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SPE High CO2 and H2S Gas Fields Development

18–23 May 2014 :: Bali, Indonesia


About this forum

More than 40% of the world’s conventional gas reserves are estimated to be in reservoirs that contain significant amounts of Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Dioxide (acid gas). The presence of H2S and CO2 is proportions that could be as high as 70%, and the potential presence of heavy metals pose a number of challenges for drilling, cementing, completion, production and intervention. The International Energy Agency expects gas demand to grow by as much as 2% per year over the next two decades, and with the depletion of conventional (and sweet) reservoirs, the requirement to develop technologies that would enable the safe and economic exploitation of high CO2 and H2S gas resources is increasing.  Additionally, the disposal and utilisation of these gasses is becoming an issue from a technical and regulatory perspective.

This Forum will discuss the challenges associated with handling of this acid gas throughout the lifecycle of the field, and in particular which resource opportunities are beyond current technologies. Focus will be on the following areas:

  • Standards and regulations associated with High H2S and CO2
  • Subsurface effects including reservoir souring
  • Integrity management and flow assurance
  • Capture and separation technology
  • Disposal and utilisation
  • Sour/Acid Gas Monitoring Technology
  • Knowledge Management and Skills Development

To Whom the Forum Will Appeal

The Forum is designed for professionals in the oil and gas industry interested in the future of High CO2 and H2S gas fields operations. It is aimed at people whose principal job falls into any of the following categories:

  • Well engineers and managers
  • Production technologists and managers
  • Well technology engineers and managers
  • Research and development managers
  • Petroleum engineers and managers
  • Surface facilities engineers and managers
  • Academics

Who Should Attend?

This forum will appeal to multidisciplinary teams and technical experts in operating companies, service companies, and academic institutions who are involved in planning, drilling, completion, intervention, and production of shale and tight gas reservoirs.

What is a Forum?

SPE Forums offer an exclusive opportunity to interact with innovators, foremost professionals, and leading technologists. The objective is to create a collaborative, idea-generating forum that stimulates new ideas and innovation about future challenges facing the E&P industry.
Participants are encouraged to come prepared to contribute their experience and knowledge, rather than be spectators or students.
If you have a role to play in meeting the challenges of tomorrow head-on, register today.

Benefits to You and Your Organisation

  • Gain insight and perspective through conversations with peers who share your same interests.
  • Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of learning through one-on-one interaction.
  • Meet with other experts from international companies, research institutes, and universities in an off-the-record format.
  • Form professional relationships that will continue after the forum has ended

Attendees Will

  • Discuss common interests informally with colleagues from around the world.
  • Share knowledge and experience in an off-the-record format.
  • Gain new insight and perspective through conversations with others from international companies, service companies, contracting companies, research institutes, and universities.
  • Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere of learning through one-on-one interaction.