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Complex Reservoir Fluids


5 – 7 November 2012

Houston, Texas | The Houstonian Hotel

Technical Agenda

MONDAY, 5 NOVEMBER, 0800-0840

Opening Session

Birol Dindoruk, Shell; Tao Yang, Statoil; Francois Montel, Total


Keynote: Measuring and Calculating Reservoir Fluid Behavior – What Do We Know and What Do We Wish We Knew?

Speaker: Lynn Orr


Session I: CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Sequestration

Chairs: Øivind Fevang, Statoil Norway; Birol Dindoruk, Shell; and Nagi Nagarajan, Hess

The fluid related topics for CO2 injection process will be discussed for both EOR and sequestration objectives.


Session II: Tight Shale Reservoirs

Chairs: Rob Sutton, Marathon; Curtis Whitson, Pera Norway; Ed Bickam, FESCO; and Jefferson Creek, Chevron

Like shale, tight or low permeability reservoirs are the new unconventional resources attracting widespread industry attention. Initially targeted for gas, these reservoirs are now being developed for oil, gas-condensates, and natural gas liquids (NGLs). There are many unknown fluid aspects to be discussed.

Tuesday, 6 November, 0800-0900

Session II (Continued): Tight Shale Reservoirs


Session III: Reactive Fluid Systems

Chairs: John Ratulowski, Schlumberger; Russ Bone, ConocoPhillips; and Tao Yang, Statoil USA

Bitumen (oil sand) represents another major unconventional resource. Understanding reactive systems is very critical when dealing with steam-related recovery methods under high temperatures.


Session IV: Complex Fluid Equilibrium

Chairs: Kristian Krejbjerg, Calsep USA; Jefferson Creek, Chevron; and Francois Montel, Total

Reservoir fluid distribution in reservoir remains one of the most challenging task for reservoir engineers. Different fluid gradient theories and practices will be discussed in this session. To make the challenges even more difficult, we plan to touch on asphaltene issues in the reservoir.

Wednesday, 7 November, 0800-0900

Session IV (Continued): Complex Fluid Equilibrium


Session V: Multi-Discipline Integration

Chairs: Yun Wang, BP; John Lawrence, ExxonMobil; and Fredrik Saaf, Shell Canada

There are fluid challenges cross the whole value chain. They occur from the geo-operation process to geochemistry, and from reservoir pressure, volume, and temperature (PVT), production, and flow assurance down to surface processing. We will emphasize the importance of fluid integration of reservoir PVT with flow assurance and surface processing.