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SPE Applied Intelligent Completions: Monitoring and Control Completions Technologies

19 – 20 January 2015

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia | Le Meridien

Technical Agenda

Session 1: Application of Intelligent Completions Technologies for ERD Wells

Well measurement and control technologies (both down hole and surface) are critical in serving the objectives of intelligent oilfields through optimising production, enhancing recovery, and managing hydrocarbon reservoirs. The oil industry has come a long way from making periodical measurements with limited and costly intervention capabilities to continuous and real-time monitoring along with flexible and remote downhole control using various sensing and downhole flow control technologies. This workshop is intended to discuss current intelligent field technologies which have been applied in field including future intelligent field technologies. It will cover complete system from down hole to surface by sharing worldwide and Middle East experiences and examples of production optimisation for extended reach wells.

Session 2: Intelligent Completions Technologies for ESP Applications

Intelligent completions have been in commercial use for over ten years. Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs) play a key role in producing from oil wells that are incapable of producing naturally at commercially viable rates. ESPs are commonly used in wells which cannot lift the oil to surface due to low reservoir pressure, high water cut, and high back pressure from surface facilities or a combination of all three. As large oilfields around the world mature ESPs, will play a major role in maintaining production from these fields. In order to combine intelligent completion with ESPs several factors need to be considered. This session will evaluate different options to combine ESPs with intelligent completions and review their respective limitations, benefits, and risks.

Session 3:  Breakout Session

Session 4: Integration: Upstream Technologies, X-Mas Tree and SCADA for Remote Operations

Wellhead and Tubing hangers: In most common configurations control lines and cables are run outside the production tubing and extend from each downhole device to surface. Tubing hanger and wellhead must have enough penetrations to allow passing of these lines for hookup to surface control system. This session will cover integration of upstream technologies, x-mas advancements, and SCADA.

Session 5: Answer Products for Real-Time Data Analysis and Production Optimisation

This session will cover advancement in softwares and answer products to make effective decisions by experts in real-time for production optimisation and enhance recovery.

Session 6: Breakout Session