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Name Salvador Aceves, Ph.D.
Title Group Leader, Energy Conversion and Storage, Engineering Directorate Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, USA
Speech Title Hydrogen-fuelled Carbon-free Transportation
Abstract Hydrogen vehicles offer ultimate environmental benefit. Hydrogen is the only chemical fuel that can be clean, carbonless, universal across all transportation modes (automobiles, trucks and airplanes), and producible on the scale of global demand. However, widespread application is limited by technical issues: storage, delivery, and efficient utilization. Much work is being conducted on all aspects of the problem, and multiple options are being researched. Storage is the key technical challenge. Hydrogen is the lightest atom, and it maintains a low density even when compressed to very high pressure or liquefied. While far from reaching the very high density of hydrocarbons, new research points a way toward a practical onboard hydrogen storage solution.
Bio Dr. Aceves is the group leader for the Energy Conversion and Storage group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He joined Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 1993 and started working on hydrogen energy in 1994. He developed the concept of cryogenic capable pressure vessels that has demonstrated considerable advantages for practical hydrogen storage onboard vehicles. Installed onboard a hydrogen fueled Toyota Prius, the cryogenic capable pressure vessel provided enough range for achieving the longest driving range of any hydrogen vehicle. The same vessel was able to contain liquid hydrogen with no evaporative losses for a record 6 days. Current work focuses on improved vessel designs for operation in OEM production prototypes. Salvador Aceves is Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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Salvador Aceves, Ph.D.