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25 – 26 September 2012

Mexico City, Mexico | Presidente Intercontinental

Accommodations and Travel

Official Travel Agency

SPE has named ECODSA as their official tourism agency for housing, ground transportation. Please use the link below to make your housing reservation or contact Ecodsa directly:


ECODSA Contact Person: Paulo Juarez
Phone: +52 55 5599 2860
Email: pauloj@ecodsa.com.mx

Visa and Passport Requirements

Attendees are responsible for determining their specific entry requirements into Mexico. If you have not already done so, we urge you to begin the process immediately to ensure enough time prior to the workshop.

Attendees are strongly advised to ensure they fulfill all legal requirements to enter Mexico. Besides a valid passport, an entry visa and invitation letter may also be required.

SPE offers an official electronic invitation letter to assist you in the visa process upon registration confirmation. Please contact Liliane Arroyave at LAC@spe.org for invitation letter requests.

Note: It is the sole responsibility of the attendee to obtain the necessary paperwork for entry in Mexico. This letter does not guarantee that you will be granted a visa, nor does it commit SPE to assist you in obtaining a visa. SPE will not pay any expenses incurred by you. We cannot send the letter to the embassy or consulate for you, nor can SPE contact the embassy or consulate on your behalf.

Travel Safety Tips

Mexico invests heavily in the protection of its own citizens and tourists alike. This includes deployment of policemen in hotel zones, the construction of passenger bridges over major thoroughfares, the employment of English speaking tourism officials to offer assistance to visitors, and the strict enforcement of the drinking age. In addition, most US Consulates have joined efforts with local authorities to promote tourist safety.

When traveling, as in any major city, take certain precautions. Always keep your valuables out of site and safely stored in a hotel safety deposit box. In the event of a lost or stolen room key card, notify hotel management as soon as possible. Also, travel in a group and plan your itinerary before leaving the hotel.

  • Lock up your valuables. Hotels provide safety deposit boxes in their rooms. It’s recommended that jewelry, airline tickets, money, and any important documents be stored in the hotel safe.
  • Try not to use mobile telephones in the street and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep cameras and video recorders out of plain sight. Avoid wearing excessive jewelry, carrying any valuables, or large amounts of cash.
  • Use credit cards where possible. Your wallet should contain your ID, credit cards, and a minimum amount of cash.
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs that are inside banks and commercial centers.
  • Notify hotel management as soon as possible in the event of a lost or stolen room key card.
  • Travel in a group and plan your itinerary before leaving the hotel to ensure you make your destination smoothly. If you get lost, call a taxi to take you to your destination. Your hotel can recommend a reputable taxi company.
  • Keep an eye on your luggage.
  • Pack casual spring and summer clothes. Because of warm temperatures ranging from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, they are appropriate for almost every region and occasion.
  • Bring a light jacket or sweater because some buildings and restaurants can be a little cool with the air conditioner.
  • Tip extra if you want to. Restaurants, taxis and hotel tips are 10–15%. Most restaurants include a 10% tip on their bill.

Taxi Service

If you plan to take a taxi cab, please use the official taxi cabs provided by the airport located exiting the baggage claim or the taxis offered by the hotel. Make sure that the taxi driver is using the meter all the times.


Enjoy visiting Mexico historical and trade mark places such as the Pyramids of Teotihuacan & Basilica Guadalupe, Coyoacan, Anthropology Museum, Historical Center, and others while in Mexico.