Petroleum Reserves & Resources Estimation Workshop: Sharing the Vision

21 – 23 May 2014

Moscow, Russia | Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel, “Andreevsky” Conference Hall 

About this Workshop

The Oil & Gas Industry is a fundamental component of the global economy, which requires clear standards to be established as regards the estimation of reserves and resources to support internal corporate resources management systems of producing companies, governmental inventory accounting, project financing and reporting to investors according to the applicable regulatory documents. Continuous liaisons between the industry experts pushes forward regular reviews of classification systems to bring them into compliance with the requirements of all major stakeholders.

The participants of the Workshop will be able to consider issues arising from new Russian classification, to learn about practical support to the PRMS system by SPE, and to discuss prospective approaches to oil and gas reserves estimation, including estimation of hard-to-recover reserves, differences and similarities between the Russian system and PRMS, as well as cooperation perspectives.

The following topics are set for this Workshop:

    1. Global codes and classifications of reserves estimation, their development trends. Goals and objectives
    2. PRMS: Building on Global Consensus
    3. Russian Classification of Reserves and Predicted Oil and Gas Resources: Development and Major Changes
    4. Methodology for Petroleum Reserves and Contingent Resources Estimation
    5. Shale oil: reserves estimation and development
    6. Deterministic and Probabilistic Methods

    Workshop Guidelines

    Information for presenters

    If you are interested to be a speaker at the workshop, please send your presentation abstract (2-3 paragraphs with description of nature and scope of work, possible applications and summary of results or technical contributions) to Victoria Rachinskaya at before May 12, 2014. Your abstract will be reviewed by the Program Committee to consider its acceptance for the Workshop Program.
    The following information is required for each abstract:

    • Participant’s name, Company name
    • Contact details- phone number, address, e-mail address
    • Session’s title
    • Title of your presentation

    The preference will be given to presentations that precisely correspond to the above listed themes and demonstrate the most illustrative cases providing the combination of experience and innovations, application of traditional and advanced practices.

    Poster session

    In addition to the scheduled presentations, the Programme Committee will incorporate a poster presentation session within this Workshop. The poster session will allow participants an opportunity to present additional new ideas to those interested. The applicants willing to participate in the poster session shall contact Victoria Rachinskaya (SPE Moscow office) at  to get the requirements for poster preparation and selection for the Workshop.


    Attendance will be limited to a maximum of 100 delegates with proven experience and/or knowledge of the subject areas being covered.

    Programme Information

    Detailed information on Workshop Programme will be posted on SPE web-site: and SPE Moscow section site:

    Conference report

    • Presentation materials will not be published, therefore formal papers and handouts are not expected from speakers. PowerPoint presentations will be posted on a specific SPE URL address after the Workshop and be available for Workshop attendees only.
    • The Committee will prepare a full report containing the highlights of the Workshop description. This report will be circulated to all attendees.   The copyright of the summary report will belong to SPE.


    In keeping with Workshop objectives and the SPE mission, excessive commercialism in posters or presentations will not be permitted. Company logo must be limited to the poster slide and used only to indicate the affiliation of the presenter and others involved in the work.

    Attendance Certificate

    All attendees will receive a certificate from SPE attesting to their participation in the workshop.

    Dress code

    Casual clothing is recommended. The Workshop atmosphere is informal.