Cedric K. Ferguson Medal

The Cedric K. Ferguson Medal recognizes professional achievement in petroleum engineering.

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Must be an SPE member in good standing who is younger than 36 and has been published in an SPE journal.

To Nominate

No nomination is necessary. SPE considers all papers published in SPE journals by SPE members younger than 36 and presents the award for the best paper. Coauthors who are SPE members older than 36 may receive the Cedric K. Ferguson Certificate.

About Cedric Keith Ferguson

Cedric Keith Ferguson died in 1953 at the age of 31. Although recognition of greatness had not yet been received, Ferguson had gained both technical and professional success at the time of his death. His accomplishments in the brief period following completion of his formal education at Stanford University and the University of California were an indication of a brilliant future. He was project leader of drilling and well completions for California Research Corporation at the time of his death. His activities in civic and professional groups included secretary of the Pacific Petroleum Chapter of the Petroleum Branch of AIME, and chairperson of the Junior Group of the chapter. He was a member of Toastmasters Club and was president of the Young Republican Club of Orange County, CA.