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Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE)

27–29 October 2014 RAI Centre Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Technical Programme

Wednesday, 29 October



28 Educational Trends

Session Chairpersons:

William S. Fiffick, Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd.; Mazher Hassan Ibrahim, Apache Corporation

Discussions will focus on the current trends in providing professional development, training tools and talents being cultivated in preparation for the next generation.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170802 icon:MI Case Study Proves "Learning Through Observations" as More Effective Teaching Method
M.A. Aggour, H. Hussien, M. Fraim, Texas A&M University At Qatar
0855-0920 170987 icon:MI New Approaches to Transferring Skills to the Next Generation
A.T. Lomas, Castor & partners
0920-0945 170967 icon:MI Petroleum Senior Students Specialize in Operations or Reservoir Engineering
L. Heinze, M.C. Watson, Texas Tech University
0945-1010 170689 icon:MI Talent Evaluation Paradigms
M.G. Martin, Repsol; D. Jones, S. Benson, Newfield Exploration; L. Murphy, Schlumberger; A.K. Jamaluddin, Network of Excellence in Training - NExT; R.N. Hoeksema, R. Chhibber, A. Hyde, Schlumberger
1040-1105 170673 icon:MI Subsurface Capability Building in Shell
H.J. Kloosterman, Shell International Ltd.
1105-1130 170774 icon:MI A Rigorous 39-Month Training Program for Newly Hired Engineers and Geoscientists
O.A. Lozada, L.W. Corbett, G. Niemtschik, C.A. Kossack, J. Afilaka, K. Burgess, C. Klein, T. Hartman, A. de Wynter, Schlumberger
1130-1155 170620 icon:MI Designing and Implementing a Competency- Based Development Program for Iraqi Graduate Engineers
H. Saadawi, Ringstone Petroleum Consultants; W. Al Sammarrai, Human Resources Development Company (HRDC)
Alternate 170646 icon:PO Service Industry and University Collaboration In Teaching Production Optimization with Artificial Lift
R.N. Chokshi, W.C. Lane, Weatherford; S. Dunn-Norman, C. Chumkratoke, Missouri University of Science & Tech
Alternate 170783 icon:MI Profile Formulation of the Future Petro Technical Professional in Argentina
R. Abalos, E. Erdmann, F. Gallardo, B. Sidoruk, J. Osses, ITBA-Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires
Wednesday, 29 October



29 Digital Energy 2

Session Chairpersons:

Julian Guy Pickering, Digital Oilfield Solutions Ltd; Michael R. Konopczynski, WellDynamics

This is the second of two integrated sessions covering conventional digital energy topics and data analytics. This session focuses on decision support, novel concepts and failure analysis.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170664 icon:MI Production Management Decision Analysis Using AI-Based Proxy Modeling of Reservoir Simulations - A Look-Back Case Study
S.D. Mohaghegh, West Virginia University; F.A. Abdulla, Abu Dhabi Co. Onshore Oil Opn.
0855-0920 170660 icon:MI Data-Driven Reservoir Management of a Giant Mature Oilfield in the Middle East
S.D. Mohaghegh, West Virginia University; Y. Khazaeni, Boston University; R. Gaskari, Intelligent Solutions Inc; M. Maysami, Intelligent Solutions, Inc.
0920-0945 170678 icon:MI Securely Managing Video-Rich Data in Control Rooms and Real-Time Operating Centers with Fiber Optic Systems
D. Fanguy, L. Wachter, Thinklogical
0945-1010 170630 icon:MI Intelligent Energy: A Strategic Inflection Point
M.J. Lochmann, Halliburton; I. Cooper, Platts
1040-1105 170864 icon:PO Mature Fractured Reservoir’S Meets The Era Of Young Minds And The New Age Of Technology Digital Oil Field
M. Jamal, E. Anthony, H.B. Chetri, H. EL-Din Ibrahim, P.r. Kumar, S. Nair, H. Al-Zaabi, Kuwait Oil Company
1105-1130 170680 icon:MI Predicting Failures From Oilfield Sensor Data Using Time Series Shapelets
O. Patri, A.V. Panangadan, C. Chelmis, University of Southern California; R.G. McKee, Chevron U.S.A. Inc.; V. Prasanna, University of Southern California
1130-1155 170762 icon:MI Fault Diagnosis in Oil Wells
G. Horowitz, YPF Tecnología; E.A. Faundez, YPF; M. Maestri, M. Cassanello, LARSI, Depto. de Industrias, FCEyN, UBA
Alternate 170963 icon:MI An Effective Coupling of Type Curves and Expert Systems for Evaluating Multi-stage Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells in Composite Dual-porosity Shale Gas Reservoirs
N. Siripatrachai, S. Rana, K. Bodipat, T. Ertekin, The Pennsylvania State University
Alternate 170968 icon:PFC Integrated Management Strategy of Flow Assurance for Digital Field
H. Zhang, Ryder Scott Company, L.P.; J. Li, S.H. Khor, Schlumberger
Wednesday, 29 October



30 Reservoir Engineering Case Studies

Session Chairpersons:

Kaveh Dehghani, Chevron ETC; Eric Delamaide, IFP Technologies Canada Inc.

This session addresses the application of recent advances in the integrated reservoir modeling to real field cases. A number of novel forecasting techniques have been benchmarked with real field data. The benefits as well as the shortcomings of these techniques in understanding the fluid behavior, reservoir connectivity, depletion limit pressure, and range of uncertainty in reservoir properties

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170705 icon:RDD Innovative Reservoir Pressure Management Technology Facilitates Safe Drilling in Pressure Depleted Reservoirs
R.S. Prasad, F.C. Del Mundo, M.L. Litvak, J.J. Flynn, S.T. Edwards, BP Exploration & Production Inc
0855-0920 170871 icon:RDD Perdido Development: Unified Fluid Model (UFM) for Integrated Production System Modeling (IPSM)
D. Galvan, G. McVinnie, Shell Exploration & Production Co; B. Dindoruk, Shell International E&P Co.
0920-0945 170690 icon:RDD Assisted History Matching Benchmarking: Design of Experiments-based Techniques
E.W. Bhark, Chevron; K. Dehghani, Chevron ETC
0945-1010 170623 icon:RDD A New Approach to Perform a Probabilistic and Multi-objective History Matching
F.L. Almeida, A. Davolio, D.J. Schiozer, Universidade Estadual De Campinas
1045-1105 170584 icon:RDD Dynamic Fault Seal Breakdown Investigation- A Study of Egret Field in the North Sea
P.P. Obeahon, G. Ypma, O.U. Onyeagoro, Shell International; A.C. Gringarten, Imperial College
1105-1130 170854 icon:RDD Probabilistic History Matching of Dual-Porosity and Dual-Permeability Korolev Model Using Three Discrete Fracture Models
A. Abdrakhmanova, E. Iskakov, G.R. King, M.M. Chaudhri, N. Liu, P. Bateman, Tengizchevroil
1130-1155 170622 icon:RDD Integrated Subsurface Uncertainty Study and Application - A Case Study of a Chalk Reservoir, Greater Ekofisk Area, North Sea
H. Yu, S. Sorensen, H.H. Sudan, B. Ludolph, A.G. Burgess, E.B. Dahl, N.E. Hagen, S. Kuhlmann, C. Pacheco, B.L. Wendt, M.G. Coral, ConocoPhillips
Alternate 170893 icon:RDD Reservoir Uncertainty Quantification Using Probabilistic History Matching Workflow
T. Yeh, E. Jimenez, G. Van Essen, C. Chen, L. Jin, A. Girardi, P. Gelderblom, Shell; L. Horesh, A.R. Conn, IBM
Alternate 170726 icon:RDD Case Studies: the Ensemble-based Approach to History Matching and Model Parameter Estimation
Y. Zhang, Chevron Corporation; E.W. Bhark, Chevron; H.A. Phale, Chevron Energy Technology Company; K. Dehghani, Chevron ETC
Wednesday, 29 October



31 Completion Optimization

Session Chairpersons:

Robert A. Woodroof, ProTechnics; Trey Lowe, Devon Energy Corporation

This session will focus on the evolution of completions across various fields in North America and the North Sea. It will include examples of new workflows and techniques to evaluate and improve completions.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170952 icon:PO 60 Years of Multi-Fractured Vertical, Deviated and Horizontal Wells: What Have We Learned?
G.E. King, Apache Corp.
0855-0920 170721 icon:DC Completion Optimization and Validation in the Williston Basin Through Integrated Datasets
J.L. Barhaug, V. Martinez, WPX Energy Co; A. Schmidt, A. Southcott, WPX Energy; L. Steinke, H. Harper, WPX Energy Co
0920-0945 170923 icon:DC Granite Wash Optimization - Validating Completion and Production Techniques
E. Crawford, Linn Energy LLC; C.W. Senters, K.E. Bullard, R.S. Leonard, R.A. Woodroof, Protechnics
0945-1010 170827 icon:DC Lessons Learned From an Eagle Ford Shale Completion Evaluation.
S. Centurion, Baker Hughes Inc.; R. Cade, J. Junca-Laplace, Baker Hughes Inc; G. Presley, Cheyenne Petroleum Company
1040-1105 170981 icon:DC Fracture Optimization Reduces Completion Cost while Improving Well Productivity in the Valdemar Field Offshore Denmark
D.J. Stemberger, Maersk Oil; P.M. Saldungaray, T.T. Palisch, CARBO Ceramics, Inc.
1105-1130 170750 icon:PO Case Study: Completion Design Optimization for Barnett Oil Producing Area
E. Holderby, Halliburton; J. Dahl, J. Spaid, Devon Energy; R. Dusterhoft, I. Adams, Halliburton
1130-1155 170764 icon:DC Completion Optimization of an Unconventional Shale Play: Implementation of a Successful Completion Design Optimization Plan and the Results
O.A. Jaripatke, O. Samandarli, E. McDonald, P.L. Richmond, Pioneer Natural Resources
Alternate 170928 icon:DC A One-Year Production Study between Cemented Multistage and Openhole Completion Technologies for Vertical Wells in the Permian Basin
D.S. Lohoefer, B. Keener, Eagle Oil & Gas Co.; S. Ezeldin, D. Snyder, Packers Plus Energy Services Inc
Wednesday, 29 October



32 Cementing and Stability

Session Chairpersons:

Martijn Bogaerts, Schlumberger Technical Services Inc; Robert Neil Trotter, Chevron ETC

As we move to increasingly more complex environments, we face escalating challenges in Cementing and Zonal Isolation, which will be solved through the use of innovations. This session also addresses wellbore stability through the use of nanotechnology, proper drilling fluid selection and the optimization of well placement.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170666 icon:DC Deepwater Cementing: Key Decision Process and Successful Techniques for Addressing Production Liners
G.A. Fuller, Shell International E&P Co.; J. Edwards, Shell International E & P; S. Mercado, Shell International E&P (STCH); M.J. Szymanski, C. Mead, Shell International E & P; C.T. Nguyen, Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.; A. Febbraro, Shell International E&P Co.
0855-0920 170886 icon:DC Attenuation-Based Quantitative Cement Bond Index with LWD Sonic: A Novel Approach Applicable to all Casing and Cement Cases
V. Pistre, T. Kinoshita, M. Blyth, E. Saenz, Schlumberger
0920-0945 170712 icon:DC Cement Evaluation - A Risky Business
G. Benge, Baker Hughes
0945-1010 170977 icon:DC Proactive Novel Approach and Design Strategies to Zonal Isolation in a Highly Challenging Deep Water Environment
L.S. Grant, N.B. Japar, Shell Exploration & Production Company; D. Reagins, Shell Exploration and Production Co.; A. Hale, Shell Exploration & Production Company; S. Mercado, A.L. Van Den Haak, Shell International Exploration and Production; A.G. Pereira, Schlumberger NAM Well Services; R.K. Lloyd, Schlumberger
1040-1105 170589 icon:DC Experimental Investigation on Wellbore Strengthening In Shales by Means of Nanoparticle-Based Drilling Fluids
O. Contreras, University of Calgary; G. Hareland, Oklahoma State University; M. Husein, University of Calgary; R. Nygaard, M.T. Al-saba, Missouri University of Science & Tech
1105-1130 170687 icon:DC Good Things Come In Little Packages: Nanotechnology for Reduction in Pore Pressure Transmission.
L.P. Moroni, S.R. Vickers, C. Gray, M. Davidson, Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids
1130-1155 170686 icon:DC An Experimental Study of the Swelling Properties of Unconventional Shale Oil Rock Samples Using Both Water-Based and Oil-Based Muds
H. Emadi, M.Y. Soliman, Texas Tech University; R. Samuel, Halliburton; L. Heinze, R.B. Moghaddam, S. Hutchison, Texas Tech University
Alternate 170791 icon:DC The Use of a “Type Well” Concept Approach for Design, Feasibility, and Creation of a Technology Plan for Well Construction in a New Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Development
L.S. Grant, N.B. Japar, Shell Exploration & Production Company; A.L. Van Den Haak, Shell International Exploration and Production
Alternate 170576 icon:DC Laboratory Evaluation of Sealing Wide Fractures Using Conventional Lost Circulation Materials
M.T. Al-saba, R. Nygaard, Missouri University of Science & Tech; A. Saasen, O. Nes, Det Norske Oljeselskap ASA
Alternate 170667 icon:DC A Statistical Evaluation of Cement Placement Techniques by use of Cement Bond Index
S. Pallapothu, Schlumberger; M. Bogaerts, Schlumberger Technical Services Inc; G.G. De Bruijn, S. Peyle, F. Rashid, Schlumberger
Wednesday, 29 October



33 Stimulation Case Histories

Session Chairpersons:

Harold Dean Brannon, Baker Hughes - SSI; Kevin D. Mauth, Schlumberger Technical Services Inc

This session includes a broad range of case histories of stimulation applications from around the world. Included are reservoirs from high temperature carbonates, tight gas sandstones to unconventional resources included. Topics include completion optimization, evaluation of completion practices, and various completion configurations.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170846 icon:DC Some Fracs Are More Equal Than Others: Expanding the Use of a Complexity & Conductivity Focused Frac Design in the Williston Basin
J. Wright, Halcon Resources; M.H. Barella, Halliburton; C. Wright, L. Weijers, T.G. Riebel, Liberty Oilfield Services
0855-0920 170743 icon:PO Minimizing Over-Flush Volumes at the End of Fracture-Stimulation Stages - An Eagle Ford Case Study
W.H. Al-Tailji, StrataGen; N. Northington, M.T. Conway, FracPro; B.M. Davidson, StrataGen
0920-0945 170784 icon:DC "Slick Water Fracturing and Small Proppant" The future of stimulation or a slippery slope?
J.W. Ely, S.L. Fowler, R.L. Tiner, D.J. Aro, G.R. Sicard, Jr., Ely and Associates Corp; T.A. Sigman, Marietta College
0945-1010 170832 icon:PO First Successful Filtercake Damage Removal Treatment Utilizing In-situ Nitrogen/Heat Generating System for Relatively Heavy Oil Wells
A.A. Al-Taq, H. Al-Haji, J.A. SALEEM, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1040-1105 170701 icon:PO Successful Acidizing Treatment of Four Offshore Wells with High Bottomhole Temperatures in Mobile Bay, Gulf of Mexico: Laboratory and Field Case Studies
M. Legemah, D.M. Bilden, C. Lowe, A.M. Gomaa, X. Wang, Q. Qu, H. Sun, J.L. Boles, L. Li, Baker Hughes
1105-1130 170720 icon:DC Completion Optimization with Ceramics Provides Step Changes in Horizontal Performance for the 2nd Bone Spring Formation - A Southeastern New Mexico Case History
K. Jackson, Endurance Resources LLC; T. Palisch, Carbo Ceramics Inc; L. Lehman, StrataGen Inc
1130-1155 170852 icon:PO Development of a Stranded Tight Gas Field in the UK Southern North Sea Using Hydraulic Fracturing Within a Subsea Horizontal Well: A Case Study
M.E. Langford, Centrica Energy Upstream; G.D. Westera, Centrica Energy; B. Holland, Centrica Energy Upstream; B. Bocaneala, M.R. Norris, Schlumberger
Alternate 170821 icon:DC Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Using Coiled Tubing-Activated Frac Sleeves: Case Study From The Permian Basin
O.A. Algadi, R.V. Filyukov, Baker Hughes Inc; D. Luna, XTO Energy Inc.
Alternate 170823 icon:PO Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Materials For Diversion And Zonal Isolation Of Multiple Stage Horizontal Well Completions: Case Histories From Marcellus Shale Hydraulic Fracturing
D.M. Arnold, Weatherford International Ltd.; F.E. Fragachan, Weatherford Houston
Wednesday, 29 October



34 Taking Control of Our Environment

Session Chairpersons:

Wayne Fee, MiX Telematics; Kathleen Antoine, Hess Corp.

This session provides the participant with the opportunity to learn from the presentation of a wide range of control methods and practices for environmental concerns in the oil and gas industry on land, at sea and underground - from assessment and preparation to monitoring and measurement to reporting and remediation.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170716 icon:HSE Industry Guidance For Reporting Environmental, Health And Safety And Social And Economic Factors
H. Murphy, IPIECA; B. Janus, Total
0855-0920 170873 icon:HSE "LULA" Large Scale Oil Spill Response Exercise: a Unique Opportunity to Test a Full Set of Spilled Oil Monitoring and Modeling Techniques
C. Michel, Total; L. Cazes, C. Eygun, Total E&P Angola; L. Page-Jones, J. Huet, OTRA
0920-0945 170737 icon:HSE Environmentally Friendly Fracturing Fluid as Utilized in a Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Case Study
T. Nixon, Sanjel Corp; J. Tomszak, ARC Resources Ltd; S.C. Lawrence, L. Richardson, K. Hepburn, Sanjel Corp
0945-1010 170855 icon:HSE Myanmar’s Taninthayi Nature Reserve Project (TNRP)
T. Htay, L.T. Htun, PETRONAS Carigali Myanmar Ltd
1040-1105 170763 icon:HSE Use of the DREAM Model for Control and Prediction of Concentrations and Environmental Risks Associated with Regular Discharges to Sea: Experiences and Challenges
H. Rye, SINTEF Materials & Chemistry; U. Brønner, SINTEF; M. Ditlevsen, SINTEF Materials & Chemistry; T.K. Frost, Statoil ASA; E. Furuholt, Det Norske Oljeselskap ASA; G. Kjeilen-Eilertsen, Total; R. Nepstad, SINTEF Materials & Chemistry; P.W. Page, BP Exploration; J.E. Paulsen, ENI Norge AS; R. Ramos, ConocoPhillips; P. Rønningen, S. Sørstrøm, SINTEF
1105-1130 170913 icon:HSE The Subsurface and Wells Emergency Response Organisation (ERO) Portal
S. Cormack, Shell UK; J.D. Yuile, Shell UK, 1 Altens Farm Road, Aberdeen, AB12 3FY
1130-1155 170732 icon:PFC Low Impact Testing of Oil Field Access Roads: Reducing Environmental Impacts in Desert Ecosystems
F.M. Platt, D.B. Burnett, Texas A&M University
Alternate 170826 icon:HSE Application of Fuzzy Set Theory and Expert Judgement in Reliability Analysis of the Arctic Oil and Gas Facilities
M. Naseri, J. Barabady, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Alternate 170867 icon:HSE An Evidence-Based Approach to Well Integrity Risk Management
M. Loizzo, Well integrity consultant; A. Bois, CurisTec; P. Etcheverry, M.G. Lunn, Vermilion Energy
Alternate 170590 icon:HSE Remediation Technology Review and Selection Process for Hydrocarbon Contaminated Sites
H.A. Al-Mebayedh, K. Al-Mazidi, Kuwait Oil Company
Wednesday, 29 October



35 New Advances in Measuring Reservoir Rock Properties

Session Chairpersons:

Robert James Tester, Exxon Mobil Corporation; Jeff Thomas Hawkins, Nexen USA Petroleum

This session presents new and novel techniques and technologies to improve the characterization of reservoir rock properties in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170908 icon:RDD A New Mineralogy Cuttings Analysis Workflow for Optimized Horizontal Fracture-Stage Placement in Organic Shale Reservoirs
D. Buller, C. Scheibe, C. Stringer, G. Carpenter, Halliburton
0855-0920 170972 icon:RDD A Practical Petrophysical Approach for Brittleness Prediction from Porosity and Sonic Logging in Shale Reservoirs
X. Jin, BP-America; S.N. Shah, University of Oklahoma; J.A. Truax, Linn Operating; J. Roegiers, University of Oklahoma
0920-0945 170651 icon:PO Effect of Natural Fractures on Eagle Ford Shale Mechanical Properties
D. Hu, Halliburton; L. Matzar, Halliburton Energy Services Group; V.N. Martysevich, Halliburton
0945-1010 170969 icon:RDD Advances in Understanding Wettability of Tight and Shale Gas Formations
H. Dehghanpour, University of Alberta; J. Wood, Encana
1040-1105 170839 icon:RDD Elastic Anisotropy Of Unconventional Shale At Reservoir Conditions - New, Faster Laboratory Characterization Technique
G. Jin, H.J. Gonzalez, G. Agrawal, Baker Hughes Inc; A.Z. Ali, M.R. Khodja, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
1105-1130 170752 icon:RDD Digital Rocks: Developing An Emerging Technology Through To A Proven Capability Deployed In The Business
J.T. Fredrich, D.L. Lakshtanov, N.M. Lane, E.B. Liu, C.S. Natarajan, D.M. Ni, J.J. Toms, BP
1130-1155 170792 icon:RDD Improved Assessment of Pore-Size Distribution and Pore Connectivity in Multiple-Porosity Systems using Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles and NMR Measurements
K. Cheng, L. Chi, Z. Heidari, Texas A&M University
Alternate 170943 icon:RDD Experimental and Analytical Core and Geomechanical Data Analysis of a Tight Oil Carbonate Formation
A. Islam, A.S. Ziarani, Trican Well Service Ltd.; A. Cui, Trican Well Services Ltd; S. Ehlers, B. Schneider, Coral Hill Energy Ltd.
Alternate 170892 icon:RDD Diagenetic Influence of Aqueous CO2 on Fracture Conductivity of Shaly Rocks
A.O. Olabode, M. Radonjic, Louisiana State University
Alternate 170915 icon:RDD Impact of Maturity on Kerogen Pore Wettability: A Modeling Study
Y. Hu, D. Devegowda, University of Oklahoma; R.F. Sigal, Consultant
Wednesday, 29 October



36 PVT

Session Chairpersons:

Birol Dindoruk, Shell International E&P Co.; John Ratulowski, Schlumberger

This session will present several novel fluid properties related research and development work. The presentations discuss interaction of phase behavior and flow and as well as modeling aspect in tight / nanoporous systems and quantification of diffusive mixing in viscous systems. The session also addresses interfacial tension in H2O-HC systems and micro-scale PVT measurements.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 170697 icon:RDD Simulation of Asphaltene Precipitation during Gas Injection Using PC-SAFT EOS
S. Mohebbinia, The University of Texas At Austin; K. Sepehrnoori, University of Texas At Austin; R.T. Johns, Pennsylvania State University; A. Kazemi Nia Korrani, The University of Texas at Austin
0855-0920 170626 icon:RDD A Parametric Study of Reservoir Cooling for Enhanced Recovery by CO2 Flooding
Z. Wang, A.M. Khanzode, R.T. Johns, Pennsylvania State University
0920-0945 170894 icon:RDD Experimental Study and Modeling of the Effect of Pore Size Distribution on Hydrocarbon Phase Behavior in Nanopores
L. Wang, E. Parsa, Y. Gao, K. Neeves, E. Ozkan, X. Yin, Colorado School of Mines
0945-1010 170931 icon:RDD Measurement of Gas Diffusivity in Heavy Oils/Bitumens using Pressure-Decay Test
R.R. Ratnakar, Shell Int Exp & Prod; B. Dindoruk, Shell International E&P Co.
1040-1105 170910 icon:RDD Microfluidic Platform for PVT Measurements
S. Molla, F. Mostowfi, Schlumberger
1105-1130 170957 icon:RDD Graphical Determination of the Henry's Constant and the Diffusion Coefficient of Gases in Heavy Oils Using Late-Time Pressure-Decay Data
F.J. Pacheco Roman, S. Hejazi, University of Calgary
1130-1155 170670 icon:RDD Vapor-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Interfacial Tension of Water and Hydrocarbon Systems at Representative Reservoir Conditions: Experimental and Modelling Results
L.M. Pereira, A. Chapoy, B. Tohidi, Heriot-Watt University