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SPE Distributed Fibre Optics Monitoring

4 – 5 November 2014

Istanbul, Turkey | Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul

Technical Agenda

Session 1: Stimulation Monitoring

Session Chairs: Doug Huber, Pinntech; Mohamed Nouimehidi, Saudi Aramco

This session will be dedicated to fibre optic stimulation diagnostics and monitoring using distributed sensing such as temperature (DTS) and potential other applications like distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) and multiple sensing (MS). Case studies of stimulation analysis will be shared, followed by group discussions on the value for monitoring and characterisation of fractures and reservoir behaviour.

Session 2: Production Monitoring

Session Chairs: Andrew Strong, Weatherford; Steve Hirshblond, Shell International E&P

This session will cover data acquisition and interpretation processes for in-well production and injection flow monitoring.  It will include both practical field/well case histories, and recent technical developments in this important area.

Session 3: Integrity Monitoring

Session Chairs: Giles Powell, Schlumberger; Roger Duncan, Baker Hughes

Integrity monitoring has spawned and developed from more conventional deployments of fibre optic distributed sensing. Arguably it is now the monitoring technology of choice, allowing for greater understanding, spatial awareness, and in some cases a proactive measurement solution to avoid future issues. This session will cover specific applications of fibre optic systems deployed to monitor integrity in the E&P business.

Session 4: Emerging and Enabling Technologies

Session Chairs: Mohamed Nouimehidi, Saudi Aramco; Steve Mathias, Weatherford

This session will bring to the participants the challenges faced in the actual fibre optic distributed monitoring and where is fibre distributed sensing heading to. Real-time data management and analysis versus addressing the challenges faced from operational aspects will be discussed for fields such as seismic profiling (VSP), micro-seismic, advanced completions, and production monitoring.

Session 5: Data Management/Visualisation

Session Chairs: Andrew Strong, Weatherford; Dennis Dria, Myden Energy Consultants

The increasing complexity and functionality of in-well fibre sensor installations is leading to a requirement to manage and display ever-increasing volumes of data. This session will focus on case studies and new techniques for data gathering, management, and visualisation for reservoir data from distributed sensors.

Session 6: Unconventional Applications

Session Chairs: Ashraff Khateeb, Baker Hughes; Mikko Jaaskelainan, Halliburton

The demand of energy will continue to grow requiring integrated unconventional applications to overcome the challenges in realising the full value of assets. This session will review case studies where fiber optic technologies are used to collect data during completion, stimulation, production, and life of the well to increase value to asset owners.

Session 7: System Reliability

Session Chairs: Ali Sheydeyev, British Petroleum; Steve Hirshblond, Shell International E&P

With application of in-well fibre-optic technology on the rise, overall system reliability and life cycle cost is fast becoming a key driver in acceptance and deployment of these technologies. Overall speed of uptake will depend heavily on demonstrated reliable performance over long periods of time. This session will focus on case histories and technological advances where survival and longevity of the system, inclusive of in-well fibre cable and surface acquisition and data delivery components are of upmost importance.

Session 8: Areal Reservoir Monitoring

Session Chairs: Gossen Bakker, Petroleum Development Oman; Mikko Jaaskelainan, Halliburton

Areal surveillance plays a key role in assessing the effectiveness of drive mechanisms and EOR processes. In-well fibre optic technologies applied in injectors, producers and observation wells have emerged as surveillance tools in near- and far-field monitoring. This session will discuss the various fibre optic technologies that can be used in areal reservoir monitoring.