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Technical Programme—Sunday, 11 November


Sunday, 11 November 2012, 0900–1100 hours

Session 1: Strategies for Successful Project Execution

Session Chairpersons: Adrian Sambrook, BP; Najem Qambar, ZADCO


The Magic of Dynamic Relationships for Project Success   
A.Bin Subaih, ADCO


Multiplying Project Success for Future Growth through a Dedicated Project Management Support   

P.W. Von Pattay, M. Morrison, Wintershall


ADMA‑OPCO's Approach, 100MBD Interface and Shutdown ManagementH.A.M. Binthabet, M. Cochrane, M. Pettigrew, ADMA-OPCO


Project Management Consultants Performance Enhancement Programme   

M.M. Al‑Ghuraiba, M.M. Al‑Qahtani, , Kuwait Oil Company, B.Bray, AMEC



Nabucco Gas Pipeline Project—A Challenging Project in the Prequalification Phase

M. Kuepper, J. Roloff, TUV Rheinland


Execution of a Field Development Under Changing Environments Influenced by the Arab Spring—Applied Risk Management Strategies and Mitigation Measurements   
K.J. Schick, K. Krusche, OMV Yemen


Technology Applications in Kuwait Oil Company to Reach Objectives Set in 2030 Strategy   
L. Figarella, F. Al-Mezel, Kuwait Oil Company


Sunday, 11 November 2012, 0900–1100 hours

Session 2: Human Side of HSE

Session Chairpersons: Mohammad Aref, Weatherford; Rodney Simmons, The Petroleum Institute


Safety Culture Study to Improve Safety Performance in Organisation   
A. Aryaguna, B. Argubie, W. Venema, A. Budiman, TOTAL E&P Indonesie; Z. Djunaidi , Y. Kusminanti, D. Erwandi, University of Indonesia


Managing the Risk through Combination of Hazard Observation and Stop‑Work Authority Programmes—Lessons Learnt  

S. Zerarka, Halliburton


Human Factors in HSE Performance   
A. Misra, ADCO


Major Accidents Prevention and Lessons Learnt in Oil and Gas: Four Guidelines and Thirteen Best Practices for Governing Safe Supply Chain
D.S. Jacoby, Boston Strategies International



Workplace Monitoring in ADGAS—A Step Towards Employee Wellbeing   
P. Sarkar, A. Al-Ali, S. Roy, M. Zamzam, ADGAS


Application of Quantitative Risk Assessment for Planning High Sour Wells Close to Populated Areas
E. Daher, B. Shah, United Safety


Sunday, 11 November 2012, 0900–1100 hours

Session 3: CO2 EOR

Session Chairpersons: Arafat Al Yafei, ADNOC; Salma Al Hajeri, Munadala


Interpreting CO2 Pilot Floods in Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs   

K. Al-Hammadi, A. Al‑Yafei, ADNOC; A. Rawahi, H.H. Hafez, ADCO; S.G. Ghori, K.L. Putney, T.R. Matthews, M.P. Stadler, ExxonMobil


Phase Behaviour and Displacement Characteristics for CO2 EOR with a Reservoir Fluid from a Middle Eastern Offshore Reservoir   
S. Takahashi, H. Okabe, H. Mitsuishi, JOGMEC; H. Kawahara, INPEX Corporation; H.R. Al‑Shehhi, H.M. Al‑Hammadi, ADMA-OPCO


State-of-the-Art of Geoscience and Reservoir Integrated Study for EOR CO2 Pilot Implementation: Example of a Giant Carbonate Reservoir of Arabian Gulf (UAE)   
J.A. Saniez, S. Van de Beuque, D.E. Ekpenyong , N. Bastos, P. Wantong, B. Salley, TOTAL; A.F. Al‑Ameri, A. AlKatheeri, ADCO; A. AlYafei, ADNOC


CO2 EOR Scheduling by Analytical Model (CESAM)   
M. Tanakov, A. Al‑Yafei, ADNOC



Optimisation of CO2 WAG Processes in a Selected Carbonate Reservoir—An Experimental Approach   
M.E. Amin, A.Y. Zekri, R.A. Almehaideb, H. Al‑Attar, United Arab Emirates University


Simulating Early Gas Breakthrough in Undersaturated Oil Using Alpha‑Factors    
M.J. Bourgeois, D.R. Gommard, H. Gouas, TOTAL


Design and Implementation of CO2 Huff‑n‑Puff Operation in a Vietnam Offshore Field   
G.T. Ha, N.D. Tran, H.H. Vu, , JVPC; S. Takagi, H. Mitsuishi, JOGMEC; A. Hatakeyama, T. Uchiyama, Y. Ueda, , JX -NOEX; T. Van Nguyen, Q.M. Dinh, VPN; T.N. Phan, T.H. Nguyen, VPI; H.N. Nguyen, PVN


Sunday, 11 November 2012, 0900–1100 hours

Session 4: Application of Surveillance Data for Reservoir Management I

Session Chairpersons: Adam Vasper, Schlumberger; John Douglas, ZADCO


Overview of Optical Distributed Sensing for Reservoir Monitoring in TOTAL E&P C. Allanic, TOTAL E&P


Use of Real‑Time Surveillance Data for Reservoir Management in a Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir   
L. Konwar, N.S. Al-Zaabi, A. Mirza, S.R.M. Al-Ameri, S. Tariq, ZADCO


Integrating Reservoir Modelling, High‑Precision Temperature Logging and Spectral Noise Logging for Waterflood Analysis   
A.R. Al-Marzouqi, A. Keshka, J.N. Bahamaish, T.A. Al-Junaibi , ADCO; A. Aslanyan, I. Aslanyan, M. Filenev, J. Barghouti, V. Sudakov, A. Andreev, TGT Oil & Gas Services


Using Real-Time Automated Optimisation and Diagnosis to Manage an Artificially Lifted Reservoir—A Case Study   
J. Cudmore, Zenith Oilfield Technology Limited



Application of Streamline Simulation to Reservoir Management : Management of WAG Injection Optimisation   
M.T. Bouaouaja, A. Nasiri, R. Masdour, M. Takahashi, Schlumberger; M.A. Basiouni, A.A. Shaker, A.H. Al‑Basry, A. El Mahdi, ADCO


Sunday, 11 November 2012, 0900–1100 hours

Session 5: Geo‑ Advances in Regional Geology

Session Chairpersons: Abdulla Al Shateri, ADNOC; Simon Lange, OMV


Exploring the Pre‑Khuff: Technology and Play Based Driven Gas Exploration in Qatar   
C. Harvey, M.D. Molinaro, Qatar Shell; M. El-Demerdash, Qatar Petroleum; A. Taylor, Inchron Limited


Conceptual Structural Model of an onshore Carbonate Hydrocarbon Field in Abu Dhabi: Constraints and Implications   
M. Sirat, S.L. Mahmoud, D.M. Popa, ADCO; H. Koyi, Uppsala University


Geometry of Porosity Break Plane Associated with Bitumen Zone and Timing of its Generation in an Upper Jurassic Reservoir, Offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE   
H. Kojima, T. Shibasaki, H. Inoue, M.B. Al-Ameri, ZADCO


An Outcrop Analogue of Kharaib and Shu’aiba Reservoir: The Urgonian Platform of Southeastern France (Gard and Ardèche)
F. Bastide, G. Massonnat, A. Virgone, C. Pabian‑Goyheneche, TOTAL



Hydrocarbon Habitat of the Early Permian Unayzah Formation in Abu Dhabi  
A. Taher, A. Al Shateri,, J. Witte, K. Al Mehsin, M. Al-Zaabi, ADNOC


Salt Tectonism in Offshore UAE: A Studied Case   
A.S. Al-Suwaidi,  M.E Elsaid, K. Ibrahim, ADMA‑OPCO


Facies Characteristics of Aptian Formation within the Regional Stratigraphic Framework of a Giant Carbonate Field in the Middle East
Z.A. El Wazir, N. Al-Madani, K. Mueller, ADCO


Sunday, 11 November 2012, 0900–1100 hours

Session 6: New Approaches in Geologic and Reservoir Modelling

Session Chairpersons: Albert Holtslag, Shell; Suhaila Al Mazrooei, ADCO


Innovative Modelling Method of Diagenetic Overprints in Carbonate Reservoirs   
C. Planteblat, G. Massonnat, A. Virgone, C. Pabian‑Goyheneche, B. Caline, TOTAL


A Diagenetic Diagram as a Tool for Systematic Detailed Characterisation of Carbonate Rocks: Applications to the Diagenetic Evolution of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs   
N. Inês, P. Bizarro, T. Ribeiro, Partex Oil and Gas; A. Azerêdo, Universidade Lisboa, F. Ciências, Departamento and Centro de Geologia, A. Nagah, The Petroleum Institute


Integration of Subsurface Data, Modern Analogue Concepts, and History Matching Feedback to Model a Thick Carbonate Reservoir, Offshore Abu Dhabi    
G. Ottinger, G. Kompanik, K.M. Brantferger, M. Al Suwaidi, , H.E. Edwards, ZADCO


Concept‑Based Geologic Modelling Using Function Form Representation   
X. Gai, X. Wu, B.L. Varban, K.M. Sementelli, G.D. Robertson, ExxonMobil



Permeability Model Conditioning of a Thin, Heterogeneous High-K Dolomitised Unit in a Supergiant Carbonate Field, Offshore Abu Dhabi   
K. Yamamoto, G. Kompanik, K. Brantferger, O. Al Zinati, G. Ottinger, A. Al Ali, S. Dodge, H.E. Edwards, ZADCO

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