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Fuel Your Knowledge with a New SPE Book

Introduction to Petroleum Economics explains the process of gathering data, calculating whether a project should proceed, and delivering recommendations. It discusses the science of petroleum economics, the tools of the trade, and its applications. The author shares some helpful and informative anecdotes based on his career as a petroleum economist.

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Webinar: The Circular Economy

Sophie Theys will present the application of circular economy concepts to decommissioning and propose ways of integrating such circular concepts at the earliest stage of building oil and gas assets. Register Today.

Webinar: Edge Computing and the future of Upstream Automation

This presentation will discuss current trends in edge computing, with possibilities on how these technologies can shape the future of upstream O&G applications. Register Today.

Webinar: Conscious Inclusion

Conscious Inclusion is both a mindset and a skill set. Within a consciously inclusive environment, individuals proactively and intentionally seek, identify, and seize opportunities to leverage organizational diversity. Conscious Inclusion helps us check our cultural blind spots as we drive toward organizational goals. (Culture, in this context, references a range of dimensions, from gender to work style.) Register Today.

Webinar: Successful Leveraging of Human Visual System Modeling and Machine Learning in Computational Seismic Interpretation

In today's growing complexity of seismic data, in both size and resolution, manual interpretation increasingly relies on computational seismic interpretation (CSI) for more efficient, accurate, and effective interpretation. This webinar will highlight our studies that have focused on leveraging perception and machine learning in creating a set of CSI algorithms and software tools. Register Today.

Webinar: Digital technologies - opportunities in the E&P sector

This presentation explores the opportunities for digital applications in the E&P sector with some practical examples. It will also discuss the practical challenges that E&P firms need to address in order to unlock the full value of digital technologies. And lastly we'll revisit the lessons learned and best practices collected from DOF experience. Register Today.

Webinar: Gas to Power: Natural Gas and LNG Alternatives

Natural gas continues to be the fuel of choice for the power and industrial sectors in many parts of the world, in part, because of its lower carbon intensity compared with coal and oil. Today, power generation is the primary use of natural gas in most emerging markets but there is a significant unmet demand for electricity worldwide. Natural gas can be a replacement fuel to coal, fuel oil and other fossil fuel in thermal power plants and therefore the gas price in many parts of the world is indexed to available alternative fuel with transportation cost added. Register Today.

Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Industrial IoT for Upstream Oil & Gas Production

Oil & gas producers have deferred investment for some time but to address long-term business needs the production companies can no longer defer modernization and now invest for cost reduction. Learn more and register.

Webinar: DRY HOLE ANALYSIS: What I have Learnt about the Upstream Petroleum Industry from my Failures

Originally aimed at Young Petroleum Professionals, the concepts have been expanded to help all professionals see the industry as a business. As well as uncovering technical findings from failures, we can also find out a great deal about the industry that will help working in it become more rewarding and exciting! Register Today.

Webinar: Career Advancement Series: How to Get Ahead

This new webinar series provides you with career tools to get noticed and rise above the rest. Register Today.

Webinar: Liderazgo inspirador: Como aumentar la implicación de los empleados y la conexión con los clientes

Este seminario virtual trata de como alinear a todos los empleados con su pasión en el trabajo, para se convierta en implicación total en sus actividades; desarrolle al máximo su creatividad; impacte en los niveles de innovación de la empresa y mejore las relaciones con los clientes internos y externos. Register Today.