Projects, Facilities and Construction

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Advisory Committee

Hisham SaadawiChairperson
Ringstone Petroleum Consultants

Shahd El Alfy
Devon Energy

Francisco Alhanati

Ken Arnold
Worley Parsons

David Aron
Petroleum Development Consultants

Chris Buckingham
Southwest Research Institute

Ian Collins

Gonzalo Perez Cometto
Pan American Energy

Jing Du
Total E&P Research & Technology

Howard Duhon
Gate Inc.

Phaneedra B. Kondapi
Subsea Centre, Texas A&M University

Silviu Livescu

Jorge Manrique
JM Specialists LLC

Shauna Noonan
Occidental Petroleum

Ray (Zhenhua) Rui
Independent Projects Analysis

Cem Sarica
University of Tulsa

John Walsh
Cetco Energy Services