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Numerical Modeling in Unconventional Reservoirs

23–28 February 2014 :: Newport Beach, California, USA

About this forum

Unconventional reservoirs (shales) have given rise to the most dramatic increase in oil and gas development activity and production levels in decades. Advances in horizontal well drilling and new approaches to multi-stage completions and hydraulic fracture stimulation technology have commercialized these previously marginal resources. We do not adequately understand the hydraulic fracturing process in such reservoirs or the complexities of fluid flow in shales. We are currently unable to reliably predict long-term performance of shale-oil and shale gas horizontal wells.

Reasons include:

  • Our limited ability to characterize the multi-porosity nature of the rock matrix-fracture network(s)
  • Our insufficient understanding of the physics of pressure volume temperature (PVT) and fluid flow behavior in nanoscale pore throat geometry rocks
  • Our incomplete understanding of geomechanical behavior during hydraulic fracturing and post-treatment production.

Significant challenges limit our ability to numerically model the integration of well placement, completion design, hydraulic fracturing/stimulation, and reservoir/well performance. This forum will briefly review available numerical modeling tools and approaches, and identify gaps in current technology, while focusing on future effective and efficient integrated solutions.

The forum will be attended by participants from operating companies, service companies, academia, and other research organizations.