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SPE Hydraulic Fracturing – Building on the Past to Create the Future

27 – 30 April 2014

Singapore, Singapore | Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

About this workshop


Hydraulic fracturing has become one of the most effective technologies in today’s oil and gas industry. For unconventional resources, it is the only means to economically extract hydrocarbon from nano-Darcy formations. From early-time single fractures in vertical wells to current multiple-stage fracture stimulation in horizontal wells, there exists a wealth of knowledge in understanding, designing, executing and optimizing hydraulic fracture treatment. This workshop will focus on current technologies in hydraulic fracturing with an emphasis on applying what we have learned from the last several decades to the new challenges in conventional and unconventional resources. The advances in hardware, materials, diagnosis and modeling will be reviewed. Each reservoir rock is different, and correct techniques should be selected when fracturing is applied to enhance performance. Field cases of hydraulic fracturing in the Asian area and also around the globe will be presented for fracturing in tight sand, shale and carbonate formations.

Objectives and Focus

This workshop will provide excellent networking opportunities for sharing of latest technologies, applications, and best practices. The perspective subjects for discussion are:

  • Reservoir characterisation for fracturing (geology, geophysics and geomechanics)
  • Fracture design
  • Fracturing diagnosis
  • Modelling of fracture well performance
  • Innovation technologies
  • Regional case histories
  • Acid fracturing in carbonates
  • Environment/social license to operate

Who Should Attend

  • Petroleum, production, reservoir, and completion engineers
  • Production technologists
  • Petrophyscists
  • Stimulation engineers and managers
  • Asset management engineers and managers
  • Reservoir management
  • University staff and academia
  • Research and development scientists