Submit a Paper for Peer Review

We offer seven different peer-reviewed journals to provide current research on technical developments. When ready to publish, you can submit your paper online with our manuscript manager application.

How does the peer review process work?

Visit these instructions for what to expect when submitting your paper for peer review:

If you are planning to present your paper at an SPE conference, you will have the option to submit your paper for peer review at the end of the conference submission process. If you have already submitted your paper to the conference or you’d like to wait until after you’ve presented it, you can choose to submit your paper after the conference as well. Conference papers may be submitted as-is—there is no need to modify the format of your meeting submission. Additionally, your transfer of copyright forms should already be on file, so you won’t need to resubmit them to the peer-review system.

Not presenting your paper at a conference? No problem! Just format your paper using our Formatting Guidelines, have each author sign a Temporary Transfer of Copyright form and then follow the directions for How To Submit a Paper for Peer Review.

Submit to Our Journals

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