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The Quest to Reduce the Environmental Footprint

21 26 July 2013 :: Asheville, North Carolina, USA

About this forum

This forum will take a holistic approach in addressing environmental and community impact issues covering air, water, and land. The focus will be on identifying gaps and opportunities in the future.

Potential topics include:

  • Sustaining our license to operate
  • Air
  • Water sourcing and composition
  • Handling production
  • Groundwater and surface water protection
  • Land consideration issues
  • Community
  • Shaping the future

The diverse ecosystems found around the world include semi-arid, upland/woodlands, wetlands, and urban. These ecosystems all have unique criteria for low-impact operations. Many oil and gas producers have identified and implemented cost-effective environmental practices and technologies as part of their standard operating practices. In the future, the challenge will remain to balance operations with ecosystems and societal concerns with economic viability of solutions.

Who should attend

Operators, service companies, suppliers, research universities, government agencies and environmental organizations who are all interested in working together to devise innovative methods to reduce the environmental footprint of onshore field development requiring high density drilling and completion operations.

What is a forum?

If you have a role to play in meeting the challenges of tomorrow head-on, apply today.

SPE Forums are unique, by-invitation-only SPE events that bring together top technologists, innovators, and managers to address a specific industry challenge. Participants are encouraged to come prepared to contribute their experience and knowledge, rather than be spectators or students.

The objective is to create a collaborative, idea-generating arena that stimulates new ideas and innovation about future challenges facing the E&P industry.

Who should participate

  • Are you a young professional with at least five years’ industry experience? Get involved now. Forums are a window on the future that belongs to the next generation of professionals.
  • Do you want to exchange ideas with others in your technical area of expertise? Participation in a forum committee builds a professional network that will last a career. Forums offer an exclusive opportunity to interact with innovators, seasoned professionals, and leading technologists.
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Benefits to You and Your Organization

  • Gain insight and perspective through conversations with peers who share your same interests.
  • Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of learning through one-on-one interaction.
  • Meet with other experts from international companies, research institutes, and universities in an off-the-record format.
  • Form professional relationships that will continue after the forum has ended.

Forum Guidelines

The following will prepare attendees for what to expect when attending a forum:

  • Participants are expected to attend every session.
  • Slides are limited, allowing maximum time for informal discussions and exchange of experience.
  • Forums are conducted off the record to support the free interchange of information and ideas.
  • Extensive note taking is not allowed.
  • Recording of any forum session is prohibited.
  • Information disclosed at a forum may not be used publicly without the originator’s permission.
  • Participants are requested to omit reference to forum proceedings in any subsequent published work or oral presentation.
  • A written summary may be prepared and distributed to attendees after the forum with unanimous attendee agreement and at the discretion of the steering committee and SPE approval.
  • No commercialism

Application Information

Participants at SPE Forums are selected by the Forum Steering Committee based on the ability to contribute to the discussion of the topic. Attendance is limited to maximize each person's opportunity to contribute.

Accepted applicants will receive their registration form and other materials within two weeks of the application deadline. For those requiring visas to attend the forum, please ensure that you leave sufficient time for your visa to be processed.