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SPE Flow Assurance—Further, Deeper and Towards Excellence

9 – 12 November 2014

Bali, Indonesia | The Laguna Resort & Spa

Technical Agenda

Monday, 10 November, 0830 – 0930     

Session 1: Introduction / Opening / Keynote Address

1000 – 1200

Session 2: Understanding Fluids and Models

To effectively manage and understand flow assurance risk, modelling of production systems is currently the only reliable method used for predicting and estimating phase behaviour, rheology, heat transfer, multiphase flow, and solids formation. Identifying flow assurance risk during the early stages can help avoid system upsets.

1300 – 1600     

Session 3: Field Development Challenges of Going Further and Deeper

Discussion on available technology and design approaches such as flow assurance management in subsea, subsea pumping and compression, flow assurance philosophy and advances and the application of cold flow.

1615 – 1715     

Session 4: Avoidance vs. Risk Acceptance

The session focuses on current industry practices to determine the factors and uncertainties used to evaluate flow assurance risks during design and to achieve a balance between designing to avoid problems and managing the impacts if a certain level or risk is accepted.

1715 – 1615     

Session 5: Poster Session

Tuesday, 11 November, 830 – 1030 

Session 6: Flow Assurance Misconceptions

A review on fluid phase behaviour and solids management, liquid management strategies, pipeline integrity issues and transient versus steady-state simulations.

1045 – 1245

Session 7: Preparing for First Oil and Gas

The session examines potential complexities and critical issues through effective commissioning procedures, preventive measures and solutions based on flow-ability and effective by startup plan.

Wednesday, 12 November, 0830 – 1030 

Session 8: Operational Flow Assurance Issues

This session covers operational inputs during the design phase, surveillance and monitoring options, system optimisation during operations, and remediation options.

1045 – 1245

Session 9: Interfaces with other Disciplines/ Parties

Topics covered will include the role and accountability of different parties in ensuring information and data integrity, managing partners and stakeholders and resolving conflicting requirements throughout different phases of field development and project life cycle.

1345 – 1545     

Session 10: New Technology in Managing Flow Assurance Issues

The session will discuss new and improved technologies in managing flow assurance issues includes subsea systems and cold flow, unconventional fields such as shale gas, shale oil, coal bed methane, methane hydrate and rich H2S and CO2 gas fields and EOR application.

1600 – 1800     

Session 11: Human Factors and Competency in Flow Assurance

Areas such as human factors, the need of developing and maintaining competency, role of industry and academia in training flow assurance engineers  will be discussed.

1800 – 1830     

Session 12: Summary and Wrap Up