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Future Systems for Extreme Environments

27–30 May 2013 :: Muscat, Oman


About this Forum

Future reserves are located in difficult geographic and geological areas. Economically accessing these reserves requires a series of game-changing technologies from a wide range of disciplines including environmentally acceptable materials, sensors, and adaptive systems that use higher bandwidth communications. The growing shortage of qualified personnel combined with extreme or hostile conditions means that we will need to increase our capacity to operate systems with less human intervention. Lessons learnt from other industries with highly automated critical services along with others that use autonomous systems may offer solutions that could improve our ability to economically access these challenging reserves.

A series of integrated solutions will need to demonstrate potential for operational improvements in order to overcome the challenging nature of our industry. The self-learning ability of modern control systems that surround us presents many opportunities to dramatically improve our own operations.

In this forum, we will explore our future process needs and how the new smart technologies and devices will interact with each other, the rig, the well construction process, production, and human operators. This forum provides an opportunity for a range of experts from different disciplines to come together and map out scenarios that will shed light on potential future solutions.

The forum will discuss the range of future technologies and systems and how they will help to address the following critical questions:

  • How would these future technologies and systems improve reservoir characterisation?
  • Can we build smart drilling systems that adapt their behaviour through an awareness of formations and optimise well productivity as they drill?
  • Are there new well construction methods and materials to isolate the wells?
  • How can future reservoirs be accessed and isolated?
  • Can we develop environmental waste solutions?
  • How can autonomous processes improve how we handle/recycle produced fluids?
  • What is needed to have wells that only produce hydrocarbons and data?
  • Future technologies and systems for smart production

Who Should Attend?

This forum will appeal to the numerous groups currently operating in silos of operation who are looking for today’s steps for tomorrow’s eventuality in extreme drilling environments. This will include planners and multidisciplinary teams and technical experts in the following: operating companies, service companies, drilling contractors, equipment suppliers, systems integrators, and academic institutions who are involved in exploration, planning, drilling, completion, intervention, and production.

What is a Forum?

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Benefits to You and Your Organisation

  • Gain insight and perspective through conversations with peers who share your same interests.
  • Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of learning through one-on-one interaction.
  • Meet with other experts from international companies, research institutes, and universities in an off-the-record format.
  • Form professional relationships that will continue after the forum has ended.