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The Challenge of Well Integrity in a Subsea Environment

20 – 22 May 2014

Bergen, Norway | Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport

About this Workshop


This workshop is one of several to be held over the next three years, and is part of the exciting new Global Integrated Workshop Series.

These ground-breaking workshops are held on a specific topic around the globe over an extended period of time. As new workshops are held, the discussions and findings will be gathered and shared among all workshop participants, creating a growing body of global knowledge on the topic. 

Subsea well population is growing along with deep water and arctic developments. These are frontiers that hold tremendous promise and are a fast growing sector of the oil and gas industry. The challenges related to well integrity management are considerable with deeper wells resulting in high temperature, higher pressure , differentiating well design and the selection of subsea operating systems. These elements have an impact on how we manage well integrity with a lifecycle perspective .

The impact of well integrity failure and the understanding of the associated risks, mitigations and intervention solutions over the lifecycle of the wells should be evaluated during well construction. The competence and knowledge of failures like wellhead fatigue, material degradation, HP HT effects on design and selected design configurations, are critical challenges in this fast growing area. The competence transition of the high complex well designs and operating systems, from the project teams to the production teams that need to manage the wells over the lifecycle is a tremendous challenge.

Objectives and Deliverables

This workshop has been designed to maximise opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and learning. The event is two and a half days with sessions concentrating on subsea well integrity with a deeper review of well design, risk mitigation, risk management, lessons learnt and P&A. Each session will begin with selected presentations, followed by the opportunity for detailed discussions, case studies and group work activities. Building on the successes and opportunities of collaboration amongst oil and gas producers, service providers and regulators, the workshop aims to create a clear roadmap for the future, to improve the overall well integrity management of subsea wells.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is a limited attendance meeting for up to 80 delegates, designed for professionals in the oil and gas industry who are involved in well integrity, planning, design, construction, drilling, completion, operation, intervention, maintenance, inspection, and abandonment. The workshop hopes to attract a balanced mix of disciplines to enhance the exchange of information, ideas, and technologies.