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Environmental Impact—Technical Solutions for the Exploration of Oil and Gas Resources

13 – 14 May 2014

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | The Westin Nova Scotian

Technical Agenda

Tuesday, 13 May, 0800-0930

SESSION 1:  Offshore Environmental Challenges

Session Chairpersons: Tony LaPierre; Stan Mason; Alex Baranov

Activity updates in the Atlantic Canada offshore region, and their unique environmental challenges.


SESSION 2:  Sound and the Marine Environment 

Session Chairpersons:  Tony Lapierre; Chisum Cooke; Paul Durling

Session will look at industry practices and research efforts worldwide on understanding and mitigating impacts of sound from exploration seismic on the marine environment.


SESSION 3: Hydraulic Fracturing – Exercising New Technologies

Session Chairpersons: Brent Schulte; Larry Huskins; Kim Walbe

This session will cover some of the new technologies that are currently being employed by oil & gas operators to enhance well stimulation in a time of public concern and critical review of the entire hydraulic fracturing process.


SESSION 4:  Advances in Water Management: Sourcing, Treatment, Recycling

Session Chairpersons: Robbie Cathey; Andy Blackmer; Karen Santillana

The acquisition and management of water used in hydraulic stimulation in unconventional oil and gas development continues to be a focus of technical development. This session provides information on advances in technology and techniques related to make up water sources as well as treatment, re-use, recycling and disposal of flow back water.

Wednesday, 14 May, 0800–0930

SESSION 5:  Geophysical Advancements for Unconventional Reservoir Exploration and Characterization

Session Chairpersons: Tony Lapierre; Paul Durling

Session will focus on advances in geophysical imaging and the importance of this data in understanding the subsurface in mitigating environmental risk.


SESSION 6:  Environmental Protection Offered by Well Designs

Session Chairpersons:  Kelly Soucy; Edwin MacDonald; Stan Mason

How current well designs address environmental protection, and which emerging well construction and validation technologies will advance this protection. This includes mechanical isolation.


SESSION 7:  Emissions Regulations in North America: Differences, Implications, and Challenges Ahead

Session Chairpersons: Chisum Cooke; Brent Schulte; Alex Baranov

This session will feature a discussion highlighting differences in emissions regulations between Canada and the US (on- and offshore) complemented with a look at the technical and economic implications of compliance.


SESSION 8:  Stakeholder Engagement

Session Chairpersons: Darcy Spady; Larry Huskins; Karen Santillana

A look at the changes in stakeholder engagement now as compared to the last decade. Proactively approaching stakeholder conversations going forward.