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Technical Program

Monday, 28 September


Room 330

01 Innovative Technologies and Unconventional / Difficult Reservoirs

Session Chairpersons:

German D. Garcia, Schlumberger Wireline; Maxim Kotenev, SASOL Petroleum Intl.

Unconventional and Difficult Reservoirs (generally non-clastics) continue to be important in today's challenging industrial context. This session features papers analyzing geophysical, geological as well as engineering data from these complex reservoirs that are continuously unraveling.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 175040 icon:RDD Water Content Effects on Dynamic Elastic Properties of Organic-rich Shale
B. Lai, Aramco Service Company; H. Li, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; J. Zhang, D. Jacobi, D.T. Georgi, Aramco Service Company
1425-1450 174923 icon:RDD Differentiating Open Natural Fractures From Healed Fractures Using The New, High-Definition Oil Based Mud Microelectrical Imager - Case Studies From Organic Rich Shales
B. Li, Schlumberger; Y. Chen, Schlumberger Doll Research; K. Gawankar, Southwestern Energy; C. Miller, W. Xu, R.J. Laronga, Schlumberger; D. Omeragic, Schlumberger Doll Research
1450-1515 175055 icon:RDD Predicting Middle Bakken Well Performance with Shale Capacity
C. Newgord, M. Mediani, A. Ouenes, P. O'Conor, SIGMA³
1545-1610 175067 icon:RDD Fractured Volcanic Reservoir Characterization: A Case Study in the Deep Songliao Basin
D. Sun, F. Zhang, J. Gao, X. Xi, J. Lin, BGP China Natl. Petr. Corp.
1610-1635 175153 icon:RDD Modeling Point Bars Using a Grid Transformation Scheme
H. Li, University of Texas at Austin; S. Srinivasan, The University of Texas At Austin
1635-1700 175094 icon:RDD Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Distribution of Carbonate Reef-Flat Complexes in Genetic Units of Different Phases of the Ordovician Carbonates in Tarim Basin, Western China
Y. Zhu, Research Inst Petr Expl & Dev; W. Zhao, B. Song, Research Inst Petr Expl & Dev,PetroChina; X. Deng, Tarim Oilfield Company, PetroChina; C. Wei, Research Inst Petr Expl & Dev,PetroChina; H. Yang, PetroChina; Y. Gao, Research Inst Petr Expl & Dev,PetroChina; Z. Cai, PetroChina
Alternate 175092 icon:RDD Discrete Fracture-Vug Network Modeling in Naturally Fractured Vuggy Reservoirs Using Multiple-Point Geostatistics: A Micro-Scale Case
M.M. Fadlelmula F., M.L. Fraim, Texas A&M University At Qatar; J. He, J.E. Killough, Texas A&M University
Monday, 28 September


Room 340

02 Downhole Production Management

Session Chairpersons:

Brian C. Llewellyn, Hess Corp.; Cosmas Chigozie Ezeuko, University of Calgary

The principal node for optimized production of oil and gas fields is the sandface where reservoir fluid first flows into the production system. Effective production management of oil and gas fields therefore requires continuous improvements to accurately understand and control multiphase fluid inflow at the sandface in a manner adaptable to changing downhole flowing conditions. This session presents excellent discussions of practical case studies and sound theoretical developments in these subjects; intelligent inflow controls, near-wellbore production enhancements including chemical treatments, sand control, production logging, and downhole management of water influx. Discussions cover operations in both conventional and fractured reservoirs.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 174942 icon:RDD Geomechanical Analysis to Evaluate Production-Induced Fault Reactivation at Groningen Gas Field
P.F. Sanz, S.P. Lele, K.H. Searles, S. Hsu, J.L. Garzon, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.; J.A. Burdette, ExxonMobil Development Co.; W.E. Kline, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.; B.A. Dale, Exxon Mobil Production Co.; P.D. Hector, ExxonMobil International Ltd.
1425-1450 174808 icon:PO Flow-Loop Testing of Subsea Produced Water Quality Monitoring Sensor Prototypes
X. Yin, P. Moore, K. Gul, J. Lachance, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.
1450-1515 174966 icon:PO Scale Squeeze Fractured Reservoirs in the Bakken, North Dakota
S.E. Cook, H. Lu, J.L. Cutler, C. Haugen, Baker Hughes Inc; L.M. Cenegy, C.A. McAfee, Hess Corp.
1545-1610 174788 icon:PO Novel Laboratory and Field Approaches to Control Halite and other Problematic Scales in High Salinity Brine from the Bakken
H. Lu, J. Penkala, J. Brooks, Baker Hughes; C. Haugen, C. Harbaugh, C.A. McAfee, L.J. Kalfayan, Hess Corp.
1610-1635 174831 icon:RDD Maximizing Well Deliverability in the Eagle Ford Shale Through Flowback Operations
T. Deen, J.A. Daal, J. Tucker, Devon Energy Corporation
1635-1700 174727 icon:PO Enhancing Production Performance of Horizontal Wells in Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs Using Inflow Control Devices (ICDs)
E. Alalyan, S.M. Al-Mutairi, O.O. Ukaegbu, Saudi Aramco PE&D; O.A. Ogunsanwo, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia
Alternate 174739 icon:PO Screen Erosion Guidelines for Sand Control Completion and Sand Production Management: Case Study West Delta Deep Marine (WDDM) Offshore Egypt
H.S. Mahmoud, A.M. Ali, A.A. Abdel Sayed, Rashid Petroleum Company; E. Zalam, BG
Alternate 174835 icon:PO Integrated Production Logging Approach for Successful Leak Detection between Two Formations: A Case Study
A.A. Al-Mulhim, I. Al-Thwaiqib, A. Bogari, Saudi Aramco; M.A. Bawazir, M. Abdein, Schlumberger
Alternate 174882 icon:PO Furthering the Capabilities of Coiled Tubing Production Logging in Horizontal and Highly Deviated Wells: The Advent of Reservoir Saturation Logging in Southern Mexico
O. Jimenez Bueno, A.F. Mejia Nava, H. Hernandez Leyva, C.A. Mendoza Ortega, PEMEX; P. Ramondenc, S. Hassig Fonseca, R.A. Galo Fernandes, F.L. Rodriguez, Schlumberger
Monday, 28 September


Room 342A-D

03 Well Production Enhancement: Chemical Solutions and New Technologies

Session Chairpersons:

Syed Afaq Ali, Schlumberger; Mathew M. Samuel, Lubrizol

This session summarizes chemical solutions and new technologies for well production enhancement. Successful implementation of several new techniques for challenging issues in stimulation, liquid unloading, and waterflooding are presented.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 174720 icon:PO Dynamic Simulation to Predict Self-Restart Potential of Acid Stimulated Wells by Bullhead Treatment in Deepwater Environment
O. Ugoala, BG Group; K.K. Thakur, Schlumberger; B. Siddiqi, Intecsea; Z. Cristea, Schlumberger; K.H. Gad, P. Robson, J.D. Pacho Carrillo, A. Hosny, BG Group
1415-1450 174802 icon:RDD Coupling Nanoparticles with Waterflooding to Increase Water Sweep Efficiency for High Fines-Containing Reservoirs: Lab and Reservoir Simulation Results
T. Huang, J. Han, G. Agrawal, Baker Hughes Inc; P.A. Sookprasong, Baker Hughes
1450-1515 174832 icon:PO Estimation of Fracture Volume Between Well Pairs Using Deuterium Tracer
Y. Leong, J.E. Iongh de, Maersk Oil; S. Bahring, A. Tuxen, T.B. Nielsen, Danish Technological Institute
1545-1610 174840 icon:RDD Integrated Injection Modeling
B. Izgec, Hess Corp.
1610-1635 174837 icon:DC Sand Control Screen Erosion: Prediction and Avoidance
A.D. Procyk, X. Gou, S.K. Marti, R.C. Burton, ConocoPhillips Co; M. Knefel, GKD - Gebr. Kufferath AG; D. Dreschers, GKD; A. Wiegmann, L. Cheng, E. Glatt, Math2Market GmbH
1635-1700 174940 icon:PO The Use of a pH-Triggered Polymer Gelant to Seal Cement Fractures in Wells
J.F. Ho, J.W. Patterson, S. Tavassoli, M. Shafiei, M.T. Balhoff, C. Huh, P.M. Bommer, The University of Texas At Austin; S.L. Bryant, University of Calgary
Alternate 174852 icon:PO Liquid Loading of Highly Deviated Gas Wells from 60° to 88°
Y. Alsaadi, E. Pereyra, C. Torres, C. Sarica, University of Tulsa
Alternate 174726 icon:PO Mechanistic Prediction of Oil-Water, Two-Phase Flow in Horizontal or Near-Horizontal Pipes for a Wide Range of Oil Viscosities
L. Li, F. Popa, B. Houchens, Halliburton
Alternate 174904 icon:PO New Electronics Ensure Increased Operational Efficiency in Highly Deviated, High Temperature Gas Well
H. Sagr, K. Al-Sadoon, Welltec
Alternate 178418 icon:DC Nature Friendly Application of Ionic Liquids for Dissolution Enhancement of Heavy Crude Oil
S. Sakthivel, S. Velusamy, R. Gardas, J. Sangwai, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Monday, 28 September


Room 342B-F

04 New Completion Technology

Session Chairpersons:

Hubertus Victor Thomeer, Delft Red; Mark Christopher Glaser, Halliburton

This session presents a variety of completion techniques and material technologies. Topics include technological advancements in completion design in multilateral, extended reach and HPHT applications.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 174782 icon:RDD Fracture Gradient Prediction Using the Viscous Relaxation Model and Its Relation to Out-of-Zone Microseismicity
Y. Yang, Stanford University (Now at Shell E&P Company); H. Sone, GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences (Now at University of Wisconsin-Madison ); M. Zoback, Stanford University
1425-1450 174825 icon:DC Water-Swellable Elastomers for Heavy Brine Environments
X. Wang, A.K. Sadana, V. Mathur, Baker Hughes Inc
1450-1515 174922 icon:DC High-Performance Plug-and-Perf Completions in Unconventional Wells
L. Mcnelis, DYNAenergetics GmbH & Co. KG; W. Salt, DynaEnergetics US, Inc.; T.S. Scharf, DYNAenergetics GmbH & Co. KG
1545-1610 174789 icon:PO Secret Weapon Against the Red Queen: Using Chemical Packers and Degradable Mechanical Diverters in Refracturing Operations
F.E. Fragachan, Weatherford Houston; A. Babey, D. Arnold, E.M. Heminway, F. Yuan, Weatherford
1610-1635 174806 icon:DC Innovative New Frac Manifold Trailer Offers Step Change in Slickwater Pumping
R.W. Gusek, Liberty Oilfield Services; F. Ghasripoor, Energy Recovery
1635-1700 25195 icon:DC Integration Into the Sandface Tool System for Gravel and Frack-Pack Installations with a Fiber Optics Wet-Mate Connector System
B.K. Drakeley, Weatherford International Ltd.; T.F. Grigsby, Halliburton Co.; F. Morrison, Weatherford International; S. Martinez, Halliburton Co.; E. Perez, Halliburton
Alternate 174814 icon:DC Using Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Materials For Designing New Completions and Re-Fracturing Acidizing Applications in which Diversion and Zonal Isolation Enhance Efficiency
A.G. Babey, Weatherford; P. Schmeltz, EP Energy E&P LP; F.E. Fragachan, Weatherford Houston
Monday, 28 September


Assembly Room A

05 MPD and Well Control

Session Chairpersons:

Don M. Hannegan, Weatherford International Ltd.; Deepak M Manilal Gala, Shell E&P Laboratories

When confronted with a complex onshore or offshore prospect to drill, ‘well control’ and ‘control of the well’ tend to be synonymous terms. This technical session speaks to recent developments in MPD for enhancement of the primary well control barrier, well control risk assessment techniques, modeling for automated well control applications, blowout prevention and relief well planning.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 174890 icon:DC Blowout Prevention and Relief Well Planning for the Wheatstone Big-Bore Gas Well Project
E.R. Upchurch, S.L. Falkner, A.R. House, C. Nguyen, K. Russell, Chevron Australia
1425-1450 174995 icon:DC Operational Risk: Stepping Beyond Bow-Ties
D. Fraser, J. Braun, M. Cunningham, Argonne National Laboratory; B. Marple, Chevron; D.D. Moore, Marathon Oil Co; A. Sas-Jaworsky, SAS Industries Inc.; J. Wilson, Transocean
1450-1515 174881 icon:DC Successful Testing of Single Gradient Subsea MudLift Drilling Technology in Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
S. Rahman, Chevron North America E&P; C. Holt, Chevron; J.D. Dowell, Chevron Corporation; J. Morales, S. Davis, Chevron
1545-1610 174805 icon:DC Predicting and Optimizating ROP in Competent Shale by Utilizing MPD Technology
E. Mammadov, N. Osayande, J.M. Breuer, W.L. Al-Hashmy, Weatherford Canada Partnership
1610-1635 174830 icon:DC Making the Impossible Possible with MPD Application on 0.4 ppg Mud Weight Window - A Case History Successful Automated Managed Pressure Drilling, Managed Pressure Run 11-3/4” Liner & 9-5/8”Liner (tieback liner), and Managed Pressure Cementing in a Semisubmersible Offshore Sarawak Malaysia.
J.R. Tang, MI-SWACO a Schlumberge Company; A.E. Prasetia, J.F. Gallo Zapata, F. Rojas, I. Rubianto, Schlumberger WTA Malaysia Sdn Bhd
1635-1700 174836 icon:DC Successful Case History of Drilling Through Major Loss Zone Using MPD/PMCD Techniques on a Santos Basin Well
R.A. Tomita, E. Schnitzler, J.F. Destri, P.H. Da Silva, N.R. Brasiliense, A.A. Fernandes, D.S. Gozzi, Petrobras; T. Pinheiro Da Silva, A. Kozlov, Blade Energy Partners
Alternate 174728 icon:DC Probabilistic Bullheading Analysis is a Unique Risk Assessment Tool for Drilling and Completion Equipment Selection for Critical HP/HT Wells
A. Haghshenas, A.J. Cuthbert, Halliburton
Alternate 174756 icon:DC Drilling Through Layers of Unstable Shale Formations and Depleted Sand Sequences, the Managed Pressure Drilling / Wellbore Strengthening Approach to Successfully Drill Offshore Development Wells. A Case History
I. Henry, BP Exploration & Production; J. Hernandez, A. Ngan, M.A. Arnone, S.M. Boutalbi, Weatherford International Ltd.; C. Lagrandeur, Weatherford
Alternate 174969 icon:DC Ensemble Model Predictive Control for Robust Automated Managed Pressure Drilling
A. Eaton, L.D. Beal, S.D. Thorpe, E. Janis, C.B. Hubbell, J. Hedengren, Brigham Young University; R. Nybo, M. Aghito, K. Bjorkevoll, SINTEF Petroleum Research; R. El Boubsi, J. Braaksma, G. Van Og, Huisman Equipment B.V.
Monday, 28 September


Assembly Room B

06 Fracturing Fluids, Proppants, Transport and Placement

Session Chairpersons:

Harold Dean Brannon, Baker Hughes - SSI; Ali Daneshy, Daneshy Consultants Intl.

The topics of this session include advancements in fracturing fluids and proppants, and studies to improve the understanding of proppant transport and placement in the unconventional reservoir environment.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 174988 icon:PO Next-Generation Boron-Crosslinked Fracturing Fluids: Breaking the Lower Limits on Polymer Loadings
J. Holtsclaw, G.R. Montenegro-Galindo, P. Chopade, Halliburton
1425-1450 174801 icon:PO Case Study of Soft Particle Fluid to Improve Proppant Transport and Placement
H. Sun, Baker Hughes; M. Zhou, BASF; H.D. Brannon, D.V. Gupta, Baker Hughes; M. Ault, Baker Hughes Inc; P. Carman, R.S. Wheeler, Baker Hughes
1450-1515 174828 icon:PO Slickwater Proppant Transport in Complex Fractures: New Experimental Findings & Scalable Correlations
M.A. Al-otaibi, Colorado School of Mines; J.L. Miskimins, Barree & Assocs. LLC
1545-1610 174973 icon:RDD A Comprehensive Study of Proppant Transport in a Hydraulic Fracture
C.A. Blyton, D.P. Gala, M.M. Sharma, The University of Texas At Austin
1610-1635 174867 icon:DC Self-Suspending Proppant Transport Technology Increases Stimulated Reservoir Volume and Reduces Proppant Pack and Formation Damage
B. Goldstein, A. VanZeeland, Fairmount Santrol
1635-1700 174982 icon:PO Overcoming A Cementing Failure: Sequenced Fracturing Technique For Remedial Application
M. Rainbolt, Apache Corporation; S. Zakharchenko, Schlumberger Oilfield Services; W. Zheng, Schlumberger IPM-WCI; D. Oussoltsev, A. Dunaeva, B.D. Clark, Schlumberger
Alternate 174783 icon:PO Using Swelling Materials to Control Fracture Complexity: Experimental Study
A.M. Gomaa, Baker Hughes Ltd; Q. Qu, SOLVAY; S.G. Nelson, Baker Hughes Inc; H. Sun, V.C. Go Boncan, Baker Hughes
Alternate 174790 icon:PO Insights of Wormhole Propagation during Carbonate Acidizing: Constant Pressure vs. Constant Rate
A.M. Gomaa, Baker Hughes Ltd; A. Nino-Penaloza, Baker Hughes RRTC; J.L. Cutler, S.A. Chaudhary, Baker Hughes
Alternate 177281 icon:PO A Numerical Analysis of the Features of the Stress Disturbance during Pulsating Hydraulic Fracturing in Coal Seams
L. Peiqing, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; G. Li, Z. Huang, University of Petroleum China, Beijing; X. Li, S. Tian, X. Song, M. Sheng, China University of Petroleum, Beijing
Monday, 28 September


Room 332A-D

07 Field Development and Risk Management

Session Chairpersons:

Majed Ayed Al-Suwailem, Saudi Arabian Chevron Inc; Rajendra Kumar, Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd.

In today’s dynamic political, economical, and technical environment, oil and gas companies are challenged to optimize field development plans and make solid decisions based on limited data and data interpretation. Failing to identify and assess uncertainty may be very detrimental to project execution especially for highly intensive capital projects. To overcome these challenges and to have more informed decisions, a detailed assessment of uncertainties and risk management plans are to be developed. The industry has many tools and processes to manage risks yet many upstream projects struggle to meet their desired results. The session will discuss the risk management tools and plans and share lessons learned to mitigate risk from key field development projects.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 174889 icon:PFC Offshore Project Risk Management Model (OPRMM) As a Tool for Efficient Field Development
A. Talipova, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
1425-1450 174925 icon:MI Strategic Insights From Faltering Exploration Results
J.P. Wilson, D.G. Highton, A. Wilson, A. Latham, S. Miles, A. Utz, S. Toulmin, Wood Mackenzie
1450-1515 174845 icon:MI Optimizing Unconventional Asset Development and Reserves Confidence With Portfolio Tradeoff Analysis
K. Kostuik, Y. Mu, Charlotte Software Systems; R.M. Parma, Continental Resources; J. Wearly, Chaparral Energy LLC; K.T. Rooney, Aclaro Softworks, Inc.
1545-1610 174932 icon:MI Uncertainty and Risk Management Plans are Critical for Team Alignment and Better Decision Quality
R.S. Sawiris, Chevron Corporation; C.S. Howes, Chevron Global Upstream; J.A. Rodriguez, Chevron; W.L. Foley, Chevron ETC
1610-1635 174914 icon:RDD Performance Evaluation of Automatically Generated Statistical Type Curves
H.A. Kuzma, J.D. Conradson, BetaZi LLC
1635-1700 174984 icon:RDD Practical Considerations for Production Forecasting in Unconventional Reservoir Systems -- Processing of Large Group of Wells Using Production Diagnostics and Model-Based Analysis
P. Collins, D. Ilk, DeGolyer and MacNaughton
Alternate 174868 icon:MI A Real Options Approach to the Gas Blowdown Decision
P. Thomas, R.B. Bratvold, University of Stavanger
Monday, 28 September


Room 332B-F

08 Reservoir Engineering Case Studies

Session Chairpersons:

Margaretha Catharina M Rijken, Chevron Corporation; Aysegul Dastan, Chevron Corporation

This session addresses the application of recent advances in integrated reservoir modeling to real field cases. A number of studies on history matching, numerical well testing and compositional modeling have been benchmarked against data from assets around the world.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 175088 icon:RDD DST Matching and Interpretation through Numerical Well Testing on the Johan Sverdrup Field
B.E. Ludvigsen, H. Le, Maersk Oil & Gas A/S
1425-1450 175004 icon:RDD The Reservoir Technical Limits Approach Applied to Maximising Recovery From Volumetric and Aquifer-drive Gas Fields
A. Alane, P.J. Lumsden, P.C. Smalley, R.J. Hallam, P.A. Salino, S.J. Wells, T. Primmer, BP
1450-1515 175039 icon:RDD Enhanced Reparameterization and Data-Integration Algorithms for Robust and Efficient History Matching of Geologically Complex Reservoirs
G. Gao, J.C. Vink, Shell Global Solutions US Inc.; C. Chen, Shell International Exploration and Production; F.O. Alpak, Shell International E&P Co.; K. Du, Shell
1545-1610 175081 icon:RDD A New Material Balance Equation for the Analysis of Liquid Rich Natural Gas Reservoirs
M. Zhang, L.F. Ayala, Pennsylvania State University
1610-1635 175085 icon:RDD Modeling of Compositional Variation with Depth for Five North Sea Reservoirs
K. Schou Pedersen, Calsep A/S; H.P. Hjermstad, Dewpoint A/S
1635-1700 175124 icon:RDD Modeling Fishbones Using the Embedded Discrete Fracture Model Formulation: Sensitivity Analysis and History Matching
J.D. Cavalcante Filho, Y. Xu, K. Sepehrnoori, The University of Texas At Austin; H. Hogstol, Statoil ASA
Alternate 175106 icon:RDD Robust Optimization of Well Placement in Geologically Complex Reservoirs
F.O. Alpak, Shell International E&P Co.; L. Jin, Shell; B. Ramirez, Shell Intl E&P, Inc.
Alternate 175122 icon:RDD An Efficient and Practical Workflow for Probabilistic Forecasting of Brown Fields Constrained by Historical Data
C. Yang, L.X. Nghiem, J.C. Erdle, A. Moinfar, E. Fedutenko, H. Li, A. Mirzabozorg, C.C. Card, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
Monday, 28 September


Assembly Room C

09 EOR for Conventional Reservoirs

Session Chairpersons:

Stephen Arthur Marinello, Flowtek; Seung Ihl Kam, Louisiana State University

This session covers fundamental studies and field applications of various EOR techniques, as applied in conventional reservoirs. Topics include wettability alteration, chemical and gas flooding, and mobility-control using foam injection/diversion.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 175015 icon:RDD Dimensionality-Dependent Foam Rheological Properties: How to Go from Linear to Radial Geometry for Foam Modeling and Simulation?
W. Lee, S. Lee, S.I. Kam, Louisiana State University
1425-1450 175159 icon:RDD A Thorough Investigation of Mechanisms of Enhanced Oil Recovery by Carbonated Water Injection
M. Sohrabi, A. Emadi, S. Farzaneh, S. Ireland, Heriot-Watt University
1450-1515 175130 icon:RDD Chemical EOR for Offshore Platforms using a Novel Chemical Gradient Design
E. Trine, P.T. Suniga, R. Fortenberry, Ultimate EOR Services
1545-1610 175027 icon:RDD Foams with Wettability-Altering Capabilities for Oil-Wet Carbonates: A Synergistic Approach
R. Singh, K.K. Mohanty, The University of Texas At Austin
1610-1635 175057 icon:RDD Fly Ash Nanoparticle-Stabilized CO2-in-Water Foams for Gas Mobility Control Applications
R. Singh, A. Gupta, K.K. Mohanty, C. Huh, The University of Texas At Austin; D. Lee, H. Cho, Seoul National University
1635-1700 175065 icon:PO Multi-scale Evaluation of Nanoparticle-Stabilized CO2-in-Water Foams: From the Benchtop to the Field
A.J. Worthen, A. Taghavy, A. Aroonsri, I. Kim, K.P. Johnston, C. Huh, University of Texas At Austin; S.L. Bryant, The University of Calgary; D.A. DiCarlo, The University of Texas At Austin