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SPE Flow Assurance—Further, Deeper and Towards Excellence

9 – 12 November 2014

Bali, Indonesia | The Laguna Resort & Spa

Poster Solicitation and Information

All participants are encouraged to prepare a poster for the Workshop. Posters will be presented at an assigned time and open to frank discussion and presentation of unconfirmed or partial results. Posters will be available on display for the entire Workshop period.

Presentations on both research and field experience are solicited.

When preparing your poster:

  • Avoid commercialism. No mention of trademarks/product name.
  • Poster size should be approximately 0.8m x 1.2m (W x H) or size A0 in portrait layout.
  • Identify topic by title, presenter, affiliation, address, and phone number.
  • Include a brief abstract that summarises the technology to be addressed.
  • Make the display as self-explanatory as possible.
  • Place the information sequentially; beginning with the main idea or problem, method used, result, etc. (Draw a plan keeping the size and number of illustrations in mind).
  • Keep illustrations simple by using charts, graphs, drawings, and pictures to create interest and visually explain a point.
  • Use contrasting colours.
  • Use large print for narrative materials. (We suggest a minimum of 24 points or 3" high letters for the title).

Note that the Workshop Programme Committee will review all poster abstracts/materials prior to display, and reserves the right to refuse permission to display any poster considered by the committee to be commercial in nature.

If you are interested in participating, please email the topic with a short abstract (between 200- 300 words) of the proposed topic to SPE Event Coordinator, Zarrin Zulkifli at zizulkifli@spe.org by 16 October 2014.