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Bridging the Expectation Gap


13 November 2012

Abu Dhabi, UAE | Park Rotana Hotel

Technical Programme

Session 1: Diversity—What are the Expectations and Reality

Session Chairs: Aseel Humoodi, ADCO; Yasmine El Sayegh, Shell

The oil and gas industry’s fast changing demographics created by the influx of a young generation of industry professionals and an ageing, experienced crew present a new set of challenges that need to be fast transformed into opportunities. Increasing awareness on the expectations of both generations as well as the employing companies and contrasting them with the realities is a first step towards addressing this issue. The fact that the industry is regionally undergoing accelerated growth plans to meet rising energy demands further compounds the need for timely action. The case for embracing diversity in all its manifestations becomes a key strategic choice enabling the attraction, development, and retention of talent.

Session 2: Leadership

Session Chairs: Fatima Al Najjar, ZADCO; Faeeza Al Katheeri, ADNOC; Audrey Reznik, ExxonMobil

This session will address the following:

  • Role of Leadership–What can leadership do today to influence the roles of the different stakeholders in bridging the expectations gap (gender/generations) and embracing diversity within the company/workforce and how do they impact organisational core values?
  • Role of Policy–With increasing globalisation the definition of “difference” is becoming increasingly complex; how in organisations do we find appropriate measures, approaches, or systems to create a truly diverse and inclusive environment? How do we translate these into global contexts?
  • Role of Education–How do we leverage sustainability and the community to invest in people for future leadership and society?
  • Role of Employees–How can the employers and employees work to influence social change?

Session 3: Executive Roundtable Discussion

Session Chairs: Abdullah Al Shami, Petroleum Institute; Janine Lau-Pope, NPCC

In this interactive roundtable session, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts on a variety of topics pertaining to diversity with our senior executive panel. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Gender—why are there so few female executives? What are the challenges? How do you overcome them?
  • Diversity Challenge—Paint the current diversity picture (age, nationality, gender), how would you address these?
  • Expectation—what are the expectations of both sides? Bridging the expectation gap: how the industry can adapt to meet the expectations?
  • The role of education and professional learning—how to prepare to a diverse work environment in the petroleum industry?
  • The role of Policy in enabling the diversity agenda.

This is an opportunity to share with today’s decision-makers the progress that has been made and what issues still remain. Following the roundtable feedback, there will be a panel session with the executives to share the roundtable’s conclusions and areas to focus on going forward.

Panel Session

Session Chairs: Amy Omar, ExxonMobil; Muna Al Alawi, ADNOC