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Next Generation of Smart Reservoir Management:
The Eminent Role of Big Data Analytics

18–21 January 2016 :: Dubai, UAE

About this forum

As asset yields are becoming harder to assess and even harder to forecast, oil and gas operating companies and services providers must enable real-time decisions to better predict business outcomes that drive improved efficiencies and utilisation in order to achieve improved bottom line results and profitability.

With the continued world-wide expansion of Intelligent Digital Oilfield (DOF) assets and projects, coupled with the exponential growth in the volume and complexity of acquired data, the industry needs to rapidly adapt to a new generation of “digital transformation” technology and processes including:

  • Implementation of large-scale, big data-driven advanced analytics integrated into role-centric, relevant time workflows
  • Delivery of holistic ability for capture, classification, integration and interpretation of ALL relevant data (geological, engineering, production, equipment, performance, etc.) to a high degree of accuracy and precision
  • Ability to understand advanced analytical trends and correlation models to quickly and efficiently unlock the “hidden” knowledge from ALL datasets; from small data to large-scale and complex data

It is imperative that we simultaneously advance science-driven as well as data-driven technologies and processes that enable companies to capture and transform ALL data into actionable insight. Our ultimate goals are to:

  • Improve asset value and returns
  • Enhance safe and environmental-friendly operations
  • Improve production and recovery rates, as well as facilities and manufacturing efficiency
  • Increase efficiencies and productivity across major business units
  • Optimise global operations

The proposed Forum is designed to address the technologies, methods, solutions, and best practices for improved data management and data utilisation in core business processes leveraging “big data and advanced analytics” in the oil and gas industry and aims to deliver value to exploration, drilling, and production operations.

Some of the Challenges to Address:

  • How to collect, classify, integrate and maintain data efficiently?
  • Automation in Big Data and Analytics: is it feasible, when and how?
  • What are some of the predicaments of selecting the “fit-for-purpose” tools?
  • Does Big Data necessarily mean Big uncertainty?
  • What are the pros and cons of Big Data Driven Analytics?
  • How to incorporate and utilise data driven solutions with science driven solutions?
  • How to enable change and increased capacity in people, processes, and technology to ensure success?
  • How can this impact HSE and social responsibility?

Who Will the Forum Appeal To?

  • Managers/Directors CIOs, COOs
  • IT Managers/Directors
  • Business Intelligence/Development Managers
  • Data Warehouse Managers and Regulators
  • Project Managers
  • HSE Managers
  • Other C-Level Executives
  • Academics, researchers
  • Engineers and geoscientists: users/practitioners of Predictive Data-Driven Analytics
  • Technical professionals in Predictive Data-Driven Analytics

What is a Forum?

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Benefits to You and Your Organisation

  • Gain insight and perspective through conversations with peers who share your same interests.
  • Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of learning through one-on-one interaction.
  • Meet with other experts from international companies, research institutes, and universities in an off-the-record format.
  • Form professional relationships that will continue after the forum has ended.