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SPE Oil and Gas Facilities in Latin America: Monetizing Reserves
in Challenging Environments

23 – 24 April 2014

Lima, Peru | Swissotel Lima

Technical Agenda

WEDNESDAY, 23 APRIL, 0800-0830

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Minister Eleodoro Mayorga, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Peru


Session I: Technologies on Compression and Treatment of Natural Gas for Remote Areas

Session Chairpersons: Edwin Zorrilla, Consultant; Dante Pissani, Repsol

The main challenges to build production facilities in remote areas relate to reducing the footprint and environmental impact while securing capacity of expansion, low maintenance requirements, and high reliability to minimize the necessity of intervention and construction activities at the site. This session will cover design techniques, innovative technologies, selection criteria, and successful experiences.

  • Presentation 1: Bernard Dienne, GE Oil & Gas, France
    Integrated Compressor Line (ICL), introducing state of the art compression technology in Latin America
  • Presentation 2: Jose C. Melon, Siemens
    Technologies on Compression and Treatment of Natural Gas: Types of Compressors, Applications and Trends
  • Presentation 3: Horacio Di Pasquo, Pluspetrol
    Production Forecast Assurance – Well Head Compression


Session II: Building Facilities in Remote Areas

Session Chairperson: Washington Porlles, Consultant

This session will cover facility construction activities that take place in environmentally sensitive areas such as the jungle and offshore. Activities must follow standard operating procedures while fulfilling legal restrictions, and making a minimal impact on flora and fauna.

  • Presentation 1: Bruno Caracchini, Repsol
  • Presentation 2: Jesus Angulo, Petroperu


Session III: Logistics and HSE

Session Chairperson: Washington Porlles, Consultant

The session will cover logistics activities that take place in both remote areas and offshore operations, such as moving staff, food, equipment, etc. HSE consideration in these activities, including working with communities, operational safety and environment, will be also be addressed.

  • Presentation 1: Carlos Gargurevich, Consultant
  • Logistics in Peru
  • Presentation 2: Clara Indacochea, Cecilia Quiroz, PetroPerú
  • Logistics in the Peruvian Amazon: Relationship with Indigenous Communities
  • Presentation 3:  Rodolfo Gallo, COGA
    Pipe Hauling


Session IV: Gas Production: From Well to Processing

Session Chairperson: David Aron, PDC; Victor Huerta, PetroPerú

This session will address the developing work in the production of gas and gas condensate in remote areas and offshore operations, ranging from the reservoir, reviewing damage formation problems, to new technologies in separation and processing.

  • Presentation 1: Mary Malave, Petrobras
    Gas Conditioning in Early Development Project
  • Presentation 2: Gustavo Olivares, Repsol
    Shared Production for a Viable Gas Project in Peruvian Rainforest
  • Presentation 3: Edwin Gamboa, Pluspetrol
  • Technology Used from the Wells to the Processing Plant

Thursday, 24 April, 0800–0830

Keynote Speaker

Daniel Guerra, Pluspetrol


Session V: Transportation From Remote Areas to Open Markets

Session Chairpersons: Federico Noguera and Juan Carlos Romani, GMP

This session will cover challenges faced during the construction and operation of pipelines in remote areas. Also, lessons learned in the design, logistic, construction and operation of huge pipelines that began in the Amazon and ended in the Pacific Coast will be presented. Pre-established norms to apply environment and social responsibility aspects to control will also be covered.

  • Presentation 1: Jose Luis Lanziani, COGA
    From the Jungle to the Coast – TgP – A Challenging Case
  • Presentation 2: Cristian Inchauste, Raul Ferrufino, YPFB  Transporte, Bolivia
  • Gas Transportation from Remote Areas to Open Markets


Session VI: Offshore Facilities Developments

Session Chairperson: Carlos Blanca, GE; Jose Melon, Siemens

Offshore oil and natural gas exploration and production entails more complex operations than onshore activities. In this session we will learn from the experiences of offshore developments in Peru including oil and gas production, best practices in operation, maintenance, and preservation of the environment. Global trends in offshore technology, logistics, and inherent risks will also be covered.

  • Presentation 1: Adriano Araujo Carvahlo, Siemens, Brazil
    Project Management in Offshore Facilities: a Suggestion to Save Time in Project Development
  • Presentation 2: Nader Matari, GE Oil & Gas Subsea, USA
    Flexible Pipe for Offshore Applications
  • Presentation 3: Enrique Bisetti, BPZ Resources


Session VII: How to Make the Development of a Huge and Remote Gas Field Feasible

Session Chairperson: Federico Noguera, GMP; Juan Carlos Taboada, GMI

Gas pipeline “Gaseoducto del Sur” begins in Camisea. Its feasibility depends on the development of the downstream projects located along the southern coast of Peru. Projects that could boost its monetization include power plants, petrochemical plants, and natural gas liquefaction (LNG) for export and domestic consumption.

  • Presentation 1: Juan Ortiz Guevara, Ministry of Energy and Mines Perú
    Natural Gas Massification in Peru
  • Presentation 2: Igor Salazar, Peru LNG


Session VIII: Facilities and Reservoir Engineering Uncertainty

Session Chairperson: David Aron, PDC; Mario Alva, Petrobras; Washington Porlles, Consultant

Reservoir uncertainty is likely to be a feature of future oil and gas development in Peru particularly in remote onshore locations. Facilities engineers will need to cope with this uncertainty and be able to provide additional flexibility without excessive costs. This session will address what facilities engineers require from reservoir engineers, and what reservoir engineers need to take into account regarding facility limitations in their field development planning.

  • Presentation 1: Miryam Ostos, Schlumberger
    Well Monitoring System and Integration Data for Loss Production Management
  • Presentation 2: Jorge Falla, Petrobras
    Integral Evaluation of Multiple Gas Structures under Uncertainty
  • Presentation 3: Miguel Dorival, Pluspetrol
    Asset Lifecycle Management: IAM


  • Simultaneous translation, in English and Spanish, will be available in all sessions.
  •  While every attempt will be made to adhere to the schedule, the status/availability of speakers and moderators is subject to change.
  • A URL containing released copies of the workshop presentations will be available to attendees following the workshop.