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Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE)

27–29 October 2014 RAI Centre Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Technical Section Events

Sunday, 26 October 1300–1700

Special Event: Drilling Systems Automation Symposium

Automation: Perspectives

Pietro Baglioni, ExoMars Rover Manager at ESA and Andrew Bowyer of Magna Parva will give their perspectives on automation issues and the role automation will play in investigating the Martian environment in the upcoming 2018 ExoMars mission, including ultrasonic drilling technology. After an open discussion, a panel of four speakers will give their perspectives on drilling systems automation within the oilfield: where it is now, where it is going, barriers and opportunities.

Guest Speakers:

  • Pietro Baglioni, ESA
  • Andrew Bowyer, Magna Parva


  • Gregers Kudsk, VP Technical, Maersk Drilling
  • Paul Pastusek, Drilling Mechanics Advisor, ExxonMobil
  • Joop Roodenberg, CEO, Huisman
  • Ingolf Wassermann, Manager Drilling Automation Program, Baker Hughes


Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section Reception

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1900 - 2200

Digital Energy Technical Section (DETS) Dinner (Ticketed Event)

The digital oilfield, a visionary concept a decade ago, is becoming a reality as our day-to-day operations are being transformed and new processes being enabled through widespread adoption of information technology.  During this past decade we have also witnessed an accelerated rate of change in IT. To wit, the explosive growth in our capacity to generate and analyze data, in cyber security challenges, in the adoption of mobile and social computing, in the maturity of cloud computing and services.  Information growth is further complicated by complex interactions resulting from development of difficult resources and increasing regulatory requirements. The Oil and Gas industry is one of the most sophisticated generators and users of data in the world.

Attend this dinner to hear about the Digital Energy Technical Section's activities and how thought leaders see the future of the oil and gas industry. Hear a keynote from an industry leader on the progress of adoption of Digital Energy.  Join other DETS members and top professionals to network, share technical information and exchange ideas through informal discussions.

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Research and Development Technical Section Dinner

Attend this event which will feature a presentation from two key speakers about technology development and the need for more radical innovation to meet the future challenges in the oil and gas industry. 

Moderator: Mariano Gurfinkel, Hess Corporation, Chair, SPE R&D Technical Section 


  • Gerald Schotman, Royal Dutch Shell 
  • Greg Herrera, EnergyVentures 
  • Eric Gebhardt, GE Oil and Gas   

Monday, 27 October 1400–1700

Special Session: Separations Technology Technical Section

Unlocking Hidden Production Potential in Existing Facilities and Mature Fields

Keeping with the theme of affordable energy, this session will explore options for optimizing separation facilities to handle the increase in water production and the drop in wellhead pressure by assessing methods that are more suitable for the change in production profiles.   The main goals of minimizing cost and maximizing recovery are to utilize existing facilities while applying suitable, cost effective upgrades.

The optimization of separation facilities requires solutions that can take different forms, including:  vessel-based retrofits with alternative internals, compact cyclonic separation equipment with minimum footprint requirements, control and operational modifications and tailored chemical management programs.

Often debottlenecking opportunities exist in brownfield facilities to maintain or increase production capacity.  In mature fields, where pressure declines and water production increases over time, methods can be applied to adapt the separation equipment to effectively handle the changing conditions and enable the operator to maintain or increase production while utilizing existing facilities.

1830 - 2030

Petroleum Data-Driven Analytics Section Reception

Big Data:  Myth or Reality?

Ronald Cramer from Shell Projects and Technology, and Nicholas Clarke from Tessella, will offer interesting and provocative presentations on Big Data in the Oil and Gas field. Attend this Reception to hear how far the PD2A Technical Section has come since its launch at ATCE 2012!  Join top professionals and your fellow peers to network, share technical information and exchange ideas and information on this exciting new field.  


  • Shawn Shirzadi, Data Analytics Program Manager at BP – Chair of PD2A Technical Section


  • Ronald Cramer, Principal Optimization Engineer, Shell Projects and Technology
  • Nicholas Clarke, Head of Analytics, Tessella

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Tuesday, 28 October 1215–1345

Topical Luncheon: Wellbore Positioning Technical Section

Why did Your Reservoir Just Move?

Geophysicists and geologists deal with uncertainty on a daily basis, but expect their down hole well surveys to be absolutely precise. Reality is that poor survey practices and bad assumptions can introduce depth and other errors that severely affect reservoir position and estimates, potentially impacting company stock valuations. Industry experts will present on the scale of the problem, along with practical means to improve understanding of your reservoir.  The session will conclude with a panel discussion of audience questions.


  • Robert Wylie, Product Line Director, NOV


  • Professor Angus Jamieson, University of Highlands and Islands.
  • A.M. (Ton) Loermans, Retired

Tuesday, 28 October 1215–1345

Topical Luncheon: Research and Development Technical Section

The SPE Research and Development Technical Section (RDTS) will host a special topical luncheon to facilitate focused dialogue on Emerging Technologies in Exploration and Production.

In a series of informative and thought provoking presentations, a panel of industry experts will discuss trends for cost reduction and improving return on investment through emerging drilling and production technologies and new exploration techniques for oil and gas resources.  A panel question and answer session will follow the presentations.

SPE Research and Development Technical Section Overview and Activities

  • Mariano Gurfinkel, Research and Development Technical Section Chair

Topical Luncheon Panel Session – Presentations and Discussions

  • Moderator: Tom Tilton


  • Jan Grimnes, Foster Finlay Associates 
  • Bill Kline, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company 
  • Ben van den Brule, Shell Technology  

Wednesday, 29 October 0830–1155

Special Session: Flow Assurance Technical Section

Flow Assurance and Multiphase Flow

Flow assurance has been an important discipline over the last thirty years as the oil and gas asset developments moved towards ever increasing water depths.  Deeper colder waters and high pressures posed a multitude of challenges in all of the flow assurance issues.  These challenges require the understanding of the complex multiphase flows. 

In this session, the flow assurance subjects like effects of multiphase flow and hydrates, paraffin deposition, etc. will be discussed by the expert panelists.  A brief presentation will be provided by each panelist describing the state of the art, current challenges, and their vision followed by a question and answer session.


  • Chris Lawrence, Schlumberger
  • Gert van Spronsen,  Shell
  • Tom Danielson, Conoco Phillips
  • Bahman Tohidi, Heriot Watt
  • Thierry Palermo, Total
  • Emile LePorcher, ENI Norge