Permissions for Reuse

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Copyright allows us to perform a valuable service for our industry. SPE copyright save you from needing to locate the authors to request permission; SPE can provide permission. To defray our costs, fees apply to certain types of use, especially those that are commercial in nature. SPE uses Copyright Clearance Center’s RightsLink licensing solution for reuse permissions. This allows you to immediately determine the fees and to complete the transaction online. You can access RightsLink by locating the paper in OnePetro and following the link “Rights & Permission”.

Below is a summary of the most important areas regarding permissions. For full information, download the topics to the right.

Conference Authors

If you presented a paper at an SPE conference, you may request a one-time return of rights to publish your paper in a non-SPE magazine or journal.

  • Requesting return of rights means that you are forfeiting the right to have your paper reviewed and considered for publication in an SPE journal. If your paper has been submitted for peer review, it will be withdrawn. Note: Requests for return of one-time journal publication rights will not be granted for papers submitted to SPE for peer review unless the paper is declined for publication or it is at least 6 months after the submission date.

To request this permission, locate the paper in OnePetro and follow the “Rights & Permission” link. No fees apply.

Distributing Printed Copies

Authors or their employer may distribute up to 50 printed copies of their SPE paper for educational or professional activities without notification to SPE. This permission can be used multiple times (such as to distribute copies from an employer’s trade show booth or for use in a training course that the author is conducting).

  • If more than 50 copies are desired, locate the paper in OnePetro and follow the “Rights & Permission” link.

Requests from third parties to distribute copies for training courses or as papers in a collection may be granted upon payment of a fee. To request permission, locate the paper in OnePetro and follow the “Rights & Permission” link.

Distributing Electronic Copies

Storage or distribution of SPE copyrighted material by any individual or organization on a generally accessible internet site is almost never allowed, and only with prior written permission from SPE.  SPE does not support the creation of databases or storage locations for SPE papers by non-SPE entities.

  • Authors or their employers may place a pdf of papers they have written on a company intranet site. Papers may not be posted on any type of generally accessible internet site.
  • SPE papers downloaded from OnePetro can be posted to limited access workspaces to be shared among project teams or a joint industry project (JIP) if the number of people with access to the site does not exceed 50 and the papers are posted for the duration of the project only.

SPE will consider requests for use on a customer extranet or other limited access site on a case-by-case basis, but fees will apply. To request additional permission, contact

Tables and Figures from our Publications

We will grant permission to reproduce tables or figures provided that these elements are original to the paper. SPE cannot grant permission for material the author republished from another source (with permission). You will need to contact the original source for permission. For material from Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT), The Way Ahead (TWA), or Oil and Gas Facilities (OGF) we may require additional time to research whether SPE holds copyright to the figures or tables. Each table or figure used in another publication shall reference the source SPE paper or periodical in the references. For tables and figures from an SPE conference or journal paper, locate the paper in OnePetro and follow the “Rights & Permission” link. For material from JPT, TWA, or OGF send an email request to

General Permissions

  • You may make up to 5 photocopies of a single article, or up to 15 pages from a book, to share with colleagues for a one-time use. This cannot be used repeatedly to copy longer works in their entirety.
  • You may provide a link from your website to material on,, JPT,, or any other SPE website as long as it is in a manner that does NOT imply SPE endorsement and does NOT include the SPE, JPT, OnePetro, or energy4me logo. 
  • You may post or publish an abstract of 300 words or less, that does not include any figures, graphics or equations.  The abstract must note SPE copyright and the year.

  • An author, or the author’s employer, may distribute a paper within their company by paper or electronic form, such as via an intranet without prior approval from SPE.