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SPE Caprock Integrity for Thermal Applications

8 – 10 April 2013

Banff, Alberta, Canada | The Rimrock Resort Hotel

Technical Agenda

Tuesday, 9 April, 0800-0930

Session 1: Caprock Description

Chairs: Kevin Fu, Total; Michael Webb, Suncor Energy

This session will address key subsurface parameters that must be considered as integral components that define a thermal operations caprock. This session will cover topics including data used to describe the key parameters and examples of existing operations cap rock.

Presenter: Rudy Strobl, Statoil
Practical Geoscience Checklist for Assessing Cap Rock Integrity for In-Situ Oil Sands Recovery

Presenter: Kristine Haug, ERCB
Oil Sands Caprock Integrity Project (OSCRIP): Characterization of the Lower Clearwater Shale, Northeastern Alberta

Presenter: Megan Boutin, Suncor Energy
A Comprehensive Approach to Caprock Characterization, Suncor MacKay River Asset


Session 2: Caprock Evaluation Geomechanics

Chairs: Sajjad Ansari, Schlumberger; Majid Saeedi, PennWest Exploration

This session will address the engineering challenges associated with understanding caprock integrity. For example, calculating caprock minimum stress is one of the main factors in determining the maximum operating pressure (MOP) and there are a numerous methods that could lead to different estimates. Furthermore, rock mechanical properties obtained from lab core testing have inherent uncertainties and these datasets are used in the building of geomechanical models. This session will be focused on addressing some of these challenges.

Presenter:  Rick Chalaturnyk, University of Alberta
Causes of and Solutions to Uncertainty in Lab Based Geomechanical Properties

Presenter:  Michael O'Hara, Devon Energy
Cap Rock Integrity Testing at Pike—Does Pumping Volume Matter?

Presenter:  Lennert D. den Boer, Schlumberger & Dale Walters, Taurus Reservoir Solutions Ltd.
Techniques for Modelling and Evaluating Caprock Integrity


Session 3: Subsurface Design

Chairs: Tim O’Connor, MEG Energy; Dan Lowe, Canadian Natural Resources Limited

This session will highlight the role that caprock integrity plays in subsurface design. A schemes' subsurface design must include provisions to maintain and monitor caprock integrity across the full asset lifecyle from well placement to abandonment. This can be accomplished with appropriate material selection, installation methods (drilling, cementing and completions), well types and configurations, and instrumentation technologies. Examples and challenges will be discussed.

Presenter: Jennifer Sawatzky, Canadian Natural Resources Limited; Martin Côté, CanmetMINES
Passive Seismic Monitoring for CSS Operations

Presenter: Cam Matthews and Todd Zahacy, C-FER Technologies
"Holes Thru the Barrier"—Wellbore Effects on Caprock Integrity

Presenter: John Van Vliet, Noetic Engineering
Realizing the Full Potential of Multi-Finger Caliper Logging for Caprock and Casing Integrity Monitoring


Session 4: Surface Design

Chairs: Ken Mislan, Husky Energy; Michelle de Jeu, Devon Energy

This session will highlight the role that caprock integrity plays in surface design. A schemes’ surface design must include provisions to maintain and monitor caprock integrity across the full asset lifecycle from first steam to facility abandonment. An overview of surface design best practices, including risk based evaluation tools, will be discussed.

Presenter: David Burdziuk and Jan Rasmussen, Suncor Energy
SAGD Sub-Surface Event Tree Risk Analysis and Its Influence on Facility Designs

Presenter: Emmanuel Giry, Oxand
Risk Assessment of Cement Sheath Integrity in SAGD Wells at Suncor MacKay River Project

Presenter: Johanna Granda, Altamira Information
Measuring Surface Heave From Space: Ground Motion Monitoring Using Radar Satellites With Case Studies From the Athabasca Oil Sands

Presenter: Kevin Brown, Honeywell
Are Your Alarms Working for You or Against You—Alarm Management in Thermal Operations

Wednesday, 10 April, 0800-0930

Session 5: Operating Strategy

Chairs: Tim O'Connor, MEG Energy; Kim Chiu, Southern Pacific Resource Corp.

This session will address how the operating strategy must be considered as an integral component in caprock integrity management. It is the injection operations of in-situ processes that creates the need to have measures and procedures in place to maintain the hydraulic isolation. This session will cover topics including different operating strategies, MOP management, and alarm systems and procedures.

Presenter: Craig Davidson, Suncor Energy
Considerations in Creating an MOP Operating Strategy

Presenter: Joe Kuhach, Ivanhoe Energy
Operating Strategy to Minimize Risk in a Shallow SAGD Development at Tamarack

Presenter: Hanh Nguyen, Marathon Oil Corporation
Geomechanics Program at Marathon Oil Birchwood Project


Session 6: Monitoring Strategy

Chairs: Dustin Bespalko, Imperial Oil; Jin Wang, Suncor Energy

This session will address how a robust monitoring strategy must be considered as part of caprock integrity management. How can various monitoring technologies be combined, deployed, and maintained in thermal operations? Which of those are real time proactive systems? What technologies should be retired, and what is industry targeting for innovation?

Presenter: John Kwong, Imperial Oil
Cold Lake Grand Rapids Pressure Monitoring

Presenter: Kevin Ma, Statoil; Alexandra Robertson, Statoil
Integrated Reservoir Monitoring at Statoil Leismer Demonstration Project: Case Evaluation and Operational Application

Presenter: Bob Whale, Shell Canada
Update on Reservoir and Caprock Monitoring at Shell’s Orion and Peace River Thermal Projects


Session 7: Event Management

Chairs: Dale Walters, Taurus Reservoir Solutions Ltd.; Pingke Li, Sunshine Oilsands

Experience is as important for knowledge as education. The field experiences shared in this session present what can go wrong, how risks associated with caprock can be mitigated, and how monitoring and response techniques can be used to respond to and manage events and their consequences.

Presenter: Dan Lowe, Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Primrose Case Study of Event Response Considerations

Presenter: Declan Livesey, Connacher Oil and Gas Ltd.
A Blast from the Past—The Steam Blowout at Texaco's Ft McMurray Thermal Pilot in the Early Eighties

Presenter: Arslan Akhmetov, Imperial Oil
Cold Lake Event Management


Session 8: Case Histories and Wrap Up

Chairs: Phebe Chung, Nexen; Pat McLellan, McLellan Energy Advisors Inc.

The workshop will finish with two insightful case histories where presenters will comment on learnings and ramifications from two relatively recent caprock integrity incidents in Alberta. The final 30 minutes of the session will briefly highlight the main points raised by speakers from all the sessions and open the floor to final comments before adjournment.

Presenter: Daryl Youck, Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Primrose—An Evolution of Formation Integrity Learnings

Presenter: Mike Carlson, Applied Reservoir Enterprises Ltd.
What Really Happened at Joslyn? The Official Report, Alternate Explanations, and What "Everyone" Thinks They Know