We take a look back over the last 50 years and celebrate and honor those members who have served on the Distinguished Lecturer Committee and as SPE Distinguished Lecturers. We will be adding content throughout the year, so come back often. We hope you enjoy the journey and are inspired to find out how you can become a part of this important program.


In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program hosted a reception at ATCE.

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During my travels I have met wonderful people in the industry, which have led to truly engaging discussions that have revealed to me how similar the issues are globally.

It was wonderful to see how each of the SPE Sections included the younger members in the session meetings. The questions and energy exhibited by the newer members is certainly a most welcome attribute of my experiences and, I believe, most definitely an initiative worth continuing.

From the dinner in the deserts of Bahrain to the Old market in Yemen to the refinery tour in California, just to cite a few of the vignettes, this has been an experience that I shall always cherish and most certainly recommend to any SPE member who is considering this.

I most certainly would serve SPE in this capacity again should I be so fortunate as to be asked again.


Audrey Mascarenhas

A Look Back

Women who have served as Distinguished Lecturers make significant contributions within SPE


Eve Sprunt

Excerpt from Journal of Petroleum Technology, June 1998:
Poor use of the English language is not the only reason why abstracts are rejected and presentations never accomplish their objectives. Documentation forms the bases of external-work verification and application elsewhere. This presentation features the insights of an experienced author and provides guidelines for proper abstract construction.

Eve Sprunt, SPE, is a member of Mobil’s New E&P Ventures team. She holds 23 patents and is the author of 28 technical publications. Currently, a guest columnist for JPT, Sprunt served as Senior Technical Editor for JPT, Executive Editor of SPE Formation Evaluation, and as an SPE program committee chairman."

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Nominate a lecturer

Each year, SPE selects a group of 25-30 individuals who are recognized experts in their field and capable speakers to share their expertise with SPE members through Distinguished Lecture visits to local sections. The individuals are nominated by their peers, and selection is a recognition of their expertise.

Nominations are solicited from each disciplines/topic from each region of the world. Nominations must be submitted by 31 March.

Did you know?

September 2011

  • A total of 23 women have served as Distinguished Lecturers.
  • The first women Distinguished Lecturers served in 1998–1999. They were Sara J. McMillen and Cheryl Stark.
  • Number of repeat women Distinguished Lecturers: 2
  • Nationalities of women Distinguished Lecturers:
    • US: 13
    • China: 2
    • Africa: 1
    • Middle East: 2
    • India: 1
    • Asia Pacific: 1
    • Europe: 1
  • Women Distinguished Lecturers, who have served or are serving on SPE Board of Directors: 3
  • Women Distinguished Lecturers, who have also served on the DL Committee:  3
  • The total number of women that have served or are serving on the DL Committee: 11

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