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SPE Applying the Best Technologies in Extremely Sensitive Environments Workshop

27 – 29 May 2014

Quito, Ecuador | JW Marriott Hotel Quito

Field Trips

The SPE Applying the Best Technologies in Extremely Sensitive Environments Workshop  brings the opportunity to see firsthand some of the innovations implemented in remote operating areas of the Ecuador tropical rain forest. Three different two-day tours have been scheduled for after the workshop. Limited spacing is available.

Proof of immunization will be required prior to the field trips. It is also recommended to bring comfortable shoes to walk, long pants, long sleeved shirts, a light jacket or rain jacket, and repellent

Field Trip Options

Block 16 - Repsol

May 30 – June 1

This two day tour will take you to the heart of the tropical rain forests of Yasuni National Park, which is an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and home the Waorani tribe. The operators have demonstrated that road construction into vulnerable ecosystems and communities can be managed to prevent induced settlement, hunting and deforestation. Their production facilities have been operating successfully for over 20 years within the park boundaries. The operators will show you some of their successes and challenges in managing contingencies (spills) and community relations; as well as their collaboration with the Catholic University Yasuni Research Station.


Friday, May 30

  • Flight to Coca                                                
  • Boat (or drive) ride to Pompeya                                                       
  • Lunch at NPF                                                 
  • Afternoon visit of key facilities                                                        
  • Overnight at NPF, presentation by Block 16 managers

Saturday, May 31

  • Morning - Visit to Catolica Research Station                                                          
  • Afternoon - Repsol remediation/waste management                                                           
  • Return to Coca                                                           
  • Evening flight to Quito


USD 575 (Price includes airfare to site location, river ride, lodging, and meals)

Block 17

30–31 May

This two-day trip encompasses areas of recent settlement induced by road building several decades ago, and the highly sensitive wilderness area (Area Intangible) set up by the Ecuadorian government to protect several vulnerable indigenous groups of Peoples in Voluntary Isolation (PVIs).  This block is on the front lines between uncontrolled development and efforts to conserve a high biodiversity rainforest.  This block is also home to a very special indigenous people who have had almost no contact with the modern world.  The operator will take you to their operations both within and outside of Yasuni National Park. You will have an opportunity to meet members of the Waorani community who live in this transition zone and maintain relations with outsiders, and listen to their perspectives on oil development.


Friday, May 30                                                         

  • Flight to Coca                                                
  • Road trip to Kupi                                                      
  • Lunch at CPF                                                 
  • Afternoon visit to key facilities                                                         
  • Overnight at CPF, presentation by PetroOriental managers

Saturday, May 31                                                     

  • Visit a pipeline river crossing                                                
  • Visit a Waorani community                                       
  • Afternoon: return to Coca
  • Evening: flight to Quito


USD 475 (Includes airfare to and from site location, bus ride, lodging and meals)    

Field trip confirmation will depend on availability. Limited spots available!