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Unlocking Alberta’s Carbonate Reservoirs

16 – 17 September 2014

Banff, Alberta, Canada | The Rimrock Resort Hotel

Short Course

Thursday, 18 September, 0930—1200

Location: Iron Mountain Core Storage Facility, 3905 29 St. NE, Calgary, Alberta

Short Course on Fracture Characterization Using Well Cores

Short CoursePrice

  • Cad 250+GST per person
  • Max. 25 people

Coffee, juice and fruit and muffins will be provided.

For more information about this course, contact Kristin Briard at kbriard@spe.org.


  • Ghislain De Joussineau, Beicip , Paris, France
  • Kent Barrett, Laricina Energy, Calgary Alberta

Participants will view several Grosmont cores from Laricina Energy’s Saleski Pilot. Saleski is a production pilot where steam is used to assist production of bitumen from a fractured dolomite reservoir. The Grosmont is ideal for discussion of fracturing because of the wealth of technical data and the abundance of fractures of different types. Participants will also have access to accompanying image logs so that they will be able to see how the same fractures show up in core and using FMI logs.

Emphasis will be on identifying and characterizing different fracture types including:

  1. Tectonic fractures
  2. Compactional fractures
  3. Fractures that are artifacts of core handling or decompression of reservoir rock
  4. Drilling induced fractures

The course will also cover:

  • The relationship between burial history and fracture generation
  • The impact of fractures on reservoir modeling
  • The unusual relationship between bitumen saturation and fractures
  • The relationship between fractures and lost circulation—it’s more complicated than you thought