Health, Safety, and Environment

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Advisory Committee

Trey Shaffer
Environmental Resources Management

Deena Buford
Exxon Mobil Corp.
Health – Subcommittee Chair

Uche Okorocha
Health – Subcommittee Vice Chair

Jack Hinton
Baker Hughes Inc.
Safety – Subcommittee Chair

John Karish
Safety – Subcommittee Chair
Process Safety Working Group – Chair

Mohammad Aref Mohalhel
Security – Subcommittee Chair

Fernando Benalcazar
APD Proyectos Cia Ltda
Environment – Subcommittee Chair

Doug Bannerman
Statoil Gulf Services LLC
Social Responsibility –
Subcommittee Chair

Krish Ravishankar
Occidental Petroleum
Social Responsibility -
Subcommittee Vice Chair

Linda Battalora
Colorado School of Mines
Communication / Knowledge Sharing
– Subcommittee Chair

Davide Scotti
Communication/ Knowledge Sharing –
Subcommittee Chair

Ian Threadgold
Threadgold Safety Management
Membership & Nominations –
Subcommittee Chair

Tom Knode
Athlon Solutions
Past HSSE-SR Technical Director
Membership and Nominations –
Subcommittee Vice Chair

Roland Moreau
SPE VP-Finance
Past HSSE-SR Technical Director

Sue Staley
Training and HSE Content at Flagship Conferences – Subcommittee Chair

Jennifer Guidry
Precision Drilling
Training and HSE Content at Flagship Conferences – Subcommittee Vice Chair

Ana Djuric
Water Handling Management Technical Section
– Program Chair
2015 ATCE Program Committee – Chair

Phil Grossweiler
M&H Energy Services
Human Factors Technical Section – Chair

Johana Dunlop
Schlumberger Ltd.
Sustainable Development Technical Section
– Chair

Haroon Kheshgi
ExxonMobil Research & Engineering
Carbon Capture Utilization Sequestration
Technical Section – Co-Chair

Huma Abassi

Elie Daher
United Safety
HSE Now Editorial Board – Chair

Fernando Correa
Mansarovar Energy Ltd.

James Cunningham

Jean-Marc Fontaine
Total S.A.

Laura T. Johnson
ExxonMobil Production Co.

Jim Johnstone
Contek Solutions LLC

Kristin Koblis
Noble Energy Inc.

Francis Nwaochei
Chevron Nigeri, Ltd.

Ian Sealy

Donald Smith

Brian Sullivan

Drue Ann Whittecar
Baker Hughes