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Final Commissioning and Initial Startup

5 – 6 February 2013

San Antonio, Texas | Omni La Mansion del Rio

Technical Program

Tuesday, 5 February, 0800–0815

Welcome Remarks


Session I: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plant Startup

Chairs: Siva Subramanian, Chevron ETC; Denis Taylor, Audubon Engineering Company

Presentation 1:

Plug and Play Applications and Critical Function and Acceptance Tests (F.A.T.’s) • Scott Wells, Audubon Engineering

Presentation 2:

Leveraging Integrated Advance Simulation Modeling as a Design Tool and Beyond for LNG Facilities Upstream Interface Management • Malika Nayar, Chevron

Presentation 3:

Commissioning and Startup of LNG Facilities • Conoco Phillips


Session II: Topsides Focus Issues

Chairs: John Occhipinti, CETCO Oilfield Services; Tom Carter, Marathon Oil Company

Presentation 1:

Facilities Completion API Recommended Practice • Jay James, Chevron and James Sayers, ExxonMobil

Presentation 2:

H2S Contingencies for Drilling • Bob Luke, Tiger Safety

Presentation 3:

The New EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit—Impacts on Commissioning and Startup • Xandara Turner, CETCO Oilfield Services


Session III: Control Systems Study

Chair: Howard Duhon, GATE

Presentation 1:

Control System Description and Commissioning • Dino Mantri, Champlain Group

Presentation 2:

Control System Startup—Tuning and Data Retrieval • Howard Duhon, GATE


Session IV: Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS)—Impact on Commissioning and Startup

Chairs: Anna Dhuet, Baker Hughes; Libby Sanford, Champion Technologies

Presentation 1:

History of SEMS and Future Expectations (SEMS 2 and 3) • Russell Turner, Baker Hughes

Presentation 2:

Impact of SEMS on Initial Startup • Kevin Renfro, Anadarko

Wednesday, 6 February, 0800–0930

Session V: Case Studies—Lessons Learned

Chairs: Jorge Garduno, GATE; John Waldvogel, Nalco

Presentation 1:

Tahiti II Waterflood Lessons Learned • Brian Fabre, Chevron

Presentation 2:

Aseng Project—Final Commissioning and Initial Startup Lessons Learned • Jorge Garduno, GATE

Presentation 3:

Flowback to a Barge • Dan Kiburz, Marathon Oil Company


Session VI: Subsea Focus Issues

Chairs: Lynn Kaufman, Nalco; Mark Stair, Mark A. Stair and Associates

Presentation 1:

Boarding Shutdown Valve (BSDV), Underwater Safety Valve (USV), and Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve (SCSSV) Test Requirements and Methods During Initial Well Startup • Rex Spahn, Manatee

Presentation 2:

Annulus Pressure Management Requirements, Methods, and Limitations • Mark Stair, Mark A. Stair and Associates

Presentation 3:

Asphaltene Challenges—Presentation of Asphaltene Issues • Ian Bowling, Chevron


Session VII: Produced Water System Startup

Chairs: Ron Bosch, Champion Technologies; Xandra Turner, CETCO Oilfield Services

Presentation 1:

Commissioning Oil and Water Separation Equipment • Anthony Rodriquez, Champion Technologies

Presentation 2:

Best Practices for Integration of Equipment and Chemical for Produced Water System Startup • Gary Laursen, Nalco

Presentation 3:

Treating Seawater Wash for Methanol Removal in Deepwater Production System • Justin Kuzniarek, Baker Hughes

Presentation 4:

The Use of Temporary Water Treating Systems in Handling Frac-and-Pack Flowback Fluids • Gary Crisp, GHD Group


Session VIII: Audience Choice

Chair: Jep Bracey, BHP Billiton

The final session of the workshop will be an audience-driven discussion (topics of discussion selected by attendees). This is a high-energy session and will last until the attendees choose to adjourn.