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Water Treatment for Unconventional Production

4 – 6 March 2013

Fort Worth, Texas | The Worthington Renaissance

Technical Agenda

Monday, 4 March, 1330-1345

Workshop Introduction and Overview

  • John Walsh, GHD Group


Keynote Address: Overview of Fracturing Operations

  • Ron Bosch, Champion Technologies


Session I: Water Issues in Unconventional Shale Development

Chairs: John Walsh, GHD Group; Wally Georgie, Maxoil Solutions

  • Presentation 1: Shale Gas Water Management
    John Veil, Veil Environmental
  • Presentation 2: EPA’s Regulatory Requirements Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing
    Scott Wilson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Session II: Using Fresh Water Sources for Unconventional Production

Chairs: John Veil, Veil Environmental; Doug Kathol, Chesapeake Energy Corporation

  • Presentation 1: Fresh Water Use—Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities
    Nathan Kuhnert, Devon Energy
  • Presentation 2: Managing Logistics and Maintaining Flexibility Enable Many Options When Using Fresh Water
    Mike Howdeshell, Select Energy Services

Tuesday, 5 March, 0800-0830

Highlights from the Previous Global Integrated Series’ Workshops

  • John Walsh, GHD Group


Session III: Using Brackish or Other Sub-Optimal Water Sources for Unconventional Production

Chairs: John Veil, Veil Environmental; Ron Bosch, Champion Technologies

  • Presentation 1: Engineered for Purpose—Overcoming Water Challenges for Fracturing
    Mark Kidder, M-I SWACO
  • Presentation 2: Challenges and Opportunities for the Use of Abandoned Mine Drainage in Hydraulic Fracturing
    Radisav Vidic, University of Pittsburgh


Session IV: Using Produced Water for Unconventional Production

Chairs: Steve Jester, ConocoPhillips; Mark Kidder, M-I SWACO

  • Presentation 1: Evaluating Reuse of Produced Water for Hydraulic Fracturing
    Ramesh Sharma, ConocoPhillips
  • Presentation 2: Challenges and Advantages in Produced Water Reuse and Recycling—An Operator’s Perspective
    Matt Mantell, Chesapeake Energy Corporation


Session V: Flowback and Produced Water Chemistry and Biological Control

Chairs: Ron Bosch, Champion Technologies; Colin Smith, Maxoil Solutions

  • Presentation 1: Variations in Water Chemistry in High Water Volume Fracturing Operations
    Robert Perry, Champion Technologies
  • Presentation 2: Characterization of Flowback Fluids for Process Selection
    John Walsh, GHD Group


Session VI: Solid/Liquid Separations

Chairs: Mark Smeed, Alderly Systems; Kris Bansal, ConocoPhillips

  • Presentation 1: Using and Abusing Gravity
    Will Neate, Alderly Systems
  • Presentation 2: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis of Old and New Equipment Used in Removal of Oil and Solids in Produced Water
    Colin Tyrie, Clean H2o Services

Wednesday, 6 March, 0800-0900

Session VII: Handling of Non-Soluble Organic Contaminants

Chairs: Ted Frankiewicz, SPEC Services; John Walsh, GHD Group

  • Presentation 1: Induced Gas Flotation—Mechanical Versus Hydraulic “Busting the Myth”
    Frank Richerand Sr., Enviro-Tech Systems
  • Presentation 2: Hydrocarbon Removal from Produced Water – Pretreatment Methods for Membrane Processes
    David Burnett, Texas A&M University
  • Presentation 3: Lifecycle Water Management Considerations in Unconventional Resource Plays
    Dan Arthur, ALL Consulting


Session VIII: Total Disolved Solids (TDS) and Soluble Organics Removal

Chairs: Doug Kathol, Chesapeake Energy Corporation; Brent Halldorson, Fountain Quail Water Management

  • Presentation 1: High Performance Membrane Distillation—Economically Removing High TDS from Produced and Flowback Water
    Ed Baltutis, Blue Gold
  • Presentation 2: Lessons Learned from Devon Barnett Recycling—The Longest Running TDS Removal Operation in Shale
    Rusty Werline, Devon Energy


Session IX: Measuring, Monitoring, and Control

Chairs: Colin Tyrie, Clean H2O Services; Jamie Harris, Halliburton

  • Presentation 1: Case History—Utilizing Online Oil and Water Analysis for Process Management and the Prevention of Environmental Incidents
    Frank Richerand Jr., Enviro-Tech Systems
  • Presentation 2: The Importance of Inline Measurement of Shale Gas Water Quality for Optimal Water Usage, Recycle and Process Diagnosis
    Rick Gaskin, Jorin Limited
  • Presentation 3: Handheld Oil in Water Analyzer Produced Water Field Validation, Lessons Learned—What Works, What Does Not Work!
    Gary Bartman, Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments


Session X: Total System Approach

Chairs: Kris Bansal, Conoco Phillips; Wally Georgie, Maxoil Solutions

  • Presentation 1: Total Systems Approach Overview
    Brent Halldorson, Fountain Quail Water Managment
  • Presentation 2: Developing a Water Management Plan
    Anthony Smith, Pioneer Natural Resources
  • Presentation 3: Imaging the Total Water System from a Mosaic of Pieces
    Cal Cooper, Apache Corporation