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Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE)

27–29 October 2014 RAI Centre Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Technical Programme

Wednesday, 29 October



37 Challenge Facing Universities in Providing the Oil Industry with the Right Professionals

Top leaders from today’s leading companies and universities will discuss the current issues on preparing the right professionals for the oil industry and what challenges the universities are facing to accomplish this goal.


Denny B. Bullard Denny B. Bullard
Pioneer Natural Resources
Larry Wayne Lake Larry Wayne Lake
University of Texas At Austin
Mohamed Y. Soliman Mohamed Y. Soliman
Texas Tech University
Wednesday, 29 October



38 Multiphase Flow Metering, Modeling, and Issues

Session Chairpersons:

Christopher Neil Jenkins, Devon Energy Production Co. LP; Randahl Dean Roadifer, ConocoPhillips

From the reservoir to the point of sale, understanding multiphase flow is critical to the upstream E&P business. This session focuses on multiphase flow from the sand face to the pipeline, with applications in liquid loading, artificial lift, separation and measurement, and flow assurance.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170828 icon:PO Accelerated Oil Droplet Separation from Produced Water Using Magnetic Nanoparticles
S. Ko, V. Prigiobbe, C. Huh, S.L. Bryant, University of Texas At Austin; M.V. Bennetzen, K. Mogensen, Maersk Oil Research & Technology Centre
1425-1450 170727 icon:PO CFD Simulation of ESP Performance and Bubble Size Estimation under Gassy Conditions
J. Zhu, H. Zhang, University of Tulsa
1450-1515 170683 icon:PO A Combined Bottom-hole Pressure Calculation Procedure Using Multiphase Correlations and Artificial Neural Network Models
X. Li, J. Miskimins, B. Hoffman, Colorado School of Mines
1545-1610 170583 icon:PO A Pragmatic Approach to Understanding Liquid Loading in Gas Wells
M.F. Riza, A.R. Hasan, Texas A&M University; C. Kabir, Hess Corp.
1610-1635 170671 icon:PO Multiphase Flow Pattern Recognition in Horizontal and Upward Gas-Liquid Flow Using Support Vector Machine Models
X. Li, J.L. Miskimins, Colorado School of Mines; R.P. Sutton, Consultant; B.T. Hoffman, Colorado School of Mines
1635-1700 170853 icon:PO Enhancements in Fraction Measurements and Flow Modeling for Multiphase Flowmeters
A. Lupeau, OneSubsea; G. Jolivet, D. Chazal, M. Fiore, C. Toussaint, B. Fournier, Schlumberger; F. Hollaender, Services Techniques Schlumberger
Alternate 170597 icon:PO Dynamic Water-Cut Limit For Subsea Multiphase Oil Production Wells
B. Mokdad, K. Katoozi, Centrica Energy Upstream; S. Zunez, O.C. Akuanyionwu, Schlumberger
Wednesday, 29 October



39 Well Production Enhancement: Chemical Solutions and New Technologies

Session Chairpersons:

Ketan K. Sheth, Baker Hughes Inc; Mathew M. Samuel, Weatherford International Inc.

This session summarizes the Chemical Solutions for Well production enhancement. Successful cases from the implementation of several new techniques document solutions for challenging issues such as sanding, clean-up and gas shutoff.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170594 icon:PO Advanced Sand Control Chemistry To Increase Maximum Sand Free Rate With Improved Placement Technique - A Case Study
D.L. Mason, BP Exploration; H. Shamma, R. van Petegem, M. Naguib, H. Mousa, BP; P. Bentham, BP Exploration; D. Aytkhozhina, BP; P. Singh, Weatherford International Inc.; W.N. Razali, Weatherford
1425-1450 170753 icon:PO Use of a Non-Invasive, Non-Damaging Blocking Agent for Improved Cleaning in Low Bottomhole Pressure Wells
O.V. Ananaba, L.L. Hain, J.A. White, ConocoPhillips Co; S.H. Craig, R.T. Koch, Baker Hughes
1450-1515 170789 icon:PO Deepwater Gas Zone Shutoffs by Wireline in Openhole Gravel Pack Completions
C.M. Zettner, H.D. Bensmiller, T.M. Lane, ExxonMobil Production Co.
1545-1610 170634 icon:PO A Full Field Downhole Foam Assisted Lift Application to Enhance Gas Recovery
R. Rachman, D. Poirault, S. Warsito, Total E&P Indonesia; S. Martin, R. Shook, Weatherford
1610-1635 170629 icon:PO Controlling Extreme Fluid Loss During Workover Operations in Dual-Porosity Reservoirs with Hydraulically Induced Fractures
E. Delgado, F. Crespo, Halliburton; R.D. Zabala Romero, Ecopetrol SA
1635-1700 170980 icon:PO Subsea Well Intervention: Recent Developments and Recommendations to Increase Overall Project Returns
M.E. Nelson, P.G. Mcleroy, Texas A&M University
Alternate 170984 icon:PO A New Mechanism of Formation Damage in Sandstone Matrix Acidizing Caused by Apatite; A Phosphate Cementing Material
A. Sakipour, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University
Alternate 170588 icon:DC The Ultimate Sucker-Rod String Design Procedure
G. Takacs, M. Gajda, University of Miskolc
Alternate 170635 icon:PO Challenging the Industry's Understanding of the Mechanical Friction Reduction for Coiled Tubing Operations
S. Livescu, S.H. Craig, T. Watkins, Baker Hughes
Wednesday, 29 October



40 Completions Case Histories

Session Chairpersons:

Bala R. Gadiyar, Schlumberger; Roy Lee Hathcock, Devon Energy Production Co. LP

In this Completions session, case histories from around the world will be presented related to perforating, well abandonment, Inflow Control Devices and casing failures

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170949 icon:DC Environmental Risk and Well Integrity of Plugged and Abandoned Wells
G.E. King, R.L. Valencia, Apache Corp.
1425-1450 170758 icon:DC Effective Practices in the Abandonment of Canada’s Deep Sour Gas Wells
A. Wilkie, D. Baldree, H. Pratt, Shell Canada Ltd.
1450-1515 170618 icon:DC Evaluating The Risk Of Casing Failure Due To High-Density Perforation: A 3D FEM Case Study From A Deep Water Reservoir, GoM
Y. Guo, M. Blanford, J. Candella, BP
1545-1610 170805 icon:DC Successful Campaign Using Coiled Tubing to Perforate Five HPHT Wells in the UK Central North Sea
M.J. Taggart, T. Phan, L. Murray, Baker Hughes Inc; M. Cassidy, NRG Resources Limited
1610-1635 170617 icon:PO Engineered Perforating Charges Designed for Stimulation
J.A. Leal Jauregui, F.A. Al Ghurairi, R. Zbitowsky, J.E. Duarte, A.H. Al Yaseen, Saudi Aramco; B. Derouen, J. Soriano, Halliburton
1635-1700 170606 icon:PO Retrofit Solids Control In Live Gas Wells
E. Biezen, Shell International E&P Co.; L. Hoekstra, S. Gesterkamp, NAM; S. von der Heide, Balance Point Control; R.W. Welling, Shell
Alternate 170749 icon:DC Developing an Integrated Sand Management Strategy for Kinabalu Field, Offshore Malaysia
C.A. Mcphee, C. Webster, G. Daniels, C. Reed, Senergy Ltd; F.M. Mulders, Senergy Intl. Sdn Bhd.; C. Howat, A. Britton, Talisman Malaysia Limited
Alternate 170900 icon:DC Multizone Horizontal Openhole Gravel Pack with External Zonal Isolation and Inflow Control Devices Allows Production of Left-Behind Reserves in Sand Prone Reservoirs
W.M. Charry, Hocol S.A.; J. Rubiano, Hocol; A. Beltran Lopez, Hocol S.A.; M.B. Velez, Hocol; A.G. Duarte, Hocol S.A.; H. Trujillo, W. Acosta, Hocol SA; X. Guerrero, J. Penaloza, D. Florez, R. Uribe, N. Lopez, Schlumberger
Wednesday, 29 October



41 Pressure Management and Well Control

Session Chairpersons:

Don M. Hannegan, Weatherford International Ltd.; Dennis Derrick Moore, Marathon Oil Co

As the industry faces increasingly challenging drilling environments, pressure management continues to gain importance as a way to enhance safety and environmental considerations, as well as drill prospects not possible otherwise. This session covers early-kick loss detection,and multiphase flow; a representative of the Office of Offshore Regulatory Programs, US DOI, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement will give a provide pertinent information on well control

Time Paper # Presentation
1425-1450 170887 icon:DC MPD Techniques Optimize HPHT Well Control
R.J. Elmore, G.H. Medley, R.C. Goodwin, Signa Engineering Corp.
1450-1510 170756 icon:DC Early Kick Detection Methods and Technologies
D. Fraser, R. Lindley, Argonne National Laboratory; D.D. Moore, Marathon Oil Co; M. Vander Staak, Hess Corp.
1545-1610 170684 icon:DC The MPD Well Control Matrix; What is Actually Happening
M. Mir Rajabi, Weatherford UK Ltd.; D.M. Hannegan, Weatherford International Ltd.; D.D. Moore, Marathon Oil Co
1610-1635 170962 icon:DC Multivariate Control for Managed Pressure Drilling Systems Using High Speed Telemetry
R. Asgharzadeh Shishavan, C. Hubbell, H. Perez, J. Hedengren, Brigham Young University; D.S. Pixton, NOV IntelliServ; A.P. Pink, National Oilwell Varco
1635-1700 170815 icon:DC Reliability Informed Drilling: Analysis for a Dual Gradient Drilling System
B. Das, University of Houston / Bureau Veritas North America; R. Samuel, Halliburton
Alternate 170650 icon:DC A Novel Way to Spot and Squeeze Lost Circulation Cement Plug Using Managed Pressure Drilling Technique in HP/HT Condition: Case History from Mediterranean Sea
D. Bhaisora, Halliburton Overseas Ltd.; S.A. Waheed, Halliburton Ltd.; M.A. Gawad, Halliburton Overseas Ltd; L. Hollman, Blade Energy Partners; M. Ben-Fayed, A. Mehdiyev, W. Geldof, BG Egypt
Alternate 170654 icon:DC Multiphase Flow Modeling of Surface Equipment in Managed Pressure Drilling Operations
K.M. Deshpande, P. Northam, P. Sabhapathy, R.A. Gandikota, L. Ring, Weatherford
Alternate 170990 icon:DC Numerical Model for Mapping Thief Zones in Directional Wells While Drilling
Y. Chen, M. Yu, M.E. Ozbayoglu, N.E. Takach, University of Tulsa
1400-1425 Invited Presenter - Analysis of Well Control Incidents 2007-2013
D. Morris, U.S. Dept. of the Interior
Wednesday, 29 October



42 Improved and Enhanced Oil Recovery: IOR / EOR

Session Chairpersons:

James O. Baldwin, Hess Corp.; John Ferguson Cochrane, Chevron Corporation

In the current economic environment, efforts to improve and enhance oil recovery are being considered or actively underway across the globe. Waterflooding, low salinity waterflooding, sour gas injection, CO2 injection, and steam injection are all among the ideas presented in this session.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170704 icon:RDD Heavy Oil Field Development Revitalized through Horizontal and Lateral Re-Entry Wells
A.S. Popa, S.D. Cassidy, Chevron Corporation
1425-1450 170795 icon:RDD Integrated Screening Criteria for Offshore Application of Enhanced Oil Recovery
P. Kang, J. Lim, Korea Maritime & Ocean University; C. Huh, University of Texas At Austin
1450-1515 170729 icon:RDD CO2 Foam Pilot in Salt Creek Field, Natrona County, WY: Phase II: Diagnostic Testing and Initial Results
S.O. Norris, J.M. Scherlin, Anadarko Petroleum Corp; J. Mukherjee, Dow Chemical Co.; P. Vanderwaal, S. Abbas, Dow Chemical Company; Q.P. Nguyen, University of Texas At Austin
1545-1610 170653 icon:RDD North Cross Devonian Unit - A Mature Continuous CO2 Flood Beyond 200% HCPV Injection
S.A. Aryana, University of Wyoming; C. Barclay, S. Liu, Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation
1610-1635 170725 icon:RDD Secondary Application of Low Salinity Waterflooding to the Forties Sandstone Reservoirs
S. Law, P.G. Sutcliffe, Senergy Ltd; S.A. Fellows, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
1635-1700 170605 icon:RDD A Sector Model for IOR or EOR Process Evaluation
S. Wang, Chevron Corporation; B. Yeskaiyr, Tengizchevroil; C. Walker, Chevron Corporation
Alternate 170587 icon:MI The Use of the Least Squares Probabilistic Collocation Method in Decision Making in the Presence of Uncertainty for Chemical EOR Processes
A.M. Alkhatib, Saudi Aramco; P.R. King, Imperial College
Alternate 170759 icon:PO Production Enhancement In Arctic Environment: The Multilateral Experience For Viscous Oil
S. Raniolo, Eni Div Exploration & Production; S. Mancini, Eni Div Exploration and Production; F. Brega, Eni Div Exploration & Production; M. Rovellini, Eni Div Exploration and Production; P.H. Gentil, M. Malpeli, Eni Petroleum Co. Inc.
Alternate 170647 icon:RDD Experimental Evaluation of Models for Calculating Shear Rates of Polymer Solution In Porous Media
W. Sun, Peking University; K. Li, Stanford University
Wednesday, 29 October



43 Taking Care of Our People and Our Community

Session Chairpersons:

Drue Ann Whittecar, National Oilwell Varco; Elie Daher, United Safety

This session presents the participant with issues, experiences and solutions - from dealing with an ageing workforce to social investment and community safety to wellsite practices and learning from our past.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170596 icon:HSE The Effect of Management Involvement on Vehicle Safety Improvement
C. Catten, inthinc; C. Johnson, Inthinc Inc
1450-1515 170933 icon:HSE Developing a Fatigue Risk Management System: Case Studies on Education and Mitigation Strategies
S.A. Acton, Environmental Resources Mgmt
1545-1610 170872 icon:HSE Social Investment Programs and Indigenous Communities: Filed Case Study
M. Kuniholm, Environmental Resources Management (ERM); D. Frye, Environmental Resources Management; I. Sanchez, ERM Southwest Inc.
1610-1635 170812 icon:HSE Ensuring The Safety Of Onsite Personnel And Neighboring Community During Workover And Well-testing Activities With A High H2s Risk Potential - A Case Study
E. Daher, United Safety; A. Ferrante, S.I.S srl; W. Hughes, OMV Petrom S.A.
1635-1700 170901 icon:HSE Staying the Course With Safely Delivering the Challenges and Opportunities Represented in Shell’s Subsea Tieback Portfolio in the Gulf of Mexico
G. Sharma, D. Moss, Shell International E&P
No Timeframe? 170869 icon:HSE Expedited Country Startup With A Large Scale Mobilization Of Co2 & H2s Equipment And Services For A Major Oil And Gas Company In Latin America
E. Daher, B. Shah, S. MacDonald, D. Almeida, United Safety
Wednesday, 29 October



44 Formation Fluid Identification and Distribution

Session Chairpersons:

Mayank Malik, Chevron Corporation; Edward C. Boratko, Schlumberger

This session presents a new fluid identification sensor, case studies on advanced integration of fluid properties for improved reservoir characterization and a new methodology for determination of multiphase flow properties using sampling data. Other highlights include advances in the understanding of gas adsorption in the Marcellus Shale and capillary condensation in unconventional reservoirs. Lastly, WFT pressure transient applications round out the program.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170730 icon:RDD Characterization of Asphaltene Transport over Geologic Time Aids in Explaining the Distribution of Heavy Oils and Solid Hydrocarbons in Reservoirs
O.C. Mullins, Schlumberger; K. Wang, Schlumberger Technology Corp.; Y. Chen, Schlumberger; D. Hernandez-Baez, Schlumberger Abingdon Technology Ctr,; A. Pomerantz, J.Y. Zuo, P.S. Hammond, Schlumberger; C. Dong, Shell International E&P (Rijswijk); H. Elshahawi, Shell; D.J. Seifert, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1425-1450 170891 icon:RDD Enhancement and Potential of New Fluid ID Sensor Technologies for Sampling Tools
A. Cartellieri, Baker Hughes Inc; J. Pragt, Baker Hughes Oilfield Opns
1450-1515 170794 icon:RDD Mapping and Modeling Large Viscosity and Asphaltene Variations in a Reservoir Undergoing Active Biodegradation
R.R. Jackson, Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd; J.Y. Zuo, A. Agarwal, Schlumberger; B.H. Herold, Cairn Energy India Pty. Ltd.; S. Kumar, Cairn India Ltd.; I. De Santo, Schlumberger Oilfield UK Plc; H. Dumont, C. Ayan, O.C. Mullins, Schlumberger
1545-1610 170648 icon:RDD A Novel Methodology for Estimation of Multiphase Flow Properties from Sampling Data of Wireline Formation Tester
K. Cig, Schlumberger Middle East SA.; C. Ayan, Schlumberger; M.R. Kristensen, Schlumberger Middle East SA.; E.J. Mackay, Heriot-Watt University; A. Elbekshi, ADCO
1610-1635 170801 icon:RDD Evaluation of Gas Adsorption in Marcellus Shale
W. Yu, K. Sepehrnoori, T.W. Patzek, University of Texas At Austin; R. Shor, The University of Texas At Austin
1635-1700 170837 icon:RDD The Condition of Capillary Condensation and Its Effects on Gas-In-Place of Unconventional Gas Condensate Reservoirs
B. Li, Baker Hughes Inc; A.G. Mezzatesta, H.F. Thern, B. Zhang, Baker Hughes Inc.; J. Wu, Baker Hughes Inc; H. Zhang, Baker Hughes Inc.
Alternate 170799 icon:RDD A New Approach for Efficiently Evaluating Highly Permeable Coalbed Methane Reservoirs in Surat Basin, Australia
R. Pelling, J. Thorburn, BG Group; H. Pourabed, B.C. Cheong, H. Wun Moh, J.H. Harfoushian, Schlumberger
Alternate 170907 icon:RDD Methodology of Well Productivity Prediction from Analyzing Formation Tester Probe Transient Pressure Data in A Multilayer Reservoir Using A New Spherical Drawdown Analysis Method
A.Z. Alali, J.J. Sheng, M.Y. Soliman, M.C. Watson, Texas Tech University; S.M. Ma, Saudi Aramco PE&D
Alternate 170889 icon:RDD Mini-DST to Characterize Formation Deliverability and Heterogeneity in Thin Hydrocarbon Reservoir Sequences
W. Chu, Pioneer Natural Resources; J. Steckhan, OMV E&P
Wednesday, 29 October



45 Nanoscale Phenomena

Session Chairperson:

Fady Ruben Chaban, ConocoPhillips

This session explores recent developments and challenges in modeling unconventional reservoirs and understanding flow mechanisms down to the nano scale.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 170959 icon:RDD How to Improve our Understanding of Gas and Oil Production Mechanisms in Liquid-rich Shale
M. Alfi, B. Yan, Y. Cao, Texas A&M University; Y. Wang, Statoil China; J.E. Killough, J. He, C. An, Texas A&M University
1425-1450 170659 icon:RDD Rigorous Modeling for Data Analysis towards Accurate Determination of Shale Gas-Permeability by Multiple-Repeated Pressure-Pulse Transmission Tests on Crushed Samples
F. Civan, D. Devegowda, University of Oklahoma
1450-1515 170948 icon:RDD Modeling Adsorption of Gases in Nanoscale Pores Using Grand Canonical Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques
M. Al Ismail, R.N. Horne, Stanford University
1545-1610 170976 icon:RDD Modeling Flow in Nanoporous, Membrane Reservoirs and Interpretation of Coupled Fluxes
F. Geren, Colorado School of Mines; T. Firincioglu, C. Karacaer, NITEC, LLC; E. Ozkan, Colorado School of Mines; C. Ozgen, NITEC, LLC
1610-1635 170830 icon:RDD Permeability of Organic-rich Shale
A. Wasaki, Texas A&M; I. Akkutlu, Texas A&M Petroleum Engineering Dept
1635-1700 170800 icon:RDD Surfactant-Based Fluids Containing Copper-Oxide Nanoparticles for Heavy Oil Viscosity Reduction
A. Srinivasan, S.N. Shah, University of Oklahoma
Alternate 170971 icon:RDD A Trilinear Flow Model for a Fractured Horizontal Well in a Fractal Unconventional Reservoir
O. Ozcan, Colorado School of Mines; H. Sarak, Istanbul Technical University; E. Ozkan, Colorado School of Mines; R.S. Raghavan, ConocoPhillips Co
Alternate 170983 icon:RDD Understanding Mechanisms for Liquid Dropout from Horizontal Shale Gas Condensate Wells
R.M. Altman, L. Fan, S. Sinha, Schlumberger; M. Stukan, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia; A. Viswanathan, Schlumberger Technology Corp.