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Institutionalising Smart/Digital Fields Capability

8 – 11 December 2013

Nusa Dua, Indonesia

Technical Agenda

Monday, 09 December, 0830-0930

Session 1: Introduction/Opening/Keynote Address


Session 2: Panel Session (Part I)-Operators


Session 2: Panel Session (Part II)-Service Providers


Session 3: Subsurface Technology (Reservoir)

This session will present three case histories of field developments where the smart/ intelligent completions utilising such monitoring and control technologies have been deployed, how the devices have performed and what contribution these completions have made to overall production and ultimate recovery. 


Session 4: Surface Technology (Instrumentation)

Key challenges for surface production & operation area like managing aging facilities & instruments, shortage of industry experts, increase in unconventional, deep water & heavy oil production and higher HSE standards had become common issues to O&G producers at this moment. In response to those challenges, producers need to enhance their capability to efficiently manage the assets as well as to have better and faster decision making process at every working level. Programs like asset integrity monitoring & prediction, communication infrastructure & instrument enhancement, remotely control operation, real-time data monitoring & visualisation and integrated planning for maintenance & operation had now become a great necessity for the producers to effectively sustain their O&G production and operation.


Session 5: Poster Session

Tuesday, 10 December, 0830-1000

Session 6: HSE & Security

This session will address a number of issues pertaining to:

  • Balancing risk and cost when selecting safety or security equipment
  • The risk of Cyber-attack or the over reliance on complex equipment
  • Understanding the risk in using modern equipment
  • Does technology really reduce personnel exposure or does it shift the exposure from the operator to the servicing technicians?


Session 7 : Skills Integration & Capability Development (Part I)

Through the integrated and collaborative solutions, we are likely to take a full advantage of the smart field capabilities to deliver business value from real-time digital data to actions by getting “the right information to the right people at the right time for making a better decision”. The discussions will cover:

  • Shaping organisation and optimising human resources within a collaborative framework
  • Establishing data governance and ownership processes
  • Achieving efficiencies through IT innovation

Wednesday, 11 December, 0830-1030

Session 8 : Skills Integration & Capability Development (Part II)

This session will discuss how the industry needs to change the way expertise is leveraged. The discussions will cover:

  • Gap Analysis and Training
  • Knowledge Management
  • Staffing Models


Session 9 : Process and Workflow

This Session plans to address examples of process and workflow in a Smart field environment and how this has enabled an efficient collaborative approach to managing the field assets.


Session 10 : Change Management

This session will provide insight on the required Change Management elements to support a successful implementation and institutionalising of smart/digital field initiative at your respective company.


Session 11: Group Breakout Session: Lesson Learnt


Session 12: Summary/ Wrap Up