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SPE Integrated Intelligent Completions

11 – 12 September 2014

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | JW Marriott Hotel 

Technical Agenda

Thursday, September 11, 0800-0830

Keynote Speaker

Anelise Quintao Lara, Executive Manager for Libra Field, Petrobras


Session I: Opening Panel   

Session Chairs: Hardy Leonardo Pinto, Petrobras and Ivan Couto, Schlumberger

During this panel session we will go over operator demands about Intelligent Completion in deep and ultradeep subsea wells, what the industry is providing and what are the lessons learnt.


  • Anderson Rapello, Petrobras
  • Sigurd Myge Erlandsen, Statoil
  • Sebastien Bourgoin, Total 


Session II: Value Evaluation

Session Chair: Alexandre Emerick, Petrobras and David Davies, Heriot-Watt University

Intelligent completions enhance controllability and flexibility in the reservoir management. However, they may also increase complexity and cost in the well design and installation. Moreover, there are concerns about the reliability of the system. Therefore, assessing the value of an intelligent completion project is a prerequisite for a successful application of this technology. This session will address methodologies to quantify the value added by intelligent completions.

  • Speaker 1: Denis Schiozer, UNICAMP
    Methodology to Estimate Value of Flexibility Applied to Smart Wells
  • Speaker 2: Richard Booth, Schlumberger
    A Comparison of Different Methods for Assessing the Value of Flexibility under Uncertainty with an Application to Smart Wells
  • Speaker 3: David Davies, Heriot-Watt University
    Combined Surface and Subsurface Control Adds Value During Production of Wells Subject to Gas Coning


Session III: Integration

Session Chairs: Sthener Rodrigues and Orlando Brito, Petrobras

This session will focus in case studies of integration between the intelligent completion systems and the surface and subsea production systems. Which tools are needed, the standards and how to get every discipline involved.

  • Speaker 1: Robson Alves dos Santos, Petrobras
    Simultaneous Realtime Data Integration of Intelligent Completion and Formation Evaluation
  • Speaker 2: Alexandre Rabello Pereira, Petrobras
  • Subsea Control System  and Intelligent Completions:  Integration on Pre-Sal - First Results
  • Speaker 3: John Haukvik, Welltec
    Riserless Intervention Experience and Solutions for Sub Sea Well Completions
  • Speaker 4: Douglas Lagame, EXPRO Group
  • Subsea Intervention Tree: Brazil Deepwater Completions New Frontier


Session IV: Risk and Reliability

Session Chairs: Carlos Magno, Petrobras and Savio Saldanha, WellDynamics

Risk and reliability assessment and analysis nowadays are key elements for complex equipment and processes helping organizations to acheive breakthrough improvements in both safety and economics. Besides they have been used in many industries for long time, E&P segment of petroleum industry is challeging due to its complexity and uncertainty naturally involved. This session will discuss risk and reliability assessement and analysis methods and techniques applied to Intelligent Completion Systems.  

  • Speaker 1: Marcello Marques, Petrobras
    Methodology for Assessing Reliability of an Intelligent Completion System in Petrobras
  • Speaker 2: Joey Jiang, Halliburton
    A System and Method for Design Decisions Based on Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD’s)
  • Speaker 3: Mauro Bloch, Petrobras
    Brazilian Laboratory of Qualification and Reliability for Completion Equipments

Friday, September 12, 0800-0830

Keynote Speaker

Edson Nakagawa, Pré-Sal Petróleo S.A. (PPSA)


Session V: Case Studies

Session Chairs: Eduardo Schnitzler, Petrobras and Francisco Porturas, Halliburton

Intelligent completion applications field experiences have increased globally and showing great performance to enhance well production in various reservoir environments and complexity. In this session will be presented a few Case Studies of recent installations in deep offshore Pre-salt and North Sea together with innovative hardware solutions and trends.

  • Speaker 1: Eduardo Schnitzler, Petrobras
    Intelligent Completion Application in a Well Drilled Using MPD Techniques in Santos Basin Pre-Salt Area
  • Speaker 2: Desiderio Rodrigues, Halliburton
    Downhole Electro-Hydraulic Disconnect Tool Enables Parting and Subsequent Re-connection of the Upper Completion (containing an ESP) from the Lower Intelligent Completion
  • Speaker 3: Potiane Maciel, Baker Hughes
    A Review of IC Installations: Lessons Learned from Electric-Hydraulic, Hydraulic and All-Electric Systems
  • Speaker 4: Candice Wood, Petrobras America
    First intelligent well completion in the ultra deepwater Lower Tertiary Wilcox formation under HPHT


Session VI: Modelling and Optimization 

Session Chairs: Alexandre Emerick, Petrobras and Marta Dueñas Diez, Repsol

Appropriate modelling of reservoir, wells, advanced completions and the near wellbore region can contribute to optimize both the design and operation of intelligent completions. However, there are technical challenges for a full model-based optimization including, model uncertainty, data assimilation and integrated modelling (reservoir, wells and facilities). In contrast, optimization of the operation of the intelligent completions can be also carried out based purely on advanced sensor data (data-driven optimization). This session will cover the latest advances in modelling and optimization of intelligent wells.

  • Speaker 1: Matthew Jackson, Imperial College
  • Feedback Control of Intelligent Completions Yields Enhanced Productionand Why Model-Based Control is Doomed To Fail
  • Speaker 2: Reda Bouamra, Schlumberger
  • 1D-3D Advanced Near-Wellbore Thermal Modeling
  • Speaker 3: David Davies, Heriot-Watt University
    A Practical, Robust Optimiser for Control of an Intelligent Field under Uncertainty


Session VII: New Technologies

Session Chairs: Gustavo Mendes, Baker Hughes and Arthur Braga, PUC- Rio

This part of the workshop focuses on key aspects of the new trends in Intelligent Completions: Innovative interactions between topside controls and downhole tools, well data signal processing and technologies for harsh environments.

In this session, participants will engage in highlighting the most promising solutions and its applications. (Recent developments now in research will be analyzed.)

  • Speaker 1: Joe Shaw, Baker Hughes
    IPS All Electrical
  • Speaker 2: Mike Konopczynski, Halliburton
    Defining the Functionality Requirements and Specifications for Deepwater Intelligent Completions:  New Technologies and their Link to Operational Requirements
  • Speaker 3: Ronaldo Izetti, Petrobras
    Intelligent Completion in the Casing Concept - Challenges and Benefits


Session VIII: Summary and Wrap-up

Session Chairs: Manoel Feliciano, Petrobras and Marcelo Batocchio, Welltec

During this session we will summarize the workshop technical session highlights and lessons learned.