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July 2011

Travel facts from a typical tour month:

Total number of airline tickets issued


Number of different airline carriers flown


Number of different airport departures


Number of different airport arrivals


Total number of days travelled


Number of trip miles travelled


Number of hotels used


Number of DL tours


Number of international tours


Number of North American tours 


Total Number of stops


Longest tour (days)  


Number of stops


May 2011

  • 1969: The DL Committee increased from three to six members to enable the committee to have a broader geographical representation.
  • 1983: The DL Committee grew to 12 members.
  • 1985: Procedures were revised to allow for the selection of multiple lecturers for the more popular topics. 
  • 1994: The DL Committee increased to 24 members and added one representative from each region to guarantee increased international participation.
  • 2010: The SPE Board of Directors revised the DL Committee charge to be compromised of 20 standing members and one regional member from each of the 15 regions for a total of 35 members.

    The DL Committee has six sub-committees, one representing each discipline.

    One DL Committee member in each discipline was assigned to be on the Technical Director’s Advisory Committee. A major focus for this committee is to increase nominations from the underserved disciplines.
  • 54 lecturers have also served on the DL Committee.


March 2011

  • The first SPE section, Mid-Continent, was established in 1917
  • The first SPE international section, Eastern Venezuela, was established in1954
  • The first international lecture by a US based DL in1963–1964 was to Saudi Arabia and Netherlands SPE sections, and Libya affiliate
  • The first international tour in 1978-1979 by a DL outside of the US was based in London and travelled Europe exclusively
  • SPE Community Relations Night was held by some local sections where the press and local officials were invited 1972
  • The Lloydminister section invites the local press and TV station to interview and hear the lecture presentation in 2010


February 2011

  • 21 DLs became SPE Presidents, two of which were women
  • The number of women who have served as DLs from 1961–2012 is 19 (2% of all DLs)
  • Two have been repeat DLs
  • The first woman DL, Cheryl Stark, was in 1994–1995
  • The number of “Repeat” DLs is 44


January 2011

In one year, the average distance travelled by Distinguished Lecturers visiting 176 sections on six continents is more than 1,342,000 miles. This is equal to traveling:

  • From the north to the south pole 108 times
  • Around the world 54 times
  • To the moon 5.5 times
  • From the east to the west coast of the United States 451 times