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Panel Sessions

Tuesday, 10 July  • 1030-1200

Panel Session: Deepwater Drilling

Panel Session Co-Chairmen/Moderators: Larry McMahan, Vice President Performance Operations, Transocean and Mike Killalea, Group Vice President / Publisher, IADC


  • Jiang Wei, Chief Engineer, China National Offshore Oil Corp.
  • Rosli Hamzah, Head Exploration Drilling, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • James Bement, Vice President (Drilling), Halliburton – Sperry Drilling Services
  • John Kozicz, Technology Manager, Transocean


Deepwater drilling is the cutting edge for hydrocarbon development in a legion of markets worldwide. The deepwater exudes potential for exploiting high-value reservoirs to provide energy to fuel the world’s economy. However, costs continue to steepen, and challenges abound in technology, safety and regulation. This panel will examine the state of the deepwater market and consider solutions to economically and safely deliver on its tremendous promise.


Wednesday, 11 July  • 1030-1200

Panel Session: Unconventional Resources and Approaches

Panel Session Chairman/Moderator: Ronald Bland, Technical Advisor, Baker Hughes Technology Drilling Fluids and David Chen, Senior Drilling Engineering Advisor, Hess EPT Well Technology


  • Ran Xinquan, President, Changqing Oilfield
  • Mathias Schlecht, Vice President, Drilling Systems, Baker Hughes Inc.
  • Michael Zuber, Technical Manager Middle East/Asia, Schlumberger WTA Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
  • Chen Xiang, Deputy Chief Engineer, Henan Oilfield, SINOPEC
  • Marcus Barraclough, General Manager of Drilling and Completion, Arrow Energy Ltd.


Unconventional resources demand unconventional approaches. The industry has taken a giant leap in the economical development of shale hydrocarbons, coalbed methane, tight gas, and other resources. Discovery was not an issue. The existence of these resources have long been noted. But economic development was another matter, and only came about through dramatic advances in the efficiency of drilling and completion technologies such as fracturing and horizontal drilling. Efforts to automate the drilling process have also taken a fast track and are seen as another step change to development of unconventional resources.

Beyond the burgeoning pursuit of unconventionals, development of comparatively conventional resources, even deepwater, are increasingly looking to new advances in technology for an economic reprieve. Managed pressure drilling, HPHT techniques and other advances are leading the way for the industry to work in ever more extreme conditions, where the prize is greatest.

Over time, the “unconventional” becomes conventional. This panel assembles experts with a range of expertise to discuss the progress industry has made to date, and the challenges lying ahead.