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Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE)

27–29 October 2014 RAI Centre Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Technical Programme

Tuesday, 28 October



10 Major Project Delivery

Session Chairpersons:

Hisham N h Saadawi, Ringstone Petroleum Consultants; David Aron, Petroleum Development Consultants Ltd

This Project, Facility and Construction session focuses on major project delivery. Topics will include gas compression, subsea water treatment system, a mega thermal project and floating LNG chain. Other presentations will discuss offshore facilities weight growth and economic viability of projects.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170668 icon:MI Groningen 2nd Phase Compression Project
E. Liow, Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V; H. Goorhuis, Shell Projects & Technology
0855-0920 170842 icon:PFC Study on the Application of Wellhead Compression in Offshore Facilities
N. González Díez, H. Slot, J.P. Smeulers, TNO
0920-0945 170782 icon:PFC Performance Testing of a Two-stage Produced Water De-oiling System for Subsea Applications
K. Gul, E. Grave, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company; H.V. Wingaarden, M. Tienhaara, Advanced Separation Company (ASCOM)
0945-1010 170696 icon:PFC Upstream Offshore Facility Weight Growth Study
R. Rui, J. Walker, Independent Project Analysis
1040-1105 170890 icon:RDD A Methodology to Determine Economic Viability for Early Phase Projects in Under-appraised Fields with Ambiguous Data
A. Saeedi, F.B. Villela, E. Bungo, E. Kaygorodtsev, E. Zuluaga, B. Wang, Chevron Corporation
1105-1130 170879 icon:PFC Carmon Creek Thermal Field Development Project
D. Vannaxay, Shell Canada Ltd.; F.K. Wasden, B. Howell, Shell International E&P Co.
1130-1155 170600 icon:PFC Floating LNG Chain - Finally a Reality
M.S. Choi, ConocoPhillips
Alternate 170824 icon:PFC Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as a Catalyst for Culture Change
H.J. Duhon, GATE Inc; J. Garduno, GATE, Inc; N. Osorio, GATE Inc
Alternate 170857 icon:PFC Potential for Harnessing the Heat from a Mature High-Pressure-High-Temperature Oil Field in Italy
C. Alimonti, Sapienza University of Rome; G. Falcone, X. Liu, Clausthal University of Technology
Tuesday, 28 October



11 Digital Energy 1

Session Chairpersons:

Shahab D. Mohaghegh, West Virginia University; Mark J. Lochmann, Consultant

This is the first of two integrated sessions covering conventional digital energy topics and data analytics. This session is devoted to well development, well testing and data management.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170820 icon:MI Measuring Drilling Standardization Using Approximate String Matching
J.B. Montgomery, F.M. O'Sullivan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
0855-0920 170982 icon:DC Using Data-Driven Predictive Analytics to Estimate Downhole Temperatures while Drilling
S. Dursun, A. Kumar, R. Samuel, Halliburton
0920-0945 170702 icon:MI Optimizing the Selection of Lateral Re-Entry Wells through Data-Driven Analytics
A.S. Popa, Chevron Corporation
0945-1010 170633 icon:MI Data as an Asset: What the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry Can Learn About "Big Data" from Companies Like Facebook
R.K. Perrons, Queensland University of Technology; J.W. Jensen, Intel Corporation
1040-1105 170986 icon:MI Technical Data Management - Standards And Replication For Enabling Increased Production From Global Assets
S.K. Bhan, Shell International E&P Co.
1105-1130 170866 icon:MI Comparison Of Methods For Stochastic Multiphase Flow Rate Estimation
G. Zangl, Consultant; R. Hermann, Schlumberger Oilfield Services; C. Schweiger, Consultant
1130-1155 170953 icon:PO Remote Real-time Experimental Diagnostics for Well Challenges
P.J. Waltrich, Louisiana State University; H. Zhang, Ryder Scott Company, L.P.; C. Teodoriu, Technology University Clausthal
Alternate 170675 icon:MI Optimization of Well Placement in Real-Time Production Optimization of Intelligent Fields with Use of Local and Global Methods
C. Temizel, Aera Energy; S. Purwar, Halliburton; K. Urrutia, Halliburton International Inc; A. Abdullayev, F. Md Adnan, Halliburton; A. Agarwal, Halliburton International Inc; A. Garcia, Halliburton; S. Gorucu, Pennsylvania State University
Alternate 170859 icon:MI A Workflow for Intelligent Data-driven Analytics Software Development in Oil and Gas Industry
S. Dursun, Halliburton; K. Duman, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; T. Tuna, University of Houston; M. Abbas, J. Ding, Halliburton
Tuesday, 28 October



12 Monitoring at the Wellbore

Session Chairpersons:

Keshav Narayanan, BHP Billiton; Calvin Yao, BHP Billiton Petroleum

This session will disucss Reservoir Monitoring at the wellbore. Papers address monitoring with DTS for determination of near-wellbore pressure drop and transient flow rates to better model the reservoir, and also to detect fracture growth out of zone. Additional papers provide methods of data analysis to make sense of PDG data.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170598 icon:RDD Unique Interpretation of JT Heating across Perforations to Interpret Near-Wellbore Skin - A Case Study
J.G. Hayes, N. Joshi, Anadarko Petroleum Corp
0855-0920 170603 icon:RDD Interpretation of Cleanup Data in Gas-Well Testing From Derived Rates
G. Hashmi, Texas A&M Petroleum Engineering Dept; C. Kabir, Hess Corp.; A.R. Hasan, Teaxs A&M University
0920-0945 170663 icon:RDD Data Acquisition and Processing of Carbon Rod Conveyed DTS and DAS in Very Long Horizontal Wells: First Trial Test in North Sea Danish Sector
H. Danardatu, S.H. Gregersen, Maersk Olie og Gas A/S; E. Altern, I. Pellegrini, Ziebel AS
0945-1010 170746 icon:RDD Detecting Fracture Growth Out of Zone Using Temperature Analysis
P.M. Ribeiro, Petrobras / Stanford University; R.N. Horne, Stanford University
1040-1105 170878 icon:PO Advanced Petrophysical Surveillance Improves the Understanding of Well Behavior in Unconventional Reservoirs
R.Z. Ansari, H. Yadav, P. Thiruvenkatanathan, A. Zett, D.R. Spain, BP; A. Gysen, ISP
1105-1130 170582 icon:RDD Wavelet Frequency Analysis of Long-term Transient Pressure from Permanent Down-hole Gauges (PDG) for the Real-time Reservoir Monitoring
F. Wang, China University of Petroleum (Beijing); S. Zheng, London South Bank University
1130-1155 170813 icon:RDD Quantifying Uncertainty in Bottom-Hole Pressure Measurements Utilizing Single and Dual Gauges: A Case Study
A. Biswas, A.H. Al-Jumah, Shell India Markets Private Ltd; J.H. Al-joumaa, University of Technology; A. Mahdi, A. Sabih, South Oil Company
Alternate 170740 icon:RDD Pressure Transient Analysis as an Element of Permanent Reservoir Monitoring
A. Shchipanov, R. Berenblyum, L. Kollbotn, IRIS
Alternate 170768 icon:PO Closed-Loop Feedback Control of Smart Wells for Production Optimisation Using Downhole Measurements of Self-Potential
A.A. Ijioma, M.D. Jackson, Imperial College
Alternate 170769 icon:RDD Observation And Monitoring Well: In-situ Window To Assess Recovery Efficiency
S. Wherity, T. Sidley, Mærsk Olie og Gas A/S; M. Cowling, Maersk Oil & Gas A/S; A. Ismayilov, J. Noe-Nygaard, Maersk Oil og Gas
Alternate 170829 icon:RDD Evaluation of Reservoir Connectivity and Hydrocarbon Resource Size in a Deep Water Gas Field Using Multi-Well Interference Tests
C.U. Ohaeri, Anadarko Petroleum Corp; S. Sankaran, Anadarko Petroleum; J.J. Fernandez, Anadarko Petroleum Corp
Tuesday, 28 October



13 Reservoir Flow Simulation – Application of Novel Techniques to Age-old Challenges

Session Chairpersons:

Jorge Luis Landa, Chevron ETC; Hemant Ashok Phale, Chevron Energy Technology Company

This session focuses on technologies associated with reservoir modeling and flow simulation. Selected papers in this session deal with assisted history matching, structural uncertainty impact on dynamic flow behavior, fracture modeling, and the use of flow simulation in reserves estimation.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170703 icon:RDD Optimization-Based Unstructured Meshing Algorithms for Simulation of Hydraulically and Naturally Fractured Reservoirs with Variable Distribution of Fracture Aperture, Spacing, Length and Strike
J. Sun, D.S. Schechter, Texas A&M University
0855-0920 170639 icon:RDD Helical Boundary Conditions to Capture Inter-Pattern Flow in Insitu Upgrading Process Pattern Simulations
J.C. Vink, G. Gao, Shell Global Solutions US Inc.
0920-0945 170741 icon:RDD Development of Reduced-order Oil Reservoir Models using Localized DEIM
S. Yoon, Z. Alghareeb, J. Williams, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
0945-1010 170884 icon:RDD Exploring Structural Uncertainty Using a Flow Proxy in the Depositional Domain
O. Aydin, J.K. Caers, Stanford University
1040-1105 170636 icon:RDD Integration of Principal-Component-Analysis and Streamline Information for the History Matching of Channelized Reservoirs
C. Chen, Shell International Exploration and Production; G. Gao, Shell Global Solutions US Inc.; J. Honorio, MIT; P. Gelderblom, Shell Global Solutions International; E. Jimenez, Qatar Shell GTL Limited; T. Jaakkola, MIT
1105-1130 170604 icon:RDD Reservoir Model Maturation and Assisted History Matching Based on Production and 4D Seismic Data
G.J. Joosten, Shell International Global Solutions; A. Altintas, Shell International Ltd.; G. Van Essen, Shell International Global Solutions; J. Van Doren, Petroleum Development Oman; P. Gelderblom, P. van den Hoek, Shell International Global Solutions; K. Foreste, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company
1130-1155 170669 icon:RDD The Use Of Reservoir Simulation In Estimating Reserves
A.D. Jones, BP Exploration; F.R. Denelle, Shell Exploration & Production Co; J. Lee, University of Houston; D.G. MacDonald, BP Exploration; B.J. Seiller, Total S.A.
Alternate 170719 icon:RDD Improved Reservoir Description from Pressure Transients
R.A. Tovar, SPE; C.A. Ehlig-Economides, Texas A&M University
Alternate 170761 icon:RDD Structural Uncertainty Integration within Reservoir Risk Analysis and History Matching
R. Sabatino, E. Viviani, E. Della Rossa, C. Sala, A. Maffioli, eni e&p
Alternate 170850 icon:RDD Fault Reactivation as Mechanism of Early Water Production in Unconsolidated Sandstones Reservoirs
M.D. Dos Santos, F.R. Oliveira, Petrobras
Alternate 170676 icon:RDD An Efficient Method for Explicit Hydraulic Fracture Representation in Full Field Reservoir Simulation
C. Berentsen, J.R. Shaoul, C. De Pater, J. Park, Fenix Consulting delft; P. Dabrowski, Wintershall Holding AG; S. Dobkine, Wintershall; O. Khudyakova, Wintershall Holding; A. Nesterenko, I. Yushkov, TNGG
Tuesday, 28 October



14 Well Engineering and Case Studies

Session Chairpersons:

Thomas L. Gee, Weatherford International Ltd.; Nicholas John Lyons, Baker Hughes Inc

The Well Engineering and Case Studies session will focus on various engineering techniques as well as associated case studies. It should be noted that these papers are put forth by a variety of subject matter experts representing major oil and gas operators, service companies, and universities

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170751 icon:DC Maximizing Capital Efficiency by Expanding the Limiter Redesign Process to Flat Time Operations
M.A. Valenta, M.W. Walker, P.E. Pastusek, J.R. Bailey, W.C. Elks, S.B. Lewis, ExxonMobil Development Co.; N.D. Mitchell, Exxon Mobil Corporation
0855-0920 170979 icon:DC Going Beyond the Tally Book: A Novel Method for Analysis, Prediction and Control of Directionally Drilled Wellbores using Mechanical Specific Energy
S.F. Noynaert, E. Gildin, Texas A&M University
0920-0945 170888 icon:DC Extending Lateral Length Using Casing Floatation to Reduce Field Development Cost in Shale Gas Plays
R. Blake, Shell Canada Limited
0945-1010 170904 icon:DC Practices Maintain Straight Hole in Crooked Hole Conditions, While Also Enabling Significant Gains in Drill Rate
S.D. Knudsen, Sandia National Laboratories; F.E. Dupriest, Texas A&M University; E. Zemach, Ormat Nevada Inc; D. Blankenship, Sandia National Laboratories
1040-1105 170744 icon:DC Simultaneous Operations in Multi Wells Pad: A Cost Effective Way of Drilling Multi Wells Pad and Deliver 8 Fracs a Day
V. Ogoke, Shell Global Solutions International BV; L. Schauerte, Royal Dutch/Shell Group; G. Bouchard, Shell; S. Inglehart, Shell Global Solutions International BV
1105-1130 170672 icon:DC Influence of Dynamic Drilling Parameters on Axial Load and Torque Transfer in Extended-Reach Horizontal Wells
E.O. Omojuwa, S. Osisanya, R. Ahmed, University of Oklahoma
1130-1155 170961 icon:DC An Innovative And Systematic Approach To Delivering A Multitude Of Next Generation Tubular Connections Required For Extreme Design Conditions
N.B. Japar, L.S. Grant, Shell Exploration & Production Company; A.L. Van Den Haak, Shell International Exploration and Production; J.J. Duhe, Shell Exploration & Production Company; G. Terrill, Shell International Exploration and Production; L.D. Smith, Shell Exploration & Production Company
Tuesday, 28 October



15 Fracture Modeling and Design Optimization

Session Chairpersons:

Karen Elaine Olson, Southwestern Energy Co.; Philippe Enkababian, Schlumberger

This session includes papers related to both fracture modeling and optimization. Several papers will cover specific modeling topics such as stress shadowing, fracture gradient prediction and the impact of sub-transverse fractures. Others will encompass the entire workflow from modeling to fracture evaluation including recommendations related to completion optimization.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170773 icon:PO Flushing Away The Profit: The Potential Misapplication of Unconventional Fracturing Technology on a Global Scale
M. Rylance, BP Exploration; T. Martin, Baker Hughes
0855-0920 170924 icon:DC Measurement and Analysis of 3-D Stress Shadowing Related to the Spacing of Hydraulic Fracturing in Unconventional Reservoirs
T. Dohmen, J. Zhang, Hess Corp.; J. Blangy, Hess Corporation
0920-0945 170718 icon:DC Engineered Completion Workflow Increases Reservoir Contact and Production in the Wolfcamp Shale, West Texas
F.O. Ajisafe, T.L. Pope, O. Azike, R. Reischman, D. Herman, Schlumberger; C.G. Burkhardt, A.S. Helmreich, M.W. Phelps, Clayton Williams Energy Inc.
0945-1010 170956 icon:DC The Effect of Changing Fracture Compliance on Pressure Transient Behavior During Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests
M.W. McClure, C.A. Blyton, University of Texas At Austin; H. Jung, The University of Texas at Austin; M.M. Sharma, University of Texas At Austin
1040-1105 170580 icon:PO Unlocking the true Potential of the Vaca Muerta Shale via an Integrated Completion Optimization Approach
D.E. Hryb, A. Archimio, M. Badessich, YPF S.A.; E.A. Ejofodomi, A. Diaz, G.D. Cavazzoli, Z.A. Fernando, E.A. Lagarrigue, S. Pichon, Schlumberger
1105-1130 170611 icon:PO Fracture Shadowing: Theory, Applications and Implications
A.A. Daneshy, Daneshy Consultants Intl.
1130-1155 170965 icon:PO Optimal Hydraulic Fracture Angle in Productivity Maximized Shale Well Design
N. Sorek, J.A. Moreno, R. Rice, G. Luo, C. Ehlig-Economides, Texas A&M Petroleum Engineering Dept
Alternate 170781 icon:DC Theoretical Foundation and Design Formulae for Channel and Pillar Type Propped Fractures - A Method to Increase Fracture Conductivity
B. Meyer, Meyer Technologies, LLC; L.W. Bazan, Bazan Consulting Inc; D. Walls, B. Brinzer, Baker Hughes
Tuesday, 28 October



16 Unconventional Resources - North America and Beyond

Session Chairperson:

Paul Dale Mckay, ION Geophysical Corporation

The development of unconventional resources continue to factor prominently in E&P budgets. This session will feature papers analyzing geological, geophysical and engineering data from industry experience to date, exciting new technologies and techniques, and the characterization of some emerging unconventional plays from newly acquired data.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170851 icon:RDD Injection in Shale: Review of 15 Years Experience on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) and its Implications for the Stimulation of Unconventional Reservoirs
F.J. Santarelli, F. Sanfilippo, Geomec AS; R.W. James, ConocoPhillips Norge; H.H. Nielsen, ConocoPhillips Norway; M. Fidan, ConocoPhillips Norge; G.T. Aamodt, ConocoPhillips Norway
0855-0920 170787 icon:RDD High-Resolution Mapping of the Distribution and Connectivity of Organic Matter in Shales
M.E. Curtis, University of Oklahoma; E. Goergen, FEI; J. Jernigen, C.H. Sondergeld, C.S. Rai, University of Oklahoma
0920-0945 170934 icon:RDD Nature Fractures In The Unconventional Shale Reservoirs In US And Their Roles In Well Completion Design And Improving Hydraulic Fracturing Stimulation Efficiency and Production
B. Li, Schlumberger
0945-1010 170682 icon:RDD Dynamic vs. Static Ranking: Comparison and Contrast in Application to Geo-cellular Models
M.G. Kelkar, University of Tulsa; A. Bahar, Kelkar & Assocs. Inc.; S. Pochampally, Kelkar and Associates, Inc; M. Sharifi, Amir Kabir University
1040-1105 170760 icon:RDD From Regional Depositional Architecture to Reservoir-Scale Considerations, Lower Paleozoic Baltic Basin, N Poland
P. Krzywiec, Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences; S. Volterrani, ION Geophysical; P. Lis, GeoFuture Consulting; V. Buffenmyer, ION Geophysical; M. Malinowski, Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences; L. Slonka, M. Lewandowski, Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
1105-1130 170905 icon:RDD Unconventional Reservoir Geology Of The Neuquén Basin Argentina
S.P. Barredo, L.P. Stinco, Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires
1130-1155 170950 icon:RDD Modeling the Effects of Anomalous Electromagnetic Diffusion on Induction Logs: The Next Step in Mapping Natural Fracture Corridors
M. Elliot, M. Everett, Z. Heidari, Texas A&M University
Alternate 170709 icon:RDD Seismic Constrained Reservoir Simulation and Application in a Heavy Oilfield, China
Y.T. Cai, BGP,CNPC; X. Guo, Y. Ling, BGP China Natl. Petr. Corp.
Tuesday, 28 October



17 New and Innovative Formation Evaluation Technologies

Session Chairpersons:

Richard R. Pemper, Weatherford International Inc.; Jerome Allen Truax, Linn Energy LLC

This session presents the latest petrophysical Wireline and LWD logging technologies for evaluating the properties of both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170909 icon:RDD New Analytical Method to Calculate Matrix- and Fluid-Corrected Total Porosity in Organic Shale
E. Ortega, The University of Texas at Austin; C. Torres-Verdin, University of Texas At Austin
0855-0920 170661 icon:RDD An Improved Complex Image Theory for Fast 3D Resistivity Modeling and its Application to Geosteering in Unparallel Layers
J. Chen, Weatherford International, Inc.; Y. Yu, University of Houston
0920-0945 170722 icon:RDD New Method for Predicting Mineralogy and Matrix Properties from Elemental Chemistry Measured by Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Logging Tools
R. Freedman, Schlumberger; S. Herron, Schlumberger-Doll Research Center; V. Anand, Schlumberger; M.M. Herron, Schlumberger-Doll Research Center; D.H. May, D.A. Rose, Schlumberger
0945-1010 170652 icon:RDD In-situ Wettability Utilizing Low Gradient Magnetic Resonance
S.A. Jebutu, W. Li, Baker Hughes Inc
1040-1105 170609 icon:RDD Inversion-Based Method Integrating Sonic and Resistivity Logging Data for Estimation of Radial Water Saturation Profile and Porosity Near the Wellbore
S. Shetty, L. Liang, T.M. Habashy, V. Simoes, A.J. Boyd, B.K. Sinha, S. Zeroug, Schlumberger; C. Sirju, T.N. Pritchard, B. Glassborow, BG Group
1105-1130 170748 icon:RDD Lithofacies Classification of Thin Layered Turbidite Reservoirs Through the Integration of Core Data and Dielectric Dispersion Log Measurements
M. Pirrone, A. Battigelli, L. Ruvo, Eni E&P
1130-1155 170896 icon:RDD Matrix Permittivity Measurements for Rock Powders
N.V. Seleznev, K. Fellah, Schlumberger - Doll Research; J. Phillips, Schlumberger; S. Zulkipli, PERONAS Carigali; B. Fournie, ESPCI ParisTech
Alternate 170973 icon:RDD Assessment of Hydrocarbon Saturation in Organic-Rich Source Rocks using Combined Interpretation of Dielectric and Electrical Resistivity Measurements
H. Chen, Z. Heidari, Texas A&M University
Alternate 170786 icon:RDD Novel Processing of Electromagnetic Logging Measurements through Metallic Casing
G. Gao, Schlumberger
Tuesday, 28 October



18 Physics of Flow

Session Chairperson:

Fulbert Crisologo Del Mundo, BP

Fundamentals of fluid flow mechanisms are the focus of this session, from pore scale to lab scale to field scale, and from single phase to multiphase flow in porous media. Papers in this session are highly varied and include investigations of transport, relative permeability, capillary pressure, IFT and saturation.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170717 icon:RDD Refinement of Relative Permeability Measurements by Accounting for Viscous Fingering in Coreflood Experiments
B.M. Pereira, H. Shahverdi, M. Sohrabi, Heriot-Watt University
0855-0920 170765 icon:RDD Trapped Gas Saturation Measurements: New Perspectives
N. Bona, eni e&p; L. Garofoli, Eni SPA E&P Division; F. Radaelli, C. Zanaboni, A. Bendotti, D. Mezzapesa, eni e&p
0920-0945 170941 icon:RDD Multiphase Flow And Reactive Transport At The Pore Scale Using Lattice-Boltzmann Computer Simulations
E.S. Boek, Imperial College; I. Zacharoudiou, Imperial College London; F. Gray, S.M. Shah, Imperial College; J. Crawshaw, Imperial College London; J. Yang, Imperial College
0945-1010 170858 icon:RDD Formulation of Porous Medium Momentum Equations Using Variational Principles
L.K. Kubota, Petroleo Brasileiro SA
1040-1105 170796 icon:RDD Relative Permeability Normalization - Effects of Permeability, Wettability and Interfacial Tension
A. Jahanbakhsh, H. Shahverdi, M. Sohrabi, Centre for Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Solutions, Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt
1105-1130 170883 icon:RDD Computation of Three-Phase Capillary Pressure Curves and Fluid Configurations at Mixed-Wet Conditions in 2D Rock Images
Y. Zhou, J. Helland, D.G. Hatzignatiou, Intl Research Inst of Stavanger
1130-1155 170918 icon:RDD Steady-State Relative Permeability Measurements, Temperature Dependency and a Reservoir Diatomite Core Sample Evolution
B. Vega, A.R. Kovscek, Stanford University
Alternate 170807 icon:RDD Impact of Polar Components on Crude Oil-Water interfacial Film Formation: A Mechanisms for Low-Salinity Waterflooding
V. Alvarado, G. Garcia-Olvera, P. Hoyer, T.E. Lehmann, University of Wyoming
Alternate 170819 icon:RDD Investigating Aperture-Based Stress-Dependent Permeability and Capillary Pressure in Rock Fractures
D. Huo, B. Li, S.M. Benson, Stanford University
Alternate 170914 icon:RDD Characterization and Selection of Novel Magnetic Tracers for Dynamic Heterogeneity Identification and Quantification
K. Ali, Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot Watt University; M. Sohrabi, Heriot Watt University; A. Ali, Shell UK Limited