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Zonal Isolation to the Extreme

16–21 February 2014 :: Vilamoura, Portugal


About this forum

Advancements in drilling, completions, and intervention technology have allowed extended and multiple reservoir targets to be accessed from a single wellbore. The opportunity can be further maximised by segmenting and individually isolating zones along these prolonged wellbores.

This forum is focused on looking at the future of selectively isolating geological sequences from one another, to assure containment and integrity, whether for remedial or other types of activities that requires isolation. The variables involved are almost infinite: what is in contact with what and which type of medium is best suited for the task in hand. The reasons for isolation vary from permanent containment to temporarily isolating a reser­voir through a variety of materials, e.g., novel resins, rubber, cement and expandable technologies, with new developments in isolating requirements for wellbores on the horizon.

The isolation has to take into account the complexities of the environment; high (HPHT) or low pressure/tem­perature (LTLP) extremes, gas migration, unconsolidated formations, cement integrity of long liners and multiple laterals. The selected isolation method has to be compatible with the production and injection medium, as well as operations. Some of these challenges include CO2, H2S, fracturing, and acid stimulation.

Wellbore and reservoir developments can challenge the isolation and the integrity of the isolation. Production and reservoir monitoring requirements may wish to introduce a cabled system passing through the barrier medium. Some of these technologies can provide assistance in confirming or identifying the isolation; these can include new and innovative equipment, either acoustic or temperature monitoring identifying fluctuations allowing the interpretation of the isolations effectiveness. With a challenge on what is happening in research and development in evaluation methodologies and techniques for verification and assessment of existing isolations behind multiple casings, which is a growing industry requirement for further use or abandonment of wells. The challenges in research and development, evaluation methodologies, techniques for verification, and assessment in existing isolations behind multiple casings has increased as multiple casing have become the industry requirement in abandoned wells.

Selection: what is acceptable now? What perhaps will be acceptable either through a robust well design or what about further use, extending its lifecycle, or plug and abandonment?

This forum will look at the future of effective zonal isolation, the application of zonal isolation techniques to specific well types, and the influence of wellbore construction on zonal isolation selection.

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Who Should Participate

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Benefits to You and Your Organisation

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Forum Guidelines

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