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Production Chemistry and Chemical Systems

24 – 25 March 2015

New Orleans, Louisiana | Hotel Monteleone

Technical Agenda

Tuesday, 24 March, 0815 - 1000

SESSION I: Chemical Injection System Design: Specific Considerations

Chairs: Karthik Annadorai, GATE, Inc.; Monte Goodner, W-Industries

This session will discuss aspects to consider for robust chemical injection system design and commissioning by incorporating lessons learned and success stories.                 

1030 - 1200

SESSION II: Considerations for Production Chemical Selection and Deployment

Chairs: John Waldvolgel, NALCO Champion; Nikhil Joshi, Anadarko

Production chemical selection and deployment strategies are critical to ensure that flow assurance issues are resolved as planned. This session discusses various aspects to consider for the selection and injection of these chemicals.

1330 - 1500

SESSION III: Subsea Production Chemistry Issues—Existing and New Challenges

Chairs: Mark Edwards, Shell; Rama Alapati, BHP Billiton

Production in deeper waters brings with it a host of different challenges. This session discusses the production chemistry issues associated with subsea developments and changes that have occurred in the industry. The topic of preparation for the future will be included.

1530 - 1700

SESSION IV: Health, Safety Security and Environment Aspect of Production Chemical Handling and Deployment

Chair: Chris LeBlanc, Chevron

There are many risks involved when dealing with oilfield production chemicals. These hazards include working with high pressures, exposure to corrosive chemicals, biological exposure, and possible damage due to mechanical motion. Production chemistry in the realm of process safety, asset integrity, compatibility testing, and lessons learned from root cause analyses will be addressed.

Wednesday, 25 March, 0820 - 0950

SESSION V: Pulsation and Vibration in Chemical Injection Systems

Chairs: Dave Hugg, Shell; Howard Duhon, GATE, Inc.

It is easy to say that chemical injection rate control valves don’t work. This session discusses the most feared aspect of chemical injection systems—chemical injection rate control valves and associated systems issues.

1015 - 1145

SESSION VI: Onshore Production Chemistry and Chemical Systems Challenges

Chairs: Alison Carey, Chevron; Casey Blake, Shell

High demands in shale production have escalated challenges around production chemistry. These demands place high production targets on oil and gas producers while maintaining regulatory compliance and reducing operating costs. This session will focus on chemical use on secondary recovery, corrosion prevention, gas processing, and heavy crude production.

1300 - 1400

SESSION VII: Subsurface Production Chemistry Issues

Chairs: Tommy Golczynski, Assured Flow Solutions LLC

Subsurface production chemistry issues will be discussed. Focus will be on near wellbore areas and considerations to mitigate these issues.

1430 - 1600

SESSION VIII: Production Chemistry and Chemical Systems Case Histories

Chair: Mark Edwards, Shell

This session will focus on case histories of chemical injection systems and lessons learned. The intent is to provide the participants takeaways.