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Shale Gas Exploration and Development in Asia-Pacific

8 – 11 September 2013

Chengdu, China

Technical Agenda

Monday, 09 September 0830-0945

Session 1: Introduction/Opening/Keynote Addresses


Session 2: Geological Aspects of Source Rock Reservoirs

  • Delineation and characterisation of source rock reservoirs
  • Considerations and challenges in quantifying source rock reservoir quality and quantity 
  • What defines a good shale reservoir? 
  • What is the difficulty in locating sweet spots?


Session 3: Efficient Drilling

  • Wellbore stability and drilling efficiency
  • Challenges in horizontal drilling
  • Where, why and how drill the next well from exploration to development?
  • Factory drilling for improving operation efficiency and reducing well cost


Session 4: Environmental Aspects

  • Legal and regulatory policies for sustainable development of shale gas resources in China
  • Minimising footprint for wells
  • Water management and recycling techniques

Tuesday, 10 September 0830-1030

Session 5: Well Completions for Production

  • Rock mechanics on selection of completion options
  • Integrating reservoir quality and completion strategy for stage fracturing optimisation
  • Impacts of geomechanics and engineering process on fracture propagation and stimulation effectiveness
  • Fracturing treatment designs to maximise gas production in shale rocks


Session 6: Panel Discussion – Sichuan Basin E&D

Wednesday, 11 September 0830-1030

Session 7: Reservoir Management

  • Reserve estimation for source rock reservoirs – uncertainties, risks and probabilistics
  • Forecast of long-term shale well performance and EUR from limited data – where are we today?  
  • Economic decision analysis on shale gas asset development Reservoir management – similarity and difference between conventional and unconventional resources


Session 8: Field Development – Best Practices and Lessons Learned

  • Barnett
  • Eagleford
  • Marcellus
  • Fields in Canada/Australia/India


Session 9: Emerging Technologies Deployment and Applications

  • New stimulation technologies
  • Advances in formation evaluation of source rocks
  • Research on gas and liquid production from Nano Darcy formations


Session 10: The Shale Gas Exploration Game – Group Presentation


Session 11: Summary and Wrap-up