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Liquids Rich Shale…So You Believe in Peak Oil?

15 – 17 May 2013

Rancho Palos Verdes, California | Terranea Resort

Technical Agenda

Tuesday, 14 May, 1730–1900

Welcome Reception

Wednesday, 15 May, 0800–0815

Chairperson’s Welcome


Session I: The Bulls and the Bears

Chairs: Matt Bell, GEODynamics; Billy Harris, Wagner & Brown, Ltd.

Proponents and opponents will speak for and against the view that liquids rich shale development will provide energy security and heralds a new age of oil wealth for North America.

Presentation 1: Jeff Kralowetz, Argus Media
"Is West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Dead?"

Presentation 2: Alison Williams, Garten Rothkopf
"Obama's Executive Mission—Politics, Policy, and Regulation of Oil and Gas"

Presentation 3: Arthur Berman, Labyrinth Consulting Services, Inc.
"Tight Oil—The Illusion of US Energy Independence and Proof of Peak Oil"


Session II: Appraisal and Early Development

Chairs: Zach Warren, Sampson; Fred Arasteh, Hess

This session will discuss advances in seismic processing and other field-scale techniques for identifying and targeting the most productive areas within liquids rich shale plays.

Presentation 1: Doug Eisele, Hess
"Appraisal—Maximizing the Value of a Liquids Rich Shale Project"

Presentation 2: Cliff Knitter, FRACMAN Technology Group
"Evaluating the Effect of Natural Fractures on Production from Hydraulically Fractured Wells Using Discrete Fracture Network Models"

Presentation 3: Charles Sicking, Global Geophysical
"Passive Seismic Emissions and Fracture Images for Real-Time Fracturing Monitoring"


Session III: Resource and Reserves Quantification

Chairs: Billy W. Harrris, Wagner & Brown, Ltd.; Kristal Bennett, Oxy

Technologies and techniques for describing and quantifying the resource and reserves in place will be discussed.

Presentation 1: Donald Westacott, Halliburton
"Developing Unconventional Tight Oil Reservoirs, Utica—Point Pleasent, Trenton Petroleum System"

Presentation 2: Brent Hale, William M. Cobb & Associates
"SPEE Monograph 3 Applications for Liquids Rich Shales"

Presentation 3: Randy Freeborn, Energy Navigators
"A Practical Guide to Unconventional Petroleum Evaluation"


Session IV: The Devil is in the Details

Chairs: Matt Honarpour, Hess; Dave Koskella, Noble Energy

The latest in petrophysics, special core analysis, and geochemistry will be described, aimed at providing detailed rock and fluid properties for reservoir simulation and development planning.

Presentation 1: Joel Walls, InGrain Inc.
"Relative Permeability in La Luna Formation (Colombia) Using Digital Rock Physics"

Presentation 2: Brent Thomas, Weatherford
"Liquids-Rich Shales: Towards Understanding Fluid and Fracture Character"

Presentation 3: Ron Hill, Noble Energy
"Geochemical Insights into Processes Impacting Liquids Rich Unconventional Resources"

Thursday, 16 May, 0800–1130

Networking Session


Session V: Play-by-Play (Part 1)

Chairs: Dick Leonard, Core Lab; Dave Koskella, Noble Energy

This session will present the latest developments and best practices by representatives from three of the leading liquids rich shale plays.

Presentation 1: Dave Koskella, Noble Energy
"Spacing Paradigms in the Niobrara"

Presentation 2: Delal Gunaydin, Range Resources
"Best Practices of Rate Transient Analysis to Evaluate Reservoir Performance in the Liquid Rich Window of Marcellus Shale"

Presentation 3: Stan Wilson, Continental Resources, Inc.
"Development Strategies in the Bakken"


Session VI: Play-by-Play (Part 2)

Chairs: Kristal Bennett, Oxy; Lance W. Robertson, Marathon Oil

Continued reportage from leading liquids rich shale measuring the development learning curve on three emerging light tight oil plays will be discussed.

Presentation 1: Glenna Jones, ITG
"Canadian Unconventional Development: From Oil to Shale—A Walk Through Some Key Canadian Plays Emerging in the Unconventional Space"

Presentation 2: Jud Walker, EnerVest
"Old Places, New Reserves—Tales from the Mancos, Point Pleasant, and Wolfberry"

Presentation 3: Glen Nevokshonoff, Seven Generations
"Liquids Rich Unconventional Montney—Not All Montney is Created Equal"

Friday, 17 May, 0800–0930

Session VII: Well Construction and Operations

Chairs: Mike Belcher, ExxonMobil; Dick Leonard, Core Lab

In this session we will discuss the latest advances in drilling, completions, and artificial lift of liquids rich shale wells.

Presentation 1: Rob Sutton, Marathon Oil
"Wellbore Geometry Effects on Well Production Performance"

Presentation 2: Robert Barba, Consultant
"A Methodology for Determining 'Best Practices' for Completing Liquids Rich Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs"

Presentation 3: Ibrahim Abou-Sayed, i-Stimulation Solutions, Inc.
"Geomechanics Based Production Management for Shale Reservoirs"


Session VIII: To Midstream and Beyond

Chairs: Fred Arasteh, Hess; Lance W. Robertson, Marathon Oil

In the final technical session we will discuss separation, processing, and export of liquids rich gas, natural gas liquids, and water.

Presentation 1: Peter Fasullo, Envantage. Inc.
"Being Aware of the Energy Value Chain and Markets—The Pitfalls and Opportunities for Producers"

Presentation 2: Tim Powell, KBR Inc.
"Field Development Planning—The Key to Efficient Field Exploitation"

Presentation 3: Kristen Holmquist, Ponderosa Advisors
"The Changing Midstream Value Proposition"


Session IX: Open Discussion

Chairs: Matt Bell, GEODynamics; Zack Warren, Samson

Prior to adjourning the workshop, we will engage in an open discussion where participants will be able to continue discussions that were curtailed earlier in the program due to time constraints, or raise issues that have not yet been discussed.


Closing Remarks