift

Session Chairpersons:

Bertrand C. Theuveny, Schlumberger; Rajan N. Chokshi, Weatherford International Ltd.

This session covers Well Monitoring, Control and Artificial lift Novel technologies. Case studies present the implementation of these new techniques in a variety of environments

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170876 icon:DC Solving Dual Trip Zonal Isolation Issue: Single Trip Plug and Abandonment System Saves Operator Six Days Rig Time, UK North Sea
H. Hogg, G. Lees, Shell; M. Fearn, M.Z. Khan, G. Adetona, R. Strachan, Schlumberger; A. Barlow, Schlumberger Oilfield Services
1425-1450 170898 icon:PO Preventing Scale Deposition Downhole Using High Frequency Electromagnetic AC Signals from Surface to Enhance Production Offshore Denmark
A.H. Krag, Hess Denmark APS; A.M. Fergusson, Weatherford Oil Tool ME Ltd; M. Grainger, Weatherford International Ltd.
1450-1515 170772 icon:PO Designing Downhole Chemical Injection Systems
L.A. Guerra, Petrobras S.A; G.H. Oliveira, Petrobras S.A.
1545-1610 170816 icon:PO How Intelligent Coiled Tubing Technology Combined with Realtime Downhole Camera Visuals Created a Formula for Success During a Challenging Thru-Tubing Recompletion Operation in the North Sea
R.M. De Jonge, Baker Hughes; U.A. Tousis, Baker Hughes (Nederland) BV; J. Nijenhuis, Baker Hughes Inc
1610-1635 170706 icon:PO X-ray Backscatter Imaging in an Oil Well
M. Spannuth, M. Esmaeili, S. Gunn, D.M. Ponce-Marquez, H. Torsteinsen, A. Voll, Visuray
1635-1700 170916 icon:PO The Case for Utilizing Hydraulic Jet Pumps in the Bakken
C.W. Clark, L.G. Griffin, C.M. Pearson, S. Strickland, Liberty Resources LLC
Alternate 170946 icon:PO Mitigation Of Terrain Induced Slugging Using Mixer Devices
B. Brasjen, TNO-IBBC; J. Veltin, TNO; J.H. Hansen, Maersk Oil Research & Technology Centre
Monday, 27 October



04 Completion Technology

Session Chairpersons:

Mark Christopher Glaser, Weatherford International Ltd.; Nicholas Jacob Clem, Baker Hughes Inc

This session presents a variety of completion techniques and material technologies. Topics include technological advancements in completion design in unconventional and HPHT applications. Also included are nano and soluble material technologies to optimize completion efficiency.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170919 icon:DC The HPHT Completion Landscape - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
D.J. Lehr, S.D. Collins, Baker Hughes Inc
1425-1450 170831 icon:RDD Going Long - Overcoming Challenges in Completing 3600m Laterals
R. Liston, Shell Canada Energy; C.W. Lynn, Shell Canada Ltd.
1450-1515 170641 icon:DC The Evolution, Optimization & Experience of Multistage Frac Completions in a North Sea Environment
T. Koloy, K. Brække, T. Sorheim, Trican Completion Solutions
1545-1610 170738 icon:DC Improving Plug Milling Efficiency through fluid rheology control - Lessons learned from the horizontal completions in the Duvernay Shale
D. Huynh, Shell Canada Energy; S. Hamid, Sanjel Corp; O. Medvedev, Shell Canada Energy; Y.K. Anas, Sanjel Canada
1610-1635 170906 icon:DC Developing an Innovative Nano-Coated, Smart-Material to Optimize Efficiency of Oilfield Completion Applications
N. Carrejo, Baker Hughes Inc.,; O.R. Espinoza, H. Wibowo, Baker Hughes Inc; S. Gaudette, Baker Hughes Inc.,
1635-1700 170694 icon:DC Acid Soluble Plugs - Pressure Tight Solution for a Pre-Perforated Liner
E. Livingston, K.H. Bjornen, D.W. Burkhead, W.W. Gilbert, A. Kent, J. Leitch, L. Zhou, ConocoPhillips
Alternate 170777 icon:DC First Successful Application of Horizontal Open Hole Multistage Completion Systems in Turkey’s Şelmo Field
D. Mitchell, J. Davis, TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd.; J. Appleton, M.A. Watson, Packers Plus Energy Services Inc
Alternate 170902 icon:DC Novel Dynamic Diversion Applied in Stimulation of Shale Plays in North Mexico
A. Valenzuela, PEMEX; P.A. Parra, L.D. Gigena, M.I. Weimann, R. Villarreal, N.L. Acosta Trevino, E. Potapova, Schlumberger
Monday, 27 October



05 Drilling Automation

Session Chairpersons:

Mario Zamora, M-I SWACO; Fred Florence, National Oilwell Varco

The increasing implementation of drilling automation has largely been the result of advancements in sensor, communication, network, and systems technology. This session looks at how these technologies are impacting condition monitoring of downhole equipment, lateral well placement, kick detection, drive systems, and tripping optimization. A keynote speaker will present his views on how the different elements of drilling automation must interact with respect to talent, training and thoroughness to achieve maximum benefit and efficiency.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170861 icon:DC Wellbore Trajectory Control using Minimum Well Profile Energy Criterion for Drilling Automation
Z. Liu, R. Samuel, Halliburton
1450-1515 170586 icon:DC Advanced Drilling Dynamics Sensor Allows Real-Time Drilling Optimization, Damage Prevention and Condition Monitoring of RSS and LWD BHAs
L.A. Lines, C.L. Mauldin, J.W. Hill, R.A. Aiello, Weatherford
1545-1610 170644 icon:DC Systems Modeling and Design of Automated Directional Drilling Systems
G.C. Downton, Schlumberger
1610-1635 170770 icon:DC Field Premiere of Along-String Dynamic Measurements for Automated Drilling Optimization using Downhole Information
D.M. Veeningen, A.P. Pink, M. McRay, M. Luthi, National Oilwell Varco
1635-1700 170599 icon:DC Underreamer with Real-time Communications and Optimal Bit Design Achieves Successful Lateral Well Placement - A Case Study
B.C. Chiniwala, S.R. Radford, Baker Hughes Inc; R.M. Bacon, T. Fuller, O. Badru, BP Exploration Ltd.
Alternate 170581 icon:DC Real Time Kick Detection And Also Increasing Ultrasonic Caliper Accuracy By Measuring Speed Of Sound Within Drilling Fluid In The Downhole Condition
B. Elahifar, Advanced Drilling Solutions GmbH; F. Fasch, Advanced Drilling Solutions; G. Thonhauser, Leoben University
Alternate 170692 icon:DC Drillstring Network 2.0: An Enhanced Drillstring Network Based on 100 Wells of Experience
A.D. Craig, NOV IntelliServ; R. Adsit, National Oilwell Varco
1425-1450 Invited Presenter - Addressing the Future “T” Challenges in Well Construction: Talent, Training, Technology & Thoroughness
E. van Oort, University of Texas At Austin
Monday, 27 October



06 Fluids, Proppants and Fracture Conductivity

Session Chairpersons:

Ali Ali Daneshy, Daneshy Consultants Intl.; Frank Edwards Syfan, GoFrac LLC

This session presents new developments in fracturing fluids and proppants and their impacts on conductivity and well performance. Papers discuss laboratory testing and field results of novel fluid and proppant systems, with a focus on the behaviors in shale reservoirs. An emphasis of this session is the interaction between shale rocks and the proppants and fracturing fluids.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170775 icon:PO Experimental and Numerical Studies on Reduced Fracture Conductivity due to Proppant Embedment in the Shale Reservoirs
J. Zhang, L. Ouyang, A.D. Hill, D. Zhu, Texas A&M University
1425-1450 170602 icon:PO A Friction Reducer: Self-Cleaning to Enhance Conductivity for Hydraulic Fracturing
H. Chung, T. Hu, X. Ye, J.E. Maxey, Halliburton
1450-1515 170785 icon:PO Optimizing Hydraulic Fracture Performance in the Liquids-Rich Eagle Ford Shale - How Much Proppant Is Enough?
W.H. Al-Tailji, StrataGen; N. Smith, E F Energy LLC; R.F. Shelley, StrataGen
1545-1610 170790 icon:PO The Relationship between Rock Properties and Fracture Conductivity in the Fayetteville Shale
K. Briggs, A.D. Hill, D. Zhu, Texas A&M University; K. Olson, Southwestern Energy
1610-1635 170638 icon:PO A 4-Year Survey of the Application of an Environmentally Preferred Solid Inhibitor in North Dakota
D. Shen, Baker Hughes; S. Szymczak, J. Lind, D. Galvan, W.H. Steiner, Baker Hughes Inc; D.V. Gupta, Baker Hughes
1635-1700 170640 icon:PO Chemically Enhanced Proppant Transport
J.S. Boyer, D.M. Maley, B.J. O'Neil, Trican Well Service Ltd.
Alternate 170835 icon:PO Fracturing Fluid Effects on Young's Modulus and Embedment in the Niobrara Formation
H. Corapcioglu, J. Miskimins, M. Prasad, Colorado School of Mines
Alternate 170607 icon:PO High-Temperature Fracturing Fluids Prepared with Extremely High-TDS and Hard Produced Water
L. Li, H. Sun, Q. Qu, H.V. Le, M. Ault, J. Zhou, M.C. Guerin, M. Legemah, D. Smith, Baker Hughes
Alternate 170937 icon:PO Evaluation of a More Environmentally Sensitive Approach to Microbiological Control Programs for Hydraulic Fracturing Operations in the Marcellus Shale Using a Nitrate-Reducing Bacteria and Nitrate-Based Treatment System
E. Corrin, M. Harless, C. Rodriguez, Multi-Chem; D.L. Degner, R. Archibeque, Range Resources - Appalachia LLC
Monday, 27 October



07 Reserves Estimation and Reporting

Session Chairpersons:

Randal M. Brush, William M Cobb & Associates Inc; Leon Beugelsdijk, Shell Global Solutions International BV

How is the value of a company impacted when changing from a set of reserves guidelines to another? This session presents a range of papers and case studies on the complexity of reserves estimation and reporting.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170747 icon:RDD Chance of Development: What is it? Can we estimate it? How should we use it?
D. Peacock, Gaffney, Cline & Associates Ltd.; T. Jennings, Gaffney, Cline & Associates Ltd
1425-1450 170960 icon:MI The Myth of Sweet Spot Exploration
W.J. Haskett, Decision Strategies
1450-1515 170885 icon:MI The Value Added of Five Years PRMS
E. Kreft, R. Godderij, B.C. Scheffers, EBN
1545-1610 170616 icon:MI Interpretation of Recent SEC Reserves Reporting Guidance
E.C. Morales, SGS Horizon; J. Lee, University of Houston
1610-1635 170681 icon:MI Integrating Unconventional Resource Opportunities into an Exploration and Production Portfolio
L.G. Chorn, R.G. Dusterhoft, Halliburton
1635-1700 170612 icon:RDD Lease Fuel, Fuel Gas or Fuel Consumed in Operations- Is it Reserves?
E. Morales, SGS Horizon; W. Lee, University of Houston
Alternate 170989 icon:MI A New Approach for Fast Evaluations of Large Portfolios of Oil and Gas Fields
D. Castineira, Quantum Reservoir Impact LLC; A. Mondal, S. Matringe, Quantum Reservoir Impact
Monday, 27 October



08 Challenges in PVT and Lab Analysis of Reservoir Systems

Session Chairpersons:

Luis Felipe Ayala, Pennsylvania State University; Oleg Zhdaneev, Schlumberger

Reliable PVT calculations and laboratory analysis are critical components of any accurate reservoir description. This session will discuss of a number of important issues relevant to PVT predictions and experimental measurements, including EOS component lumping schemes, PVT selection and screening criteria, effects of gas injection in asphaltene precipitation, effects of ultra-small pore confinement on PVT fluid properties, EOS tuning, relative permeability measurement quality control, and phase behavior modeling and prediction.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170912 icon:RDD Global Component Lumping for EOS Calculations
S. Alavian, Pera A/S; C.H. Whitson, Norwegian University of Science & Tech; S.O. Martinsen, Pera A/S
1425-1450 170695 icon:RDD Screening Criteria And Methodology For Quality Check And PVT Selection For Reservoir Studies
J.E. Paredes, PEMEX; R. Perez, Pemex E&P; L. Perera Perez, PEMEX; C.J. Larez, Schlumberger
1450-1515 170585 icon:RDD How Acid Gas Affects Asphaltene Precipitation Behavior
H. Yonebayashi, INPEX North Caspian Sea Ltd.; K. Takabayashi, R. Iizuka, INPEX Corporation; S. Tosic, Exxon Mobil Corporation
1545-1610 170685 icon:RDD Effect of Confinement on PVT Properties of Hydrocarbons in Shale Reservoirs
T. Pitakbunkate, P. Balbuena, Texas A&M University; G.J. Moridis, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; T.A. Blasingame, Texas A&M University
1610-1635 170601 icon:RDD Correlations to Estimate Key Gas Condensate Properties through Field Measurement of Gas Condensate Ratio
J.E. Paredes, PEMEX; R. Perez, Pemex E&P; L. Perera Perez, PEMEX; C.J. Larez, Schlumberger
1635-1700 170903 icon:PO Phase Behavior Modeling and Flow Simulation for Low-Temperature CO2 Injection
H. Pan, Stanford University; Y. Chen, Chevron ETC; J. Sheffield, Y. Chang, D. Zhou, Chevron
Monday, 27 October



09 Advances in Enhanced and Improved Oil Recovery Technology

Session Chairpersons:

Annie Audibert-Hayet, Total S.A.; Prasant Sainani, ConocoPhillips Co

Recent advances in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and improved oil recovery (IOR) have resulted in a better understanding of processes such as chemical EOR, polymer floods, in situ Conversion Process (ICP) of oil shale, alkaline-surfactant polymer (ASP), and vapor extraction (VAPEX) of heavy oils, in fractured and heterogeneous porous media. Practical and theoretical findings are shared as results in these outstanding and selected studies.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170927 icon:RDD A New HLD-NAC Based EOS Approach to Predict Surfactant-Oil-Brine Phase Behavior for Live Oil at Reservoir Pressure and Temperature
S. Ghosh, R.T. Johns, Pennsylvania State University
1425-1450 170657 icon:RDD Polymer Flood Incremental Oil Recovery and Efficiency in Layered Reservoirs Including Non-Newtonian and Viscoelastic Effects
A. Laoroongroj, OMV E&P GmbH; T. Gumpenberger, OMV Austria; T. Clemens, OMV Exploration/Production Ltd
1450-1515 170966 icon:RDD A Mechanistic Model for Wettability Alteration by Chemically Tuned Water Flooding in Carbonate Reservoirs
C. Qiao, L. Li, R.T. Johns, J. Xu, Pennsylvania State University
1545-1610 170825 icon:RDD Ammonia-Based ASP Processes for Gypsum-Containing Reservoirs
H. Sharma, U. Weerasooriya, U. of Texas at Austin; G.A. Pope, K.K. Mohanty, University of Texas At Austin
1610-1635 170811 icon:RDD In-Situ Visualization of Multidimensional Imbibition in Dual Porosity Carbonates
A.J. Alshehri, Saudi Aramco; A.R. Kovscek, Stanford University
1635-1700 170733 icon:RDD Evolution of Porosity, Permeability, and Fluid Saturations During Thermal Conversion of Oil Shale
K.R. Kibodeaux, Shell Int'l E&P
Alternate 170817 icon:RDD Modelling Heavy Oil Viscosity during Thermal Stimulation using the Free Volume Theory
J.J. De La Porte, R.W. Zimmerman, Imperial College London; C.A. Kossack, Schlumberger
Alternate 170847 icon:RDD Enhanced Vapour Extraction (VAPEX) of Heavy Oils through Foamy Oil Flow and Viscous Fingering
X. Jia, Y. Gu, University of Regina
Alternate 170985 icon:RDD Recovery Mechanism of Thermal Process in Naturally Fractured Tight Diatomite Heavy Oil Reservoir
P.E. Harness, Chevron North America Exploration and Production Company; G. Tang, Chevron ETC; A. Inouye, Chevron Corporation; D. Lowry, Chevron ETC
Alternate 170649 icon:RDD Diffusion and Dispersion Dominated Solvent Injection Processes in Oil Saturated Porous Media: 3-D Visualization Experiments Using Laser Technology
F. Fang, T. Babadagli, University of Alberta